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Auto updating list of all Rare Misc. Items

Hacked Holographic UnClue
Healthy Munchies
Hollowborn Doom Cloak (Misc)
Hollowborn Doom Shade (Misc)
Hollowborn DoomBlade (Misc)
Hollowborn DoomKnight Helm (Misc)
Hollowborn DoomKnight Hood (Misc)
Hollowborn DoomKnight (Misc)
Hollowborn Empress' Blade (Misc)
Hollowborn Sepulchure's Helm (Misc)
Hollowborn Sword of Doom (Misc)
Holly-Daily Present
Hoverpram Fragments
How To Use Map
Icy Dragon Heart
Immortal Dark Caster (Misc) (0 AC)
Immortal Dark Caster (Misc) (AC)
Immortal Dark Caster Removed Note
Infrared Gem
Investment Trinket - SELL NOW
Investment Trinket (Misc)
I.O.U. Note
iPad Winner
J6 Livedraw Item!
January 2018 Golden Ticket
January 2019 Golden Ticket
July 2018 Golden Ticket
July Rares Raffle Ticket
June 2018 Golden Ticket
June Rares Raffle Ticket
Kitty Boo Boo's Secret (Misc)
Kitty Boo Boo's Super Secret (Misc)
Kraken Energy Drink
Large Hoverpram Shard
Last Cheezburger Deluxe
Left For Undead 2
Legend Holly-Daily Present
Legend Investment Trinket
Legend Investment Trinket - SELL NOW
Legend of Vordred
Legend Present Merge
Legion Frostval Armor Gift Box
Legion Frostval Pet Gift Box
Legion Soul Collector
Light Yogurt
Lightcaster Class Token A (Misc)
Lightcaster Class Token B (Misc)
Locked Treasure Chest
LQS Member Fire Ticket
LQS Member Ice Ticket
LQS Weapon Ticket
Lucky Scavenger Hunt Clue
Maggot Blood Rune Placed
Malevolent Clue
Marble flooring
March 2018 Golden Ticket
March Rares Raffle Ticket
Master of Moglins Class Note
Master Pockey Ball
May 2018 Golden Ticket
May Rares Raffle Ticket
Medallion of Order
Message Capsule Clue
Mido Livedraw Dual Wield Scythe
Mido Livedraw Tentacle Mace
More New Year's Gear
Morpheus Gem
Mutated Void Dragon Heart
Nacht Musik
National Disco Day Gift I
National Disco Day Gift II
Necromancer Token
Note From Nulgath
Note on HeroPoints
November 2018 Golden Ticket
Nulgath Minion Voucher
Nulgath's Bounty
Nulgath's Seal of Approval
October 2018 Golden Ticket
Old Fortune Ticket
Old Stack of Fortune Tickets
Omni Crystal
Omni Gem
Omni Shard
O_O Treasure Clue
Oracle Class Coming Soon
Orange Gift Box
Pallet of Bricks
Pallet of Lumber
Paragon Mk 3017 (Misc)
Pet Rock
Pet Treasure Chest
Pink Gift Box
Platinum Bar
Platinum Doom Token
Platinum Egg
Platinum Egg Hammer
Platinum Item of Donated Awesomeness
Platinum Stack
Pointy Gift Box
Popping "Boba Tea"
Portion of your Soul
Prime Chaos Orb (Misc)
Prismatic Gift Box
Proto-Air Dracolich Soul
Proto-Earth Dracolich Soul
Proto-Fire Dracolich Soul
Proto-Water Dracolich Soul
Purple Galactic Shard
Purple Gift Box
Quest Mission Sprocket
Rage Medal
Read Me!
Red 'Are you sure this is Dye' Dye
Red Dragon Bounty
Red Gift Box
Regular Present Merge
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr) (2)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr) (3)
Ritual Seal I
Ritual Seal II
Ritual Seal III
Ritual Seal IV
Ritual Seal V
Ritual Seal VI
Ritual Seal VII
Ritual Seal VIII
ROAR for Help
Rotting Root Clue
Royal Parachute
Ruby Flame
Ruby Hyper Crystal
Rustling Golden Pet
Rustling Platinum Pet (Misc)
Rysa Chick Egg
Salty Gift Box
Santa Prize Ticket
Sapphire Flame
Sapphire Hyper Crystal
Scaly Gift Box
Scythes Coming Soon
September 2018 Golden Ticket
September Rares Raffle Ticket
Shadow Fragment
Shadowy Scavenger Hunt Clue
Shield Clue
Sign of Admiration
Sign of Devotion
Silk-Wrapped Gift Box
Silver Bar
Silver Galactic Shard
Silver Stack
Slayer's Hunt Clue
Slimy Golden Pet
Slimy Platinum Pet
Smelly Golden Pet
Snow Fairy Enclosure
Snow Fairy Habitat
Snow Globe Ribbon
Special Reward Note
Speed Bracer Bites
Spicy Sample
Stalagbite's Soul
Starry Gift Box
Steel Amulet
Strange Platinum Pet
Strange Pumpkin Seed
Sunlit Reaver Scythe Note
Tattered Journal Piece
Temporal Key #1 (Misc)
Tesseract Shard
Thank you Letter (AC)
Thank you letter (Non-AC)
The Secret 3
Thyton's Future Live Draw Item
TimeKiller Pre-Gift
TMBG XP Boost (1 hr)
Torn Picture (1)
Toyception Treasure Clue
Treasure Pack Ticket (1)
Treasure Pack Ticket (2)
Trinket of Fearful Fear
Trinket of Horrible Fear
Trinket of Mild Fear
Trinket of Petty Fear
Trinket of Ultimate Fear
Turkey Feather
Twilight's Arcana Raffle Winner
Twisted Emu Egg
Twisted Hummingbird Egg
Twisted Monkey Paw
Twisted Pelican Egg
Twisted Phoenix Egg
Ultimate Item of Donated Awesomeness
Ultra Carnax's Bounty
Ultra OmniKnight Token
Ultraviolet Gem
Uncaged Advice
Unstable Protection Potion
UwU Treasure Clue
Valencia's Wazikashi Hunt Started!
Virtual Enso Symbol
Void Dragon Soul
Vordred's Bounty
Vulture Meat with Burrberry Juice
Warlic's Note
Weapon Treasure Chest
Website QA Superstar
Willowcreek Key
Window frame x10
Window Glass Sheet x10
Withered Tentacle (1)
Wood flooring
Wrapped Draugr Blade
Wrapped Draugr Statue
XP Boost! (1 hr) (2)
XP Boost! (1 hr) (3)
X-Ray Gem
Yellow Gift Box
Zardman Fortune Cookie
Zombie Dragon Soul
Zoshi Birthday Gift

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