Staff Birthday

Occasion: AE Staff Birthday Celebration

  • January 1st: Vesper
  • January 5th: Crulon
  • January 16th: Nulgath
  • January 23rd: Axeros
  • January 25th: Captain Rhubarb and Stratos
  • January 26th: Vokun
  • January 29th: Stryche
  • January 31st: Roroth
  • February 8th: Zoshi
  • March 2nd: Dage the Evil
  • March 10th: Laken
  • March 20th: Galanoth
  • April 8th: Goddess
  • April 19th: Tendou no Mazo
  • April 23rd: Eonaleth
  • April 30th: Pisces
  • May 5th: Randor the Red
  • May 30th: Sora to Hoshi
  • June 1st: Daimyo
  • June 13th: Ghost
  • June 28th: Lae
  • July 16th: Bido
  • July 19th: Attar
  • July 19th: Tana
  • August 20th: Gjappy
  • September 10th: Yoshino
  • September 13th: Aranx
  • September 20th: Warlic
  • September 22nd: iTeka
  • October 7th: Sayn
  • October 26th: Alina
  • November 12th: J6
  • November 17th: Zazul
  • November 20th: Memet
  • November 30th: Inanitas
  • December 12th: Blade
  • December 14th: Beleen
  • December 21st: Lothalis
  • December 22nd: Darkon
  • December 28th: Phantasmia
  • December 29th: Ash

Event Tag: StaffBirthday
Note: Staff with a large, green "Rare" image tag are staff that have left AE (they will not get any more birthday shops unless they return).

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