Stairway to Haven

Level 10 Field-Level 24 to 25
Docking atop the stairway is a giant zeppelin made of lead which transports bands from all across Lore during Lorestockapalooza.





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Map Name: stairway
Room Limit: 6
Access Points:



  • You can turn in/off music background clicking in giant crystal in Screen 1.
  • Screen 7 (Fire) is now rare. Screens 7-9 are only accessible if the player clicks "No" when at Screen 6 proceeding and "Ride the Zeppelin?" Pops up due to the Lead Zepellin.
  • This location is a parody of the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Thanks to C_G_M, GM_ francis, Razor9486 and SirBlackAxe.

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