Swords (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Swords

Red Star Sword
Renegade PhantomSlasher
Rest in Pieces
Revenge is Super Sweet
Reversed Saber of Ebilness
Ripper of Vokun
Risen Sun Blade
Risen Sun Ninja Katana
Rixty Render
Robot Parade Sword
Rogue Fiend Katana of Nulgath (AC)
Rogue Fiend Katana of Nulgath (Legend)
Romantic Rapier
Rose of Ragnarok
Rose Thorn Blade
RoseRiver Blade
Royal Blade of Thorns
Royal Blade of Z
Royal Dancing Blade
Royal Rune Blade
Royal Sabre
Royal ShadowBlade
Royal ShadowBlade +5
Royal ShortBlade of Z
Royal Warrior Blade
Ruby Willowcreek Blade
Runed Legion Broadsword
Runed Longsword
Runed Skyguard Sword
Runic Blade of Cleaving
Runic Destroyer
Saber of Ebilness
Saber Of Hatred
Saber of Prismatic Destiny
Sabre Of Peace
Sabre of Serepthys
Sabre Of War
Sakura Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Salvation Blade of Nulgath
San Dragon Blade
Sandsea Enchanter Sword (AC)
SandStalker Sword
Sanguine (Sword)
Savage Blade of Dilligaf
Sawtooth Sword
Scimitar of Nulgath
Scimitar Of The Seventh Sea
Scourge Overlord Energy Blade
Sea King's Cutlass (AC)
Second Giftbox (Sword)
Second Giftbox Sword 2016 (1)
Second Giftbox Sword 2016 (2)
Second Giftbox Sword 2017
Seeker's Sword of Chaos
Selfie Stick
Shadow Assassin's Blade Breaker
Shadow Blade Shinobi Katana
Shadow Chaorrupter
Shadow Chaorrupter +5
Shadow Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Shadow DragonHead Blade
Shadow Hanzo Void Katana +20
Shadow Katana
Shadow Of Ragnarok (AC)
Shadow Overfiend Blade of Nulgath (AC)
Shadow Slasher
Shadow SoulSeeker
Shadow Sword of Vokun
Shadow Void Shogun Katana
Shadow Warrior Blade +5
Shadow ZombieSlayer Sword
Shadowblade of Darkness (Sword)
ShadowCaster Katana
Shadowed Beacon Blade
ShadowFang Blade
Shadowmage Spellsword
Shadow's Guard Blade (AC)
Shadow's Guard Blade (Legend)
Shadow's Light Edge
Shadowscythe Avastilator
Shadowscythe Chainsaw
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
Shadowscythe of Z ShortBlade
ShadowSlice Energy Blade
Shattered Blood Collector Blade
ShatterGlass Blade
Shatterglass Katana
Shipwrecked Captain's Cutlass (AC)
Shrade's Chainsaw Blade (AC)
Shrade's Chainsaw Cutlass (AC)
Shrade's Dark Chainsaw Blade (AC)
Shrine of Fire
Shu Ninja Katana
Silent Knight Blade
Silent Wanderer Butterfly Short Sword
Silent Wanderer Cutting Scissors
Silver and Gold
Silver Frostvale Blade
Silver Sun Cutlass
Silver Wing Dagger
Sir Roderick's Vengence
Skulls and Doom Blade
Skyguard Crystal Blade
Skyguard Falcon Blade
Skyguard Highblade
Skyguard Officer's Blade
Slice of Cheese
Slicing Blade of Order
Smart Sword
Smoky DeathBlade
Snake Katana 13
Snickerdoodle Sword
Snowborn Fae Blade (AC)
Soft Light, Hard Edge
Solar Flare Naval Cutlass
Solar Naval Cutlass
Solar Tongue
Sonic Sword-Driver
Soul Eater Advanced (1)
Soul Mender
Soul Ripper
Soulcursed Vanquisher
SoulEater's Dark Claymore
Soul's Bane
Stable Ghostly Cutlass (AC)
Standard Shortsword
Star Slasher
Star Sword
Starchy Sock Blade
Starlight Saber
Steampunk Knuckle Sword
Steamsaw Blade
Stellar Blade of Stars
Storm Slicer
Stormrunner Sword
Sub-Zero Blade
Supercharged Blade of Toxicity
Supercharged CyberVoid Sword +5
Superior Mudluk Blade
Supreme Artifact Blade
Swarthy Skean
Sword of Burning
Sword of Ctrl
Sword Of Dark Hope
Sword Of Del
Sword Of Despair
Sword of Dragon Control
Sword of Masters
Sword Of Priests
Sword of Sorcery
Sword of Sorrow
Sword of Sweet Nomming
Sword of Swordlyness
Sword of the Mist
Sword of the Vilifier
Sword Shaped Giftbox (AC)
Sword Shaped Giftbox (Non-AC)
Sword-shaped Present
Tainted Barbarian Blade of Nulgath
Tech Blade
Tech Blade Of Awe
Techno Doomlord's Blade (AC)
Techno Hanzamune Blade
Teslan Energy Blade
That Which Ends Dreams
The Black Wicked (AC)
The Blade of Absolution
The Blade of Apparition
The Blade of Pinkipalities
The Blade of the Savior
The Corporation
The Dark Heart
The Dragon's Bane
The Fibulious Sword
The Fierce Skullfire
The First Fallen Dirk
The Frostval Fir
The Overscore
The Pink Redemption
The Rage of the Evil
The Slay
The Sword of the Legion
Tinsel's Sword Gift
Toxic Bloodletter of Nulgath
Toxic Chainsaw
Toxic Resistor
Toxic Skull Sword
Toxic Venom Blade
Tracker Arm Blade
Transcendent Blade of Tercessuinotlim (AC)
Transparent Edge
Trollish Quickblade
Truly Cursed Cutlass
Turdrakolich Blade
Twilight's Arcana Blade +20
Twilight's Star Blade
Ultima Aquus
Ultima Frigia
Ultima Thermos
Ultimate Game Claymore
Ultimate Mudluk Blade
Ultra OmniKnight Blade
Ultra Switch Katana
Undead Edge of Z
Undead Gutter
Undead Legion Cutlass
Undeadite Destroyer
Undying Cleaver
Unlucky Sword '09
Unlucky Umbrella
Unraveling Wrapping Paper Blade
Unstable Golden Katana
Valkress Blade
Vamp Blade of Nulgath
Vampirate Cutlass
Vampire Blade of Nulgath
Vampire Commander's Malevolent Anchor (AC)
Vampire Commander's Malevolent Cutlass (AC)
Vampire Masquerade Battle Parasol (AC)
Vampire Masquerade Umbrella (AC)
Vampiric M4trix of Nulgath
Victor's Glory Blade
Viral Caladbolg
Vital Bloodletter of Nulgath
Void Blade of Vokun
Void Champion Sword
Void Edge Slicer
Void Jolly Roger Cutlass (AC)
Void Jolly Roger Rapier (AC)
VoidPirate Captain Cutlass
War Bringer
Warmonger's DOOMBLADE
WarpForce Black Beamsword
WarpForce Blue Beamsword
WarpForce Green Beamsword
WarpForce Red Beamsword
WarpForce Yellow Beamsword
Wasabi Root Blade
Werepyre Slayer Sword
White Dragon Scimitar (AC)
WickeDDD Joke Blade
Wing of the Frost Griffin
Wooden Doomblade

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