Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

White Top Hat 'n Tresses (AC)
White Top Hat 'n Tresses (Legend)
WhiteBeard Stache
White-hot Winged Helm
WhiteTiger Spirit Ears
WhiteTiger's Divinity Hat
WhiteTigress' Divinity Hat
WhiteTigress Spirit Ears + Locks
Whoops! Helm
Whoops! Helm II
Whut Face Morph
Whut Face Morph Locks
Wicked Duality Deckhand Morph (AC)
Wind Ring Mask
Wind-Whipped Goggles
Winged Helm of Aerodu (AC)
Winged Helm of Aerodu (Legend)
Winged Locks of Aerodu
Winged Visor
Winged Visor Locks
Wings of Fury Mask
Wings of Strength Helmet
Winter Beanie
Winter Beanie Locks
Winter Elf Braid
Winter Spirit Hair (AC)
Winter Spirit Locks (AC)
Winter Spirit Long Locks (AC)
Winter Warlock Beard
Witch Caster Hat
Witch Caster Locks
WitchLord Hat (1)
Wolfy Ears
World Peas Helm
Worn Sock Helm
Worshipper Face of Nulgath
Worshipper Visage of Nulgath
Wraith's Crowned Skull
Wraith's Shadowed Crown
Wraith's Shadowed Hood
Wraith's Skull Face
Wrathful Lich's Hood
Wretched Helmet (AC)
Wretched Helmet (Legend)
Wretched Onyx Helmet
Wretched Onyx Locks
Wyld Retro Hoodie
Wyld Retro Hoodie Locks
WyrmTamer Helm
WyrmTamer Hood
Xavier Lionfang's Helm
X-Static Kaiju Morph Helm
xXGothicXx Captain's Hat (AC)
xXGothicXx Captain's Hat Locks (AC)
xXGothicXx Top Hat + Locks (AC)
xXGothicXx Top Hat (AC)
Yami no Samurai Helm
Yami no Samurai Oni Hair
Yami no Samurai Oni Locks
Yellow Block Head
Yellow Coward Cowl
Yellow Coward Hood
Yeti Destroyer Horned Hair (Legend)
Yeti Destroyer Horned Locks (Legend)
Yeti Hunter Hair (Non-AC)
Yeti Hunter Horned Hair (AC)
Yeti Hunter Horned Locks (AC)
Yeti Hunter Locks (Non-AC)
You're My Sunshine
ZardRider Hat
Zazanna Hat
Zazul Destiny Mask
Zazul Doom Mask
Zazul Hat
Zazul's Face
Zilla Maid Headdress
Zilla Maid Visage
Zilla Witch Hat
Zilla Witch Hat Visage
Zilla Witch Locks
Zilla Witch Visage
Zombie Leperchaun Hat
Zombie Leperchaun Hat + Locks
Zombie Top Hat (girl skull)
Zombie Top Hat (missing jaw)
Zombie Top Hat (skeleton)
ZombieSlayer Hat
ZombieSlayer Hat + Locks
ZooKeeper Croc Hat
Zorbak Mask
Zorbak Mask + Locks
Zorbak's Dracolich Mask
Zorbak's Flight Goggles
Zorbak's Windy Flight Goggles
Z's Grungy Hair
Z's Grungy Locks

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