Stalagbite's Revenge / Freeing Stalagbite


«Scene: Stalagbite and Vath have been defeated»

Vath: I… I see why the dwarves chose you as their champion.

Hero: My winning personality? Or was it how hard I just beat you into the ground?

Vath: I think you're a little overconfident, hero…

Hero: I'M overconfident? Check the mirror, Vath. Which one of us is kneeling, defeated with no weapon?

Vath: I told you before… My sword wasn't my only weapon…
Vath: …Stalagbite, you stupid beast… Get to your feet and DESTROY this fool!
Vath: NOW!

«Scene: Stalagbite is trying to stand up again, and then the hero grab up Vath's sword and breaked Chaorrupted dragon amulet»

Vath: No, NO! You fool! You have no idea what you've done!

«Scene: Stalagbite stand up and it has became angry»

Stalagbite: You…

Vath: NO, WAIT! This wasn't supposed to happen!

«Scene: Stalagbite roars and attacks Vath»

Stalagbite: You have freed me from Vath's control, as you have freed the dwarves. I am in your debt.

Hero: Oh, ok. I was aiming for Vath when I threw his sword, but this works too.

«Scene: Stalagbite grabs Vath and raises to sky»

Vath: No! Don't let it take me! Let go of me you stupid Lizard!

Stalagbite: I will remember you, hero. We will meet again.

«Scene: Stalagbite flies away»

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