Stage Fright


«Scene: a giant crowd, with Artix, the Hero, and Cysero in it, wait for the Alice in Chains concert to start»

Hero: Man, I can't wait for the show to start!

Artix: I can not believe Alice in Chains is really here in Battleon!

«They spot William Duvall»

Cysero: <Hero>, look!

Hero: Omigosh! You're William Duvall!

William: Hey! You're that hero I heard about, right?
William: You're a pretty big deal around here! Maybe you can give us a hand.

Hero: Sure thing. What's going on?

William: Ever since we showed up to this gig, this ghost has been haunting the stage!
William: Does this happen to all your musical guests?

Hero: A ghost on stage? That's awful! (Or a really good merchandising idea.)
Hero: I've never seen this happen before, but I'd be glad to investigate it for you!

William: Hey, thanks, man!

Hero: No problem! It's what I do.
Hero: Consider your ghost… busted!

William: See you in the battle pit!


  • You can count on it!
  • Ahh, maybe!
  • I'll be the one standing on top of the bodies!

«The crowd starts cheering as the stage lights up and AIC rises from below the stage to perform a song. Some AIC fans start turning into vampires»

Hero: Vampires, too???
Hero: This arena is more haunted than I thought!

«Scene fades»

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