Squishles and Squoozles



«Scene: the Hero, Valencia, Kleio and confront Mr. Wubbles»

Mr. Wubbles: Oh, no, no, no! I'll be taking THAT!

Hero: Aw, COME ON!

Mr. Wubbles: You didn't think I would just let you destroy it, did you?

Hero: When has that EVER been my luck?

Mr. Wubbles: I'm so glad that you're here, though!
Mr. Wubbles: I know you don't REALLY want to kill me. You've just lost your way!
Mr. Wubbles: But don't worry. I'll help you remember how much you WUB that adorable Mr. Wubbles!

Hero: Oh, no. You really don't need to do that.

Mr. Wubbles: Oh, YES.

«Scene fades»

It's time for SQUISHIES and SQUOOZLES.

«Scene fades»

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