Space Dragon


«Scene: Starts off as Drakath is staring into his chaos portal with red shards flying in them. He lifts his hand and a flash appears, making the shards disappear»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: We see a very distressed Iaoda sweating and breathing very heavily with a worrysome face under the Chaos influence»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: We see the Hero and StarStorm Golem speaking»

StarStorm Golem: The construct began as dust and stardust. Its end was glorious, and fitting. Do not mourn.

«The shards surround StarStorm Golem and look as if they absorb into her»

StarStorm Golem: ….*Gasp* !!!! You are not tied to the Chaos Lord as we are.
StarStorm Golem: But I can feel him — His mind — is no longer shattered!

Hero: How?! The shard we gathered were just glass and smoke. This was just another lesson… right?

StarStorm Golem: I serve him, and trust you. Whatever you did, it worked. I will not question it.

Hero: But maybe you should…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Takes place in screen 4 of the Time Library. Lucretia is on her knees while Xing and Xang are talking»

Xing: It is time for the plan —

Xang: To move forward! Tee-hee!

«Drakath's face appears on the dial attached to the rock»

Lucretia: The man of many faces! *Gasp* I see him in my dreams!

Xang: Oh, stop it. He's too busy to pay attention to you!

Xing: That's why WE are here! *Giggle*

Lucretia: B-but why am I?!

Xang: Because we found a way for you to put an end to your suffering. And get back at your Master. AND your fellow golems.

Xing: That'll teach him to use creatures that fight their creation! Tee-hee!

«Scene: We see Drakath's face on the dial replaced for Iadoa, resisting the Chaoruption and zooms in»

Xang: His resistance is starting to get BORING, and we're not getting any younger.

Xing: And HE's not getting any saner. We've REALLY got to choose better next time.

Xang: WE aren't the ones who choose, remember?

Xing: Who can forget? We clean up the messes, coach the pawns —

Xang: And HE has all the fun! Hmmph!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: We see the Hero in the entrance of the Time Library with Golem Warlic, Tek, StarStorm and Ash»

Golem Warlic: The final lesson is complete. The beginning of our end is at hand.
Golem Warlic: Our Master's life — and our existence — all depend on what <Hero> does next.

«Scene fades»

«Scene appears with Golem Warlic speaking»

Golem Warlic: Our Master knew @S/He would spill the sands of Time across the void as @S/He fought.
Golem Warlic: His/Her Victories against the Carnax, Fluffy, and Dragonoid constructs woke the Beast.
Golem Warlic: Already I can feel it rising, massive power moving toward us.
Golem Warlic: The echoes of its eternal call ripple through the seas of Time!

«Bubbles start to appear in the sea background behind Golem Warlic»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: A blue tentacle appears on screen»

And they're getting louder.

«Scene fades»

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