Spacetimebobulator's Quest


Quest Location: Frostval in Peril
Quests Begun From: Spacetimebobulator

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Memory #4 - The Frozen Warlock' quest.

*The spacetimebobulator beeps happily at you* You have averted catastrophe and saved Frostval! The Spacetimebobulator's light is green, and it will take you through time to unlock a very cheery gift from the moglins of Frostvale! Relive the adventure and recover the following: a Wrapped Parcel from Wargoth, a Burning Bow from Xanta Claus, a Time Ribbon from the Time Wraith, and Yeti Fur from IceMaster Yeti.

Items Required:


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp

You may also choose one of:

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