Sphinx Defeated


«Scene: Sphinx Defeated»

«Zhoom and Hero defeat the Sphinx»

Zahart: BAH! I can always repair the Sphinx, but for now…
Zahart: Tibicenas… Take us where they cannot follow.

Zhoom: You are not escaping ME.

Zahart: What have you…?

«Scene: Tibicenas lifts Zahart up»

Tibicenas: Drakath spoke truly…
Tibicenas: If I waited long enough, you would lose the ring.
Tibicenas: Now I am free… Now YOU are MY slave!
Tibicenas: Thank you, Zhoom.

Zhoom: I… I didn't…

Tibicenas: I will return to conquer your world soon, but first I have some unfinished business.
Tibicenas: Follow.

Zahart: Follow.

«Scene: Zahart and Tibicenas cross the portal to Djinn Realm»

Hero: Zhoom, that didn't help our situation!

Zhoom: I KNOW! I expected Tibicenas to just… leave… once it was free.

Hero: I think I know where they have gone.

«Scene: Hero rubs the lamp»

Saahir: How may I serve you, heroes?

Hero: Saahir, we want to go to the Djinn World!

«Screen fades»

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