Speed it up


«Scene: Xing and Ogvar on Screen 13 of Bright Chaos»

Xing: Tee hee! Listen to them scream!
Xing: That's right! Be scared! I'm cute but deadly!

Ogvar: Xing! You need to slow down.
Ogvar: Where is your strategy?? You're doing as much damage to our side as you are to theirs!
Ogvar: It's nothing but…

Xing: …Chaos? You don't say!
Xing: That's what I was made for.

Ogvar: I can't keep up with you! I am already starting to get weaker.

Xing: That's what you get for KILLING your Mirror Realm self.
Xing: Idiot.

Ogvar: Insulting me is NOT going to help us win.

Xing: Ugh, FINE.
Xing: We're on a time limit. I get it. Don't worry, I'll speed things up.

Ogvar: No, Xing! That is the OPPOSITE of what I'm saying!

Xing: I've got this handled, Oggie! If you can't deal with it, then stay out of my way.

«Scene fades»

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