Spying on Vath / Vath's Plans


«Scene: Upper Dwarfhold»

«Hero sneaks in»

Drow: Dragonlor…

«Vath slices the pillar behind the soldier»

Vath: I'm not done yet.

Drow: *cough cough*

Vath: Speak.

Drow: Dragonlord Vath, We have completed using the dwarven forge to create the next shipment of chaos infused weapons for Drakath, and the slaves have found other Chaos Gemerald today.

«Vath raises eyebrow»

Vath: Only one Chaos Gemerald? Tell them no food until they produce at least three more.

Drow: …My lord, they are already so weak that they can barely move. How can you expect…?

Vath: Dwarves are a hearty breed. That is why I allowed them to live as my slaves. If a few die then we are just pruning the weak branches from the strong tree.

Drow: …But

«Vath points his weapon at the soldier»

Vath: Soldier. That sounded like a question. Are you questioning the drow who overtook Dwarfhold by himself? The drow who has mastered the Legendary Sword of Dragon Control? The drow who controls the mighty dragon, Stalagbite?

Drow: No Dragonlord Vath, would never think to…

Vath: Get OUT, fool. If there is one thing I hate more than being questioned it's a coward! I no longer have need of you. Return home in shame, and tell your friends and family that you have failed me.

Drow: Y…Yes, Vath.

«Hero walks away»

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