Stalkwalker (Cutscene)



«Scene: Hero in the Candy Corn fields.»
«Screen zooms out showing Hero in front of the Stalkwalker.»

Hero: You must be She Who Walks Behind The Stalks.

Stalkwalker: I am.

Hero: Hi! I've heard sooo many great things about you.

Stalkwalker: And you must be another meal for me.

Hero: Meal? I thought you just wanted the parents out of the way so you could control the kids.

Stalkwalker: Most children are so easy to control, especially when they give in to CHAOS.
Stalkwalker: I have promised them candy and a world without rules so they would help me feed.

«Screen moves to show the villagers in the Stalkwalker's vines.»

Stalkwalker: Using my vines, I slowly feed on their psychic energy.

«Screen zooms out showing Hero in front of the Stalkwalker.»

Stalkwalker: Soon, my army of children will capture enough adults for me to feed on for decades.

Hero: I get it! The, when you start to get hungry again… those kids will be already grown-ups and you can feed on them.

Stalkwalker: …and their children will be my NEW army!

Hero: That's pretty good! A lot better than the dentist's scheme.

Stalkwalker: Glad you approve, now GET IN MY BELLY!


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