Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

Blue Polka Dot Bandana
Blunder Bluster Cut
Blush Vaxen Minion Hood
Boatman's Hood (AC)
Boatman's Skull Mask
Bombshell Betty Helm
Bone Crusher Helm (AC)
Bone Crusher Helm (Legend)
Bonebreaker Commander's Frosty Hair (AC)
Bonebreaker Commander's Frosty Locks (AC)
Bonebreaker Commander's Hair (AC)
Bonebreaker Commander's Locks + Morph (AC)
Bonebreaker Commander's Locks (AC)
Bonebreaker Commander's Morph (AC)
BoneFiend Manslayer's Mask (AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Burning Morph (AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Crown (AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Dark Hood (AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Hair (Non-AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Hooded Skull (Non-AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Horned Hood (AC)
BoneFire Warlord's Horned Skull (AC)
Bonny Victorian Boater
Bonny Victorian Highhat
Boogieman's Mask
Boreal Antlered Helm + Locks (AC)
Boreal Antlered Helm + Scarf (AC)
Boreal Antlered Helm + Scarf Locks (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Hair + Scarf (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Hair (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Helm + Locks (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Helm + Scarf (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Helm (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Helm Antlers (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Hood (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Locks + Scarf (AC)
Boreal Cavalier Locks (AC)
Boreal Guard (AC)
Boreal Hat (AC)
Boreal Helmed Locks + Scarf (AC)
Boyish Helm Shaped Giftbox
Brawny Beard + Monocle Top Hat (Free Player)
Brawny Beard + Monocle Top Hat (Legend)
Bridal Guest Top Hat
Bridal Guest Top Hat Locks
Bridal Locks
Bright Arachnid Faceplate
Bright DragonKnight Hood
Bright Elven Locks
Bright Helm of Arachna
Bright Hood of The Fallen
Bright Party 2021 Hair
Bright Party 2021 Locks
Bright Party 2022 Hair
Bright Party 2022 Locks
Bright Slayer's Assault Helm
Bright Warlord of Nulgath Helm (AC)
BrightDark Naval Helm
Brightfall General's Hair (Non-AC)
BrightFall General's Howl (AC)
Brightfall General's Locks (Non-AC)
BrightFall General's Snarl (AC)
Brightoak Avenger's Faceplate
Brightoak Avenger's Hair
Brightoak Avenger's Locks
Brilliant Captain's Hat
Brilliant Captain's Locks
Brilliant Eyepatch
Brilliant Naval Tricorn
Brilliant Tricorn Locks
Brilliant Windswept Tricorn
Broken Doll Head
Broken Helm of Vokun
BroodFiend Face
Brotherhood of Skulls Helm
Brown Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Brown Dragon's Tricorn (AC)
Brutalcorn To Infinity
Brutalcorn To Infinity & Beyond
Brutalhead +3 (AC)
Brutalhead +3 (Legend)
Bucket Hat
Bucket Locks
Buffalo Snow Hood
Bug Hunter Helm
Bug Hunter Locks
Bull Minotaur Morph (AC)
Bull Minotaur Morph (Legend)
Bump In The Night Mask
Bunny Jingasa
Burgundy Maul Mask
Burgundy Maul Mask and Hat
Burning Ambition Mask
Burning Flame Void Helmet (AC)
Burning Sun Helmet (Merge)
Burning Sun Helmet (Wheel)
Butcher's Mask
Buttermancer Hood
Byakko Worshipper's Locks
Byakko Worshipper's Ponytail
Byakko Worshipper's Visage
Byakko Worshipper's Visage + Locks
Bydis' Face
Caecalian Defender's Helm
Caecalian Defender's Mask
Candy Claws Morph
Captain Lore Hair
Captain Lore Locks
Captain Teach's Hair (Non-AC)
Captain Wary's Eyepatch + Locks (AC)
Captain Wary's Eyepatch (AC)
Captain Wary's Hair (Non-AC)
Captain Wary's Locks (Non-AC)
Captain Wary's Pirate Hat + Locks (AC)
Captain Wary's Pirate Hat (AC)
Captain Wary's Visage (AC)
Captain's Bubblegum Hat
Carbon Warrior Helm
Cardboard 2014 New Years Hat
Carnaval Long Headdress
Carnaval of Paradise Mask (2)
Carnaval Short Headdress
Carnival Of Love Hair
Carnival Of Love Locks
Cartoon Lán sè Shu Mask
Cartoon Lán sè Shu Side Mask
Cartoon Lán sè Shu Side Mask + Locks
Cartoon Lusè Shu Ninja Mask
Cartoon Lusè Shu Side-Mask
Cartoon Lusè Shu Side-Mask + Locks
Cartoon Shu Ninja Mask
Cartoon Shu Ninja Side-Mask
Cartoon Shu Ninja Side-Mask + Locks
Castaway's Platinum Hat
Celestial Avenger's Faceplate
Celestial Avenger's Hair
Celestial Avenger's Locks
Celestial Bard Helm
Celestial Bard Helm + Locks
Celestial Celebrant's Glasses + Locks (Legend)
Celestial Celebrant's Glasses Morph (Legend)
Celestial Celebrant's Hair (Non-AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Locks (Non-AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Morph + Locks (AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Morph (AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Starred Hair (AC)
Celestial Celebrant's Starred Locks (AC)
Celestial Claws Suit Hood (AC)
Celestial Hair (1)
Celestial Helm of Love
Celestial Sandhelm
Celestial Sandknight Armet
Cernunos' Avatar Helm
Champion Of Order Helm
Champion's Cowl
Chaonslaught War Helm
Chaorrupted Chinchilla Hat
Chaos Battlecrown
Chaos Claws Helm
Chaos Donut Head +5
Chaos Giftbox Helm 2017 Mem
Chaos Giftbox Locks 2017 Mem
Chaos Helm of Horns
Chaos Mage Helm (1)
Chaos Naval Tricorn
Chaos Naval Tricorn Squid
Chaos Reaper Cowl
Chaos Slayer Hood
Chaos Squid
Chaos Wolfy Ears
ChaosWeaver Battle Crown
ChaosWeaver Locks
Chaotic Astral Space Helmet
Chaotic Captain Bearded Hat + Patch (Legend)
Chaotic Captain Bearded Hat (Non-AC)
Chaotic Captain Hat + Locks (AC)
Chaotic Captain Hat + Patch + Locks (AC)
Chaotic Captain Hat + Patch (AC)
Chaotic Captain Hat (AC)
Chaotic DragonKnight Helm
Chaotic Face of Nulgath
Chaotic Hockey Mask
Chaotic Naval Commander Morph (Legend)
Chaotic Naval Commander Morph Locks (Legend)
Chaotic Naval Commander Tricorn (AC)
Chaotic Naval Commander Tricorn Locks (AC)
Chaotic Naval Tricorn Morph (AC)
Chaotic Naval Tricorn Morph Locks (AC)
Chaotic Orb Hood
Chaotic Pirate Captain Hat + Locks (AC)
Chaotic Pirate Captain Hat (AC)
Chaotic Spellsword Helm
Chaotic Spellsword Locks
Chaotic Top Hat
Chaotic Warlock's Hair + Scarf (AC)
Chaotic Warlock's Hair (Non-AC)
Chaotic Warlock's Hat + Scarf (AC)
Chaotic Warlock's Hat (AC)
Chaotic Witch's Goggles + Helm (AC)
Chaotic Witch's Locks + Hat (AC)
Chaotic Witch's Locks (Non-AC)
Charm Of The Fire Avatar (AC)
Charm Of The Fire Avatar (Legend)
Charm Of The Fire Avatar (Non-Legend)
Charred Phoenix Crest
Cheer Bringer Cap
Cheer Bringer Hat
Cheery FlopHat
Cheery Tophat 'n' Curls
Chevalier Hair (AC)
Chevalier Hair (Legend)
Chevalier Locks (AC)
Chevalier Locks (Legend)
Chevalier of Love Helm (AC)
Chevalier of Love Helm (Legend)
Chibi Head Pilot
Chibi Nulgath Helm
Chibi Nulgath Kawaii Helm
Chic Bangs Hair
Chic Bangs Locks
Chic Short Locks
Chic Summer Hair
Chic Summer Locks
Chicken and Ice Cream Helm
Chicken Helm
Chickencow Lady Hair
Chickencow Lord Hair
Chill Concert Hair
Chill Concert Hair + Glasses
Chill Concert Locks
Chill Concert Locks + Glasses
Chocolate Cake Helm
Chrono Goggles and Locks
Chrono Tripper's Mask
Chrono Tripper's Respirator
Chrono Tripper's Voice Chamber
ChronoLady Naval Top Hat (Free Player) (Rare)
ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Free Player) (Rare)
ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Free Player) (Seasonal)
ChronoLord Tricorn
ChronoLord Tricorn Locks
Chrononaut Helm
ChronoReaper Halo Hair
ChronoReaper Halo Locks
ChronoReaper Hat
ChronoReaper Hat + Locks
ChronoReaper Hood
Chubs the Panda Morph

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