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Auto updating list of all Rare Swords

1st Birthday Sword
8-Bit Oblivion Blade
Abraxos Blade
Akriloth's Oblivion Blade (AC) (1)
Akriloth's Oblivion Blade (AC) (2)
Alina's 8-Bit Gem Blade
Amethyst Rune Blade
Anatomically Alien
Ancient Blade of Victory
Ancient Dismal Claymore
Ancient Evil Runeblade
Ancient Greatsword Of Ice
Ancient Grovebreaker Blade
Ancient PaladinSlayer Claymore (AC)
Ancient PaladinSlayer Claymore (Legend)
Ancient Skulls and Doom Blade
Angelic Golden Swords
Angelic Love Sword
Angelic Silver Sword
Annihilator Of Order Blade
Arachnid Commander's Cutlass (AC)
Arcane Pirate Cutlass
Arcane Pirate Rapier
Arcane Void Knight Blade
Armaghan's Excalibur
Armored Turdraken Sword
Artifact Hunter Blade (AC)
Artifact Hunter Blade (Merge)
Ascended Raziel
Ascent to Conquer
Asgardian Knight Blade (Legend)
Assassin Commander Sword (AC)
Assassin Commander Sword (Legend)
Assassin's Blade of Shadows
Assassin's Katana of Shadows
Astor's Blade
Auld Eighteen Syne Sword
Auld Fifteen Syne Sword
Auld Fourteen Syne Sword
Auld Lang Syne Sword
Auld Seventeen Syne Sword
Auld Sixteen Syne Sword
Auld Thirteen Syne Sword
Auld Twelve Syne Sword
Austere Kriegsmesser
Azure Cleric Sword
Balloon of Awe
Balloon Sword
Banana Thorn Blade
Basic Balloon Sword
Bat Broad Blade
Battleblade of the Necromancer
Beamsword of Love (AC)
Beamsword of Love (Legend)
Beast King's Glory
Beleen's DragonBlade
Beleen's SUPER PINK DragonBlade
Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Rare)
Bido's Toxic Gift Blade (AC)
Bido's Toxic Gift Blade (Legend)
Big Daddy Smitestick
Bitten Blade
Black Blood Blade
Black Bloodriver
Black Dragon Ninja Sword
Black Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Black Gold Reigns' Sword
Black Lightning Katana
Black Matter Dagger
Black Sonic Blade (Sword)
Black Sun Ninja Katana
Blackrog Blade
Blade of 16-Bit Awe
Blade of Alt
Blade of Awe-ful
Blade of Aww
Blade of aww.. man..
Blade of Balance
Blade Of Derp
Blade of Disorder
Blade of Divine Intervention
Blade of Doomination
Blade Of Feelings
Blade of Gale Warrior
Blade Of Glory
Blade of Havoc
Blade of Meh
Blade of Omniramis
Blade of Purification
Blade of the Chilling
Blade of the Dragonsworn
Blade of the Forgotten Tombs
Blade Of The FrostSpawn
Blade of the Gemmed Heart
Blade of the Incinerated
Blade of the Light
Blade of the Neverborn
Blade of the Nosferatu
Blade of the Overlord (AC)
Blade of the Overlord (Legend)
Blade of the Scourge Overlord
Blade of Thorns (1)
Blade Of Truth
Blade Of VorDREAD
Blade of Zephyrs
Bladed Dagger of Soul
Bladedlord's Katana
Bladelord Sword of Vokun
Blademaster Assassin Backwards Katana
Blademaster Assassin Katana
BladeMaster's Katana
BladeMaster's Sword (1)
BladeMaster's Sword (2)
Blasted Energy Blade
Blazing Onyx DOOMFire Blade
Blessing of Chadough (Sword)
Blight Blade
Blinding Igneus Blade
Blood Energy Katana
Blood Hanzo Void Katana
Blood Rose Sword
Bloodbinder Katana
Bloodblade of Nulgath (Sword)
BloodFire Chainsword
Blooming Katana
Blooming Rose Ember
Blue Balloon Sword
Blue Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Blue Giftbox Sword
Blue Sonic Blade
B'Naner Blade (AC)
B'Naner Blade (Legend)
Bone Claw
BoneChilling Carver
Boreal Cavalier Blade (AC)
Bounty Hunter Blade
Bright Blade (2)
Bright Blade of Champions
Bright DragonKnight Blade
Bright Nymph's Honor
Bright SoulSeeker (AC)
Bright SoulSeeker (Legend)
Bright Wrapping Paper Blade
Brightoak Avenger Blade
Brightoak Salvation Blade
Brilliant Beacon Blade
Brilliant Cutlass
Broadsword of the Chaorrupted Fang
Broken Horseshoe Blade
Bronze Destroyer
Brown Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Brutal Wolf Blade
Burning Blade (1)
Burning Igneus Blade
Burning Sun Blade (Merge)
Burning Sun Blade (Wheel)
Butcher's Carver
Caladbolg 3017
Calamitous Event
Celestial Avenger Blade
Celestial Beacon Blade
Celestial Blade Of Awe (AC)
Celestial Blade Of Awe (Non-AC)
Celestial Love Sword
Celestial Sandsword
Celestial Sword of Nulgath (AC)
Celestial Sword of Nulgath (Legend)
Cerulean J6 Phoenix Blade
Cerulean StarBlade
Chainfire Blade
Champion Of Order Blade
Chaonslaught Blade
Chaorrupted Bloodletter
Chaorrupted Nightmare
Chaorrupted SkyGuard Blade
Chaos Giftbox Sword 2017
Chaos Gutter
Chaos Magus Greatsword
Chaos Slicer
Chaotic Blade of Doom
Chaotic Blade of Nulgath
Chaotic Chainsaw +5
Chaotic Fire Dragonblade
Chaotic Lightning Katana
Chaotic Miasma Blade
Chaotic Scimitar
Chaotic Storm Blade
Chilling Winter Broadsword
ChronoLord Cutlass
Chrononaut Blade
Claws' Little Helper (Non-AC)
Cleric Of Time Sword
Cobalt Skyguard Blade
Coded Katana
Cold as Space Kris
ColdSteel Claymore
Color Custom J6 Phoenix Blade
Confectioner's Slayer
Consciousness Blade of Nulgath
Cor Mortis Claymore
Core Piercer
Corrupt Guardian's Cutlass
Corrupted Sentinel's Katana
Cozy Sock-Hilt Blade
Crimson Cutter
Crimson Death Bringer
Crimson Shadows Blade
CrossBones Sword
Crude short sword
Crumbly Cookie Blade
Cryostorm's Bane +25
Crystal Claymore (2)
Crystal Dragon Scimitar (AC)
Cuniculus Decimator
Curse of Lae
Curse of Teiboku
Curse of the Legion
Cursed Blooded Blade
Cursed Cutlass
Cursed Cutlass of Blaze
Cursed Naval Blade
Curved Blade of the Sands
Curved Dunegutter
Curved DunePiercer
Cutlass Cannon
Cutlass Supreme
Cyber Adventurer's Sword
Cyber Assassin Katana
Cyber Blade Of Awe
Cyber Blade of Sanctity
Cyber Caladbolg
Cyber Caladbolg 3018 (AC)
Cyber Caladbolg 3018 (Merge)
Cyber Chaos Blade
Cyber Consciousness Blade
Cyber Dragonblade
Cyber Katana
Cyber Knuckle Sword
Cyber Legion Blade
Cyber Legion Doomblade (AC)
Cyber Legion Doomblade (Merge)
Cyber Oblivion Blade
Cyber Soul Mender (AC)
Cyber Soul Mender (Legend)
Cyber Soul Ripper

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