Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

Swanky Enchanted Bearded Mask
Swanky Enchanted Hat
Swanky Enchanted Hat + Locks
Swanky Enchanted Hat + Long Locks
Swanky Enchanted Mask
Swanky Enchanted Mask + Locks
Swanky Enchanted Mask + Long Locks
Swanky Top Hat (AC)
Swanky White Top Hat (AC)
Swanky White Top Hat (Legend)
Sweet Spring Mage's Bunny + Locks
Sweet Spring Mage's Bunny + Scarf
Sweet Spring Mage's Bunny Hair
Sweet Spring Mage's Bunny Scarf + Locks
Sweet Spring Mage's Hair
Sweet Spring Mage's Hat
Sweet Spring Mage's Hat + Locks
Sweet Spring Mage's Locks
Sweet Summer Hat + Hair (AC)
Sweet Summer Hat + Locks (AC)
Sweet Summer Locks
Sweetish Fish Face
Swizz SoDerp
Swordhaven Courtly Hair
Swordhaven Courtly Locks
Swordhaven Pirate Captain Hat (AC)
Swordhaven Pirate Captain Locks (AC)
Swrag Morph (Non-AC)
Taco Admiral (Female)
Taco Admiral (Male)
Tails of the Horclord
Tainted Love Caster Birthday Hat
Tainted Naval Tricorn (AC)
Tainted Naval Void Morph (AC)
Tala Bandana + Locks
Tall-Stack Fez
Techno ArchFiend DoomLord's Mask (AC)
Techno SkyGuard Captain's Hat + Locks (AC)
Techno SkyGuard Captain's Hat (AC)
Techtronic Bike Helmet (AC)
Techtronic Bike Helmet (Legend)
Temporal Aurora Helm
Temporal Aurora Morph
Terra Topper
Thalassarath Spawn Morph (AC)
Thalyssa's Hat
That Which Conceals Doom
That Which Embodies Fright
That Which Goes Bump In The Night
That Which Is The Stuff Of Nightmares
That Which Stalks In The Darkness
The Archivist Horned Locks+ Glasses
The Archivist Locks
The Archivist Locks + Glasses
The Coolest Locks
The Coolest Shag
The DracoPlate Helm
The Face Of Insanity
The First Fallen Hood
The First Fallen Hood + Mask
The First Fallen Horned Helm
The First Risen Aura Hood
The First Risen Hood
The Havarti Hero
The Helmet of Ra
The Lady's Tritop
The Mistress' Hat
The Muenster Master
The Shade of a Mask
The Tritop
The Unhinged's Hood
The Veil of Desistance
The Way Helm
The Way Hood
The Way Hooded Helm
The Way Mysterious Helm
Third Giftbox Helm 2018 (AC)
Third Giftbox Helm 2018 (Non-AC)
Third Giftbox Helm 2019
Thorn Guard of Nulgath (Legend)
Thunderfang Faceplate
Thunderhead Helm
ThunderHorn Helm
Tiara do Amor e Alegria
Tidal Helm
TideWalker's Hair Morph (Legend)
TideWalker's Locks Morph (Legend)
Tiger's Onmyoji Morph
Tigress' Onmyoji Morph
Tiki Nightmare Helm
Tilted ShortHat
TimeMage Hood
Tinsel's First Helm Gift
Tinsel's Second Helm Gift
Titanslayer's Flaming Faceguard
Titanslayer's Spiked Mask
Toetally Gross Hat
Toetally Gross Hat and Locks
Togrulek Helm
Tomcat Helm
Too-Small Horc Helm
Top Hat 'n Tresses (AC)
Top Hat 'n Tresses (Legend)
Top Rat
Top Rat + Locks
Tophat Of Gadgetry
Totally Adorable Skull Helm
Touseled Harvest Hair
Tousled Archangel Hair
Toxic Diviner Pupper Hair
Toxic Horns
Toxic Naval GasMask + Locks (Non-AC)
Toxic Naval GasMask (Non-AC)
Toxic Naval Masked Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Toxic Naval Masked Tricorn (AC)
Toxic Stare of Nulgath
Toxic Swank Hair
Toxic Swank Locks
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim Helm + Locks (AC)
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim Helm + Locks (Quest)
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim Helm (AC)
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim Helm (Quest)
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 1
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 10
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 11
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 12
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 13
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 14
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 15
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 16
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 17
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 18
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 19
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 2
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 20
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 21
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 22
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 23
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 24
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 25
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 3
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 4
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 5
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 6
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 7
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 8
Transdimensional Head Casing - Week 9
Trapped Dragon Morph
Trapped Dragone Locs
Trapped Dragone Morph
Trapped Dragonette Locs
Trapped Dragonette Morph
Tribal Horc Locks
Tricorn Crew-cut
Tricorn Locks
Tricorn of Sparkles Morph
Trihorn Urban Dragon Morph (AC)
Trihorn Urban Dragon Visage (AC)
Triple Heart Hermes Helm
Triple Rainbows
Trobbo-Locks (AC)
Troll Sock Helm
Tropical Lazor Beams
Tropical Vacationer Hair (Non-AC)
Tropical Vacationer Locks (Non-AC)
Tropical Vacationer Morph (AC)
Tropical Vacationer Visage (AC)
True Neutral Morph
True Neutral Morph Locks
Tucked Strand Locks
Tundra Hunter Hood
Tundra Stalker Braids
Tundra Stalker Cap
Tundra Stalker Cowl
Tundra Stalker Hood
Tundra Wolf Reveiller Cowl (AC)
Tundra Wolf Reveiller Helm (AC)
Tundra Wolf Reveiller Visor (AC)
TundraStalker Hooded Braids
Turdraken Slayer Helm
Turquoise Top Hat
Turquoise Top Hat + Beard
Twilight Pirate's Hair
Twilight Tricorn of Sparkles
Twilly's DragonRider Mask
Twilly's Flight Goggles
Twilly's Windy Flight Goggles
Ultimate Chaos Demolisher Helm (AC)
Ultimate Chaos Demolisher Helm (Legend)
Ultimate Chaos Destroyer Helmet
Ultimate Ice Cweam Surprise!!! Hat
Ultra Alchemical Commander's Hat + Locks (AC)
Ultra Alchemical Commander's Hat (AC)
Ultra Blessed Knight Helm
ULTRA Borgar Hat
ULTRA Borgar Hat + Locks
ULTRA Deadmog
Ultra Ice Cweam Surprise! Hat
Ultra M4t1x VR Helm
Ultra OmniKnight Helm (Merge)
Ultra Overpowered Hair
Ultra Revenger Visage
Ultra Ringmaster Locks
Ultra Ringmaster Tophat
UltraShad's Chin
UltraShad's Chin + Cap
UltraShad's Grin
UltraShad's Grin + Cap
Umbral Crown (AC)
Umbral Helm (AC)
Umbral Horned Skull (AC)
Unchained Rocker Hair
Unchained Rocker Locks
Undead Adept Assassin Horns (AC)
Undead Adept Assassin Horns (Legend)
Undead Adept Assassin Mask (AC)
Undead Adept Assassin Mask (Legend)
Undead Adept Assassin Skull (AC)
Undead Adept Assassin's Hood (AC)
Undead Adept Assassin's Masked Hood (AC)
Undead Leader Asymmetrical Cut (AC)
Undead Leader Helm (AC)
Undead Leader Mask (AC)
Undead Legacy Helm
Undead Legion
Undead Legion Face Plate
Undead Legion Helm with Horns
Undead Legion Helm with Tongue
Undead Legion Naval Hat
Undead Legion Naval Skull
Undead Legion with Half Face Plate
Undead Octopus Captain Hat
Undead Voltaire Skull + Locks
Undead Warrior Executioner Helm
Underworld ArchFiend Helm (AC)
Underworld ArchFiend Hood (AC)
Underworld ArchFiend Horned Hood (AC)
Underworld ArchFiend Shade (Non-AC)
Underworld Berserker Evil Hair
Underworld Berserker Hair
Underworld Cleric Hood
Underworld Cleric's Mystic Hood
Underworld Cleric's Skull Hood
Underworld Cryomancer's Curls (AC)
Underworld Cryomancer's Hair + Skull (AC)

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