Stand Down (1)


«Scene: the Hero slashes away at the Frostspawn monsters»

Hero: Man! These things are like cockroaches!
Hero: For each one you stomp, another 5 are just waiting to spill out of the walls!

Karok: Stand down, Frostspawn.

«Screen scrolls to the left to show Karok»

Karok: These heroes and I are going to have a chat.

Hero: …Well, this fight was going to have to happen sooner or later.

«Hero holds up the Crystal of Glacera in a staff»

Hero: Might as well do it now!

Karok: You have the Crystal of Glacera.
Karok: Give it to me, and there will be no reason to fight.

Hero: Bah hah hah! You're kidding, right?
Hero: This is like, the one thing that might actually help us beat you!
Hero: How stupid would I have to be to hand it over?

Karok: You're right; I really didn't think that you would.
Karok: But I'd rather not waste my energy here if I don't have to.

«Kezeroth appears»

Kezeroth: Let me handle them, brother.
Kezeroth: Save yourself for the real fight.

«Scene fades»

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