Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

Underworld Cryomancer's Hair (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Hood + Locks (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Hood (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Icy Curls (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Icy Hair (Non-AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Icy Hood (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Icy Hooded Locks (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Skull + Curls (AC)
Underworld DeathFiend's Gaze (Legend)
Underworld DeathFiend's Hood (Non-AC)
Underworld DeathFiend's Horns (AC)
Underworld DeathFiend's Mask (AC)
Underworld DeathFiend's Skull (AC)
Underworld Devotee's Morph (AC)
Underworld ElectroMage Helm
Underworld ElectroMage Horns
Underworld Eminence Flaming Helmet (AC)
Underworld Eminence Flaming Skull (AC)
Underworld Eminence Hood (AC)
Underworld General Helm (AC)
Underworld General Horned Helm (AC)
Underworld General Sinister Helm (AC)
Underworld Gladiator's Helm
Underworld Heretic Hair (Non-AC)
Underworld Heretic Horns + Locks (AC)
Underworld Heretic Horns (AC)
Underworld Heretic Locks (Non-AC)
Underworld Hooded Skull (AC)
Underworld Nemesis Hair (Non-AC)
Underworld Nemesis Locks (Non-AC)
Underworld Prisoner's Shame (AC)
Underworld Prophet's Hood (AC)
Underworld Sacrificer Helm
Underworld Samurai Helm (AC)
Underworld Spirit Host Helm (AC)
Underworld Stealth Ops Helm (AC)
Underworld Stealth Ops Mask (AC)
Underworld Stealth Ops Morph (AC)
Underworld Visage of the Dark Lord (AC)
Unfortunate RingMaster Hat
Unholy Mask of Vokun
Unimpressed Illness Locks
Universe Hood
Unleashed Dragon Helmet
Unleashed Dragon Mask
Unlucky Leperchaun Hat
Unlucky Leperchaun Locks
Unsuccessful Scientist Helm
Urban Dragon Helm (AC)
Urban Dragon Helmed Locks (AC)
Urban Dragon Visor (AC)
Urban Dragon's Glaring Helm (AC)
Urban Dragon's Glaring Helmed Locks (AC)
Usagi Oni Hair
Usagi Oni Mask
Usagi Oni Morph
Usagi Oni Ornamental Mask
Usagi Oni Ornamental Ponytail Mask
Usagi Oni Ponytail
Usagi Oni Ponytail Mask
Usagi Oni Visage
UsEGGi Warrior's Mask + Locks
UsEGGi Warrior's Mask
UsEGGi Warrior's Morph + Scarf
UsEGGi Warrior's Morph Locks + Scarf
UsEGGi Warrior's Morph Mask + Locks
UsEGGi Warrior's Morph Mask + Scarf
UsEGGi Warrior's Side Mask
UsEGGi Warrior's Side Mask + Long Hair
Ushanka + Locks
V for Vampire Fangs
V for Vampire Mask
V for Vampire Red Fangs
V for Vengeta Mask
V2 Cowl
V2 Swoop Cowl
V2 Swoop Visor
V2 Visor
Vaal Top Hat
Vaden Knight Helm
Valentine Warrior Helm
Valentine Warrior Locks
Valkyrie Locks Helm
Vampirate Hair
Vampirate Hair + Scarf
Vampirate Hat
Vampirate Hat + Scarf
Vampire Bat Ringmaster Locks
Vampire Bat Ringmaster Tophat
Vampire Commander's Bandana (AC)
Vampire Commander's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Vampire Commander's Tricorn (AC)
Vampire Guard's Bob
Vampire Guard's Locks
Vampire Guard's Mask
Vampire Guard's Mask + Locks
Vampire Guard's Messy Hair
Vampire Guard's Ponytail
Vampire Guard's Short Ponytail
Vampire Guard's Sidecut
Vampire Masquerade Mask (AC)
Vampire Masquerade Mask And Locks (AC)
Vampire Ringmaster Locks
Vampire Ringmaster Tophat
Vampireknight Helm of Nulgath
Vampiric Noble's Hair
Vampiric Noble's Locks
Vampiric Noble's Shag Hair
Vampiric Noble's Shaggy Locks
Vanta Shadow Knight's Horns (AC)
Vaxen Minion Hood
Vaxen Nebula Hood
Veil of Bones Hood
Veiled High Mage Hood
Vengeful DragonMage's Morph
Vengeful DragonMage's Visor
Vengeful DragonMage's Visor + Locks
Vengeful Shiryo Hair (AC)
Vengeful Shiryo Ponytail (AC)
Vertigo Head
Vestige of NOOOO-Gasp
Vestige of Nulgath
Vhall's Armet (AC)
Vhall's Demon Dystopia (AC)
Victory Cap
Victory Cap and Locks
Vigilante Mask (Free Player)
Vigilante Mask (Legend)
Vigilante Mask Locks
Viking Beard Helm
Viking Chop Helm
Vile Helm
Vile Winter Slayer Helm
Vile Winter Slayer Hood
Vindicator Naval's Hat (Non-AC)
Vindicator Naval's Locks + Hat (Non-AC)
Vindicator Naval's Morph (AC)
Vindicator Naval's Visage (AC)
Violet Kirin Parade Mask
Visage of the DarkLord (AC)
Void Champion Helm
Void Champion Horns
Void Champion Locks
Void Champion Plated Locks
Void Champion Shag
Void Commander Crest (AC)
Void Commander Face (Legend)
Void Commander Fiend Helm (AC)
Void Commander Helm (AC)
Void Commander Horned Helm (AC)
Void Commander Tusks (AC)
Void Commander Upper Tusks (AC)
Void Commander Visor (AC)
Void Dragon Ninja Mask (Non-AC)
Void GateKeeper's Hair (Non-AC)
Void GateKeeper's Hood + Morph (AC)
Void GateKeeper's Hood (AC)
Void GateKeeper's Horned Hair (Legend)
Void GateKeeper's Horned Hood + Morph (AC)
Void GateKeeper's Horned Hood (AC)
Void GateKeeper's Horned Locks (Legend)
Void GateKeeper's Horns (AC)
Void GateKeeper's Locks (Non-AC)
Void Jolly Roger Hat (AC)
Void Knight Helm
Void Lass Tophat +3
Void Mask of Nulgath Helm
Void Naval Tophat +3
Void Paladin Slayer Helm (AC)
Void Paladin Slayer Horned Helm (AC)
Void Rammer Horns
Void Rammer Shag
Void Recruit's Armet
Void Recruit's Battle Helmet
Void Ring Mask
Void Santy Bearded Horned Helm (AC)
Void Santy Crested Horned Helm (AC)
Void Santy Hood (AC)
Void Santy Horned Helm (AC)
Void TideWalker's Locks (AC)
Void TideWalker's Morph (AC)
Void Tricorn
Void Tricorn Locks
Void Warlock Hat
Void Warlock's Hat
Void Witch's Hat (AC)
Void Witch's Hat (Legend)
Voidfiend Symbiote Helm (AC)
Voidfiend Symbiote Horned Morph (Legend)
Voidfiend Symbiote Morph (Non-AC)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Battle Helm (Legend)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Helm + Scarf (AC)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Horned Battle Helm (AC)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Horned Helm + Scarf (AC)
Voidfiend Symbiote's Horned Helm (AC)
Voidfire Visage (Non-AC)
VoidGaze of Nulgath Helm
VoidStare of Nulgath Helm
VoidWarlord of Nulgath Helm
Voltaire Hair
Voltaire Hat
Voltaire Hat + Beard + Monocle
Voltaire Hat + Monocle
Voltaire Hat and Facial hair
Voltaire's Flaming Bearded Tophat
Voltaire's Flaming Tophat
Voltaire's Horned Hat
Voltaire's Horned Hat & Beard
Voltaire's Lady's Tricorn
Voltaire's Tophat Trobbles
Voltaire's Tricorn
Voltaire's Violet Hat
Voltaire's Vorutanian Hat
Voltaire's Vorutanian Hat & Beard
Vordred's Hooded Skull
Vordred's Knight Hood
Vordred's Shadow Hood
War Room Helm
Warfiend's Doom Visage
WarpForce Heavy Gunner Helm
Warrior's Faceplate
Water Ring Mask
Water Snake Helm
Waterlogged Hair (Non-AC)
Waterlogged Locks (Non-AC)
Waterlogged Zombie Bandana
Wavy Gothika Hair
Wavy Gothika Top Hat
Wavy Hero Hair
Wavy Love is Blind
Wedding Cake Face
Wedding Usher Locks
Welder Mask
Welder Tricorn Mask
Welder Tricorn Mask + Goggles
Well-Water Hair Helm
Werepyre of Nulgath Face (AC)
Werepyre Slayer Helm
Werewolf Morph (2)
Were-woman Morph
Western Gunslinger Hat
Western Gunslinger Locks
Wet Waves Hair
Wet Waves Short Locks
Whispering Winds
White Cursed Bandana
White Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
White Dragon's Tricorn (AC)
White Polka Dot Bandana

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