«Scene: Constantin, the Hero, and Safiria's ghost in Count Maxius' castle»

Constantin: The music has stopped… my mind is my own again.

Safiria: At least now we can trust him not to harm anyone accidentally.

Constantin: How ironic to that hear that coming from you. Don't pretend our conflict was so one-sided.

Hero: Guys! Now is NOT the time!
Hero: We've got to focus on finding a way out of here!

«Constantin curls his claws into a fist»

Constantin: Leave that to me.


«There is now a gaping hole in the wall»

Hero: That's one way to do it.
Hero: Hey, wait a minute… I know that guitar!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Kimberly on a stage»

Hero: Kimberly?!

Kimberly: Hey there, <Hero>!
Kimberly: Count Maxius is SUCH a music fan - he NEVER wants this concert to end!
Kimberly: I'm really flattered, but…

«Scene scrolls up to show spikes hanging above Kimberly»

Kimberly: …if I ever stop, those spikes will fall and SQUISH me like a bug!

Hero: Omigosh.

Constantin: That must have been the source of the music I was hearing.

Hero: Of course. He had to keep her playing… so that YOU would stay under its spell!
Hero: Will you be okay in there?

Constantin: Yes. Now that the music is no longer being played at that painful frequency… I like it!

Hero: Don't worry, Kimberly! We'll get you out of there!

Kimberly: You better hurry! I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up!

«Scene fades»

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