Maces (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Maces

7-Bladed Mace
A Salt
Absolute Zero Club
Alina's Potion Bottle
Alina's Wedding Bouquet
Amethyst Champion Chakram
Angry Whoopie (AC)
Angry Whoopie (Legend)
Asgardian Knight Hammer (AC)
Astral Reavers +25
Astral Reavers (Mace)
Aussie Cricket Bat
Austere Lantern
BabyDoll Slayer Cleaver
BabyDoll Slayer Teddy
BashFace Mace
Battle Mace
Beach Ball 2014
Bejeweled Destruction Mace
Big Bug Blaster Mace
Big Ol' Mace
Black Screwdriver
BladeMaster Shuriken (AC)
BladeMaster Shuriken (Legend)
Blockhead Breaker
Blooded Underworld Armaments
BloodFire Chain Axe
Blue Balloon Dog
Bone Crusher Hammer (Mace)
Bone Trumpet
Bone Violin
Book of Red Death
Boom Box
Bounty Hunter Berry Mug
Bounty Hunter Candle
Brentan's Berry Mug
Bright Champion Chakram
Brightskull of Retribution
Brutal Beauty Mace
Bubbling Berry Mug
Burning Destruction Mace
Burning Mace
Cake Mace
Can O Darkness
Candy Cane Cane
Candy Cane Shiv
Carnival Of Love Baton
Chaorrupted Nemesis Mace
Chaos AQWorld Cup Mace
Chaos Donut +5
Chaos Torch
Chaos Wedding Candle
Chaotic Battle Bouquet +15
Chaotic Hourglass
Charfade's Club
Cinazool's Wedding Bouquet
Citrine Focus Stone
Clover Cleaver
Competitive AQWorld Cup Mace
Content Whoopie
Crafter Chakram (Mace)
Crimson Archer Armblade
Crimson Kama
Cursed Mirror Mace
Cursed Naval Anchor
Cyber Chainsaw
Cyber Knight's Hammer
Cysero's 16-Bit Hammer
Cysero's Berry Mug
Dark Arcana Chakram (AC)
Dark Arcana Chakram (Merge)
Dark Diamond Cane
Dark Knight's Hammer
Darkness Claw
Darkness Mace
Death's Gilded Hourglass
Disease Claw
Doom Teddy Mace
Dragon Flattener +25
Drakath's Chaos Mug
Druid Chakram (Mace)
Dual Shortened Fiend Maces
Eclipse in your Hand
Elegant Toxic Violin
Elemental Chakram (Mace)
Emerald Champion Chakram
Emerald Kama
Energy Claw
Energy Mace of Souls
Envenomed Bludgeon
Eternal Revolution Mace
Facebreaker of Nulgath (Mace)
Failed Epic Flail
Festive AQWorld Cup Mace
Fiending Mace +25
Fire Claw
Fire Dancer's Fan
Flaming Hoop of Doom
Formal Knight's Hammer
Formal Wedding Candle
Frank's Hammer
Frevo's Voodoo Doll
Frost Mace
Frostvale Envoy's Hammer
Frostvale Envoy's Sickle
Frozen Fear Chakram
Ginger Mace
Gleaming Pan
Globrush Toothchucks
Goddess Of Love Spear
Gold Champion Chakram
Golden Bouquet
Golden Cobra Mace
Golden Flying Bacon Mace
Golden Kama
Golden Mirror Breaker
Golden Rose
Good Ship Duckypop Mace
Green And Gold Boomer-ang
Green Wedding Candle
Gumbo Napkins
Half-Dragon Berry Mug
Hammer of Innocence
Hammer Of Shining Justice (AC)
Hammer of the Light
Hammer of Vokun
Happy Whoopie (AC)
Happy Whoopie (Legend)
Heartstone Warhammer
Hei Gong Ji Fan (AC)
Hei Gong Ji Fan (Legend)
Hero of Steel Mace (AC)
Hero of Steel Mace (Legend)
High Voltage Conductor
Hourglass of the Fae
Ice Claw (Mace)
Ice Cream Cone
Ice Screwdriver
Jade Scepter
Ketsueki No Ryuu
Kitchen Sink
Koi Mace
Lady of Time's Bladed Fan
Lead Purgatorio Coin
Legion Skull Mace
Life Preserver Mace
Light Claw
Luckier One Leaf Clover
Lucky Ball and Chain
Lycan Eternal Flame Mace
Mace of Flame
Mace of Purified Souls
Mace of Strange Bones
Mace of the Light
Meat on a Stick +5
Metal Claw
Micro-Giant's Blade
Midnight Nutcracker Mace
Mighty Molten Mace
MogliTech Smasher
Munthor's Stone Hammer
National Treasure Map
Nature Claw
Necro Chakram (Mace)
Necro Hourglass
Nightmare Mace
North Star
Nursey's Wedding Bouquet
Omni Champion Chakram
Omni Claw
One Eyed Hammer
One Leaf Clover
Onyx Focus Stone
Orange Screwdriver
Overclocked Orb Axe
Oxford Comma
Paladinum Beam
Pan Flute
Panda On A Stick
Patriotic AQWorld Cup Mace
Pink Balloon Dog
Pink Goblet of Love
Pink Hedgehog Plushie of Doom
Playa's Cane
Plushie Snowman Mace
Poison Claw
Port-A-Plunger Mace
Pounder of Faces Hammer
PowerDrank BigDrank
Prestigious Tanking Roundhead
Purple Bouquet
Purple Rose
Purple Swirly Candy Stick
Raccoon On A Stick
Raspberry Wedding Smoothie
Red Balloon Dog
Red Panda On A Stick
Reversed Candy Cane Shiv
Rio Champion Chakram
Rolith's Berry Mug
Rolith's Digital Hammer
Rolith's Mirror Breaker
Royal Frost Scepter
Royal Nautican Shell Fan
Ruby Champion Chakram
Sack of Coins
Sapphire Champion Chakram
Sausage Chucks
Seraphic Chakram
Shadowed Mirror Mace
Shadowscythe Screwdriver
Shrieking Club
Silver Claw
Skull Basher of Cerberus
Sparkly Retrophone
Spinning Mace of Xan
Spiralling Keyblades (Mace)
Spirit Claw
Spirit Drum Mace
Stone Claw
Strawberry Screwdriver
Stuffed Derp Fish
Sturm AQWorld Cup Mace
Summer Drink
Sunburst Guitar
Sunlit Reaver Scythe
Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor Mace
Surprise Whoopie (AC)
Surprise Whoopie (Legend)
Tentacle Flattener +15
The Anchor
The Aurora Key
The Bolt Key
The Cloud Key
The Ember Key
The First Risen Aura Mace
The Flatulator
The Flax Key
The Icicle Key
The Shell Key
The Void Key
Tiki Nightmare Club
Titian Champion Chakram

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