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Auto updating list of all Rare Staffs

13th Cane of Shrade
Abraxos Staff
Alina Surfboard
Alteon Surfboard 2015
Amber Mana Surge
Amethyne Rod
Amethyst Mana Surge
Arcane Dark Caster Staff
Arcane Dark Caster Wand (Staff)
Arcane Rage Battlestaff
Arcane Staff of Light (AC)
Arcane Staff of Light (Legend)
ArchMage of Nulgath Staff
Artix! Surfboard
Awesomesauce Scepter
Bacon Surfboard
Baron Sunday's Staff
Beleen Surfboard
Best Scythe
Black Leopard Skinwalker's Staff
Blessed Forge Hammer
Blinding Sapphire Star Staff
Bone Cane
Bones From The Deep
Brazil Surfboard 2014
Bright Astromancy Staff
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Staff (AC)
BrightGuard's Staff (AC)
BrightGuard's Staff (Legend)
Broken Mirror of Death
Bronze Mana Scepter
Candy Cane (1)
Cataclysmic Staff
Celestial Evolution Staff
Cernunecros Staff (AC)
Chaos Champion Surfboard
Chaotic Orb Staff
Cherry Wood Cane
Citizen's Kane
Classy Candy Cane
Cobra's Serpentine Staff
Creature's Claw
Crimson Glory Staff
Crooked Hook
Crystalized Mana Staff
Cysero Surfboard
Dage Surfboard
Dage's Bitter Snowglobe
Daimyo Surfboard
Dark Horsehead Cane (AC)
Dark Horsehead Cane (Legend)
Dark Moon Rising
Darkened Shadowmage Staff
Darkfrost Staff
Death Banner
Doom Claw Staff
Doom Skull Staff
Dracolich Acolyte's Staff
Dracolich Scythe
Dracolich's Bright Ice
Dracolich's Dark Ice
Draconic Oracle Battlestaff
Dragon Tongue Staff
Dragonhead Bongo
Dragon's Plume
DragonSlayer Surfboard
Drakath Surfboard
Dynamic Duo Surfboard
Ebil Surfboard
Ebilcorp (™) Surfboard
Emerald Glory Staff
Enchanted Rod of Light
Enchanted Roses Cane
Enchanted Surfboard
Energy Dragon Surfboard
EPIC Live Dragon Staff
Esoteric Anarchist Staff
Esoteric Staff
Eternal Revolution Staff
Eternity Key
Evergreen Crystal Staff
Exclusive Artix Surfboard 2016
Exclusive Dage Surfboard
Exclusive Gravelyn Surfboard 2016
Exclusive Tuncer Surfboard
Exclusive Zoxi Surfboard
Experimentation #7
Eye of the Fallen (AC)
Faerie Dragon Surfboard
FallenFiremage Staff
Fate's Slasher
Fiamme Board 2016
Fire Dragon Surfboard
Focus Staff of Nulgath
Frigid Flame Staff
Frigid Portal Staff
Frigid Staff Of The North
FrozenFire Staff
Galanoth Surfboard
Genesis Staff of Revontheus
Gilded Idol Staff
Gjappy's Divine Staff
Glacial Wand
Gloom Glaive
Golden Brightwing Staff (AC)
Golden Brightwing Staff (Legend)
Golden Cane
Golden Horsehead Cane
Golden Staff of Virtue
Golf Club +3
Golf Club +5
Gravelyn Surfboard 2015
Great Void Vertebrae
Green Dragon Surfboard
Haxx Attack
Heartstone Staff
Herding Cane
High Mage Divine Staff
Horns of the Undead Staff
Ice Cweam Surfboard
Ice Dragon Surfboard
Infinity Orb
Ionic Discharge
J6 Surfboard
Joyous Twilly Surfboard
Kaiju Lover Staff
Kakarotting Staff
Key to the Underworld
Lady of Time's Runestaff
Lava Dragon Surfboard
Legion Soul Vessel
Lich Ravager Staff
Light Love Staff
Live Dragon Staff
Lord of Time's Hourstaff
Lunar BlazeBinder Staff
Lush Blooming Stalk
Magical Anime Scepter
Malevolent Soulbinder
Maya Surfboard
Memet Surfboard 2015
Memet's Dream Surfboard (AC)
Memet's Dream Surfboard (Legend)
Metallic Crescent Staff
Metamorphosis of Nulgath Surfboard
Mirrored Deception Staff
Mjolnir Staff
Monster Queen Surfboard
Moon Rock Staff
Moonwrath's Staff
Mystical Ice Orb Staff
Mystical Pearl of Light Staff (AC)
Necromancer Fiend Orb
Necromancer Fiend Staff (AC)
Necromancer Fiend Staff (Legend)
Northern Aura Staff
Northern Aurora Staff
Northern Twilight Staff
Northland Slasher's Skull Cane
Northland Slasher's Skull Staff
Nulgath Surfboard
Olympic Staff
One Eyed Staff
Pax Surfboard 2016
Penas de Cobra Staff
Poleaxe of Kheimon (AC)
Power of Love +3
Prime Staff of Awe! (AC)
Prismatic Orb Staff
Ravenloss Defender Staff
Raven's Glyph Staff
Red Dragon Surfboard 2015
Red Dragon Surfboard 2016
Red-Hot Swank Sword Cane (AC)
Red-Hot Swank Sword Cane (Legend)
Robina Surfboard
Ruby Mana Surge
Runic Poleaxe of Kheimon (AC)
Sakura Fan Staff
Samba Surfboard
SandSea Guardian's Staff
Savior of Light
Savior of Shadows
Scarletta Surfboard 2016
Scepter of the Ignited Ones
Scorching Orb Staff
Sekt Surfboard 2016
Sepulchure Surfboard
Sepulchure Surfboard 2015
Shadow Dragon Surfboard
Shadow Zorbak Staff
Shadowmage Staff
ShadowSnow Staff
Skull Cane
Slayer Berserker Surfboard
Slayer Cleric Surfboard
Slayer Mystic Surfboard
Slayer Thief Surfboard
Slime Dragon Surfboard
Snow Leopard Skinwalker's Staff
Snowglobe of Nulgath
Solrac's Staff
Sora Surfboard 2016
SoulSeeker Spear
SoulSkewer of Nulgath
Spellbound Staff of Nulgath
Spinning Battlemage Staff +5
Staff of Awe! (AC)
Staff Of Feelings
Staff of Glacial Destruction
Staff of Justice (1)
Staff of Omniramis
Staff of Ruin
Staff of Soul Weaving
Staff Of Spades
Staff of the Fallen (2)
Staff of the Northstar
Staff of Tribulation
Staff of Victory (AC)
Steampunk Dragon Surfboard
Stranded J6 Surfboard
Stranger's Surfboard 2016
Surfboard of the Legion (1)
Surfboard of the Nation (1)
Talon Grip Octarine Staff (AC)
Talon Grip Octarine Staff (Legend)
Talon Grip Staff (AC)
Talon Grip Staff (Legend)
Tana's Autographed Board (AC)
Tana's Autographed Board (Legend)
Tentacle Staff
The Divine Staff of Ra
Tomix Surfboard
Toxic Polearm
Toxic Swank Sword Cane
Toxica Scythe
Treasure Dragon Surfboard
Tri Dragon Surfboard
Twig Surfboard
Twilly Surfboard
Two-Headed SoulSeeker Pike
Undead Dragon Surfboard
Unholy Scythe Of Despair
Unlucky Staff '09
Vaden Surfboard 2016
Vampiric Knight SUPER Cane
Vitae's Breath

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