Sphinx Awakens


«Scene: Sand Castle»

Servant: Master Zahart! Master Zahart!

Zahart: Speak, slave.

Servant: Master, We have uncovered it.

Zahart: Show me.

Zahart: Ah, FINALLY!

«Scene: Zahart takes the gem»

Zahart: The Heart Of The Sphinx!
Zahart: See that our guest gets his reward…

«Scene: Tibicenas approaches to the servant»


Zahart: Do you realize what his means, Tibicenas?

Tibicenas: Yes, Master Zahart. You can awaken the mighty Sphinx from its ancient slumber.

Zahart: My deal with Drakath is almost complete.
Zahart: Once the Sphinx is awakened, my debt to Drakath is paid off and I am free to use you to rule the Sandsea for eternity.

«Scene: Sphinx awakes»

«Scene: Hero and Zhoom»

Zhoom: No time like the present, hero.

Hero: Here goes nothing.

«Scene: Rubs the lamp»

Saahir: I see I finally have a new master… Oh, MASTERS this time.
Saahir: I am called Saahir. How may I serve you, masters?

Hero: Saahir, we need your help in destroying another Djinn.

Saahir: Another Djinn? Interesting. Sadly I cannot grant this wish, masters.
Saahir: Djinn cannot be destroyed, only defeated, contained or bound to the physical world as I am bound to this lamp.

Zhoom: Then how can we defeat the Djinn Tibicenas?

Saahir: Tibicenas? Are you sure of the name?

Hero: Very sure. Why?

Saahir: Tibicenas is an outcast among the Djinn. The Efreet cast him out himself.

Hero: Who is The Efreet.

Saahir: There are three kinds of Djinn.
Saahir: There are the Marid or good Djinn like myself…
Saahir: There are the Ghul or evil Djinn like Tibicenas once was…
Saahir: … and there is The Efreet. He is the king of the Djinn and rules us all from our world.
Saahir: Ages ago, Tibicenas tried to become as powerful as The Efreet by playing with Chaos Magic.
Saahir: The Efreet caught him and cast him out the Djinn world.

Zhoom: Tibicenas is now in the service of a mage named Zahart who controls him with a ring.

Saahir: Only very powerful Chaos magic could have bound him to this ring.

Hero: …Drakath, again.
Hero: That means that Zahart will try to raise a Chaos Beast soon.

Zhoom: … If he hasn't already.
Zhoom: It is time to confront Zahart. With Saahir, we have a change against Tibicenas.

Hero: About time we went on the offensive. Let's move.

«Scene fades»

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