Spider and Prey


«Scene begins with the Hero standing in the central courtyard»

«Scene: Hero and Riadne facing Weaver Cleric»

Hero: I came to see your Queen, and if I have to cut all eight of your limbs off, I will!
Hero: I've slain thousands of your kin. You've got EIGHT EYES!
Hero: How many more do you need before you see you're outmatched?

Riadne: Most high, exalted Cleric… <Hero> NEEDS to speak with your Queen.
Riadne: He/She has read the Codex, and there are things that must be discussed before it is too late for ALL of us!

Weaver Cleric: Tsch! I do not see why my Queen is so eager to meet with you.
Weaver Cleric: We have lost so much to bring you here.
Weaver Cleric: She does not realize how thick your skull is, meat-thing. Or how hard your heart is.
Weaver Cleric: Insects like you do not belong near my Queen… there is nothing YOU could do to help US!

Weaver Cleric: All any of you are good for is crushing!

«Weaver Cleric moves towards Hero»

«Screen fades»

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