Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

Permafrost Helm + Locks (AC)
Permafrost Helm (AC)
Permafrost Kitsune Crown (AC)
Permafrost Kitsune Diadem (AC)
Permafrost Kitsune Hair (AC)
Permafrost Kitsune Locks (AC)
PermaFrost Legionaire's Visage
Permafrost Rage Morph (AC)
Perry-lous Shark Helm
Perry-lous Sparkle Shark Helm
Petrified Fiend Horned Helm (AC)
Petrified Fiend Visage (AC)
Pink & Gold Bearded Captain Hat (AC)
Pink & Gold Captain Hat (AC)
Pink Bellhop Hat
Pink Bellhop Ponytail
Pink Cake Helm
Pink Formal DC TopHat Hair
Pink Lord Valtrith Helm (AC)
Pink Neko Helm
Pink Neko Locks
Pink Nightmare Helm (AC)
Pink Redemption Helmet (AC) (1)
Pink Redemption Helmet (AC) (2)
Pink Redemption Helmet (Non-AC)
Pink Trobbolier Morph
Pink Undead Warrior Armet
Pink Unholy Mask of Vokun (Non-AC)
Pink Werepyre Slayer Helm (Legend)
Pinkified Galactic Headband
Pirate Angler's Braids
Pirate Angler's Hair
Pirate Captain's Elegant Hat
Pirate Captain's Hat
Pirate Caster's Hat Morph + Locks (AC)
Pirate Caster's Hat Morph (AC)
Pirate Caster's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Pirate Caster's Tricorn (AC)
Pirate Caster's Tricorn Morph (AC)
Pirate Caster's Tricorn Morph Locks (AC)
Pirate Ninja Hat
Pirut SlayR's Hat
Pirut SlayR's Locks
Plasma Pyro Helm (AC)
Plasma Pyro Helm (Legend)
Platinum Commander's Headband
Platinum Commander's Mask
Platinum Eternal Champion's Beard
Platinum Eternal Champion's Horns (AC)
Platinum Eternal Champion's Horns (Legend)
Platinum Eternal Champion's Locks
Platinum Eternal Champion's Scarf
Playa's Hat
Pluma Queimadas Hair
Pluma Queimadas Locks
Plumas de Boitata Hair
Plumas de Boitata Locks
Plumas de Fogo Hairpiece + Locks
Plumas de Fogo Headdress
Plumas do Amor e Alegria
Plumed Nemean Slayer Helm (AC)
Plunderer's Mask
Polar Naval Hood + Bangs (AC)
Polar Naval Hood + Locks (AC)
Polar Naval Tricorn + Bangs (AC)
Polar Naval Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Polar Naval Winter Headgear + Hair (AC)
Polar Naval Winter Headgear + Locks (AC)
Polar Naval's Bangs (Non-AC)
Polar Naval's Locks (Non-AC)
Polychronic Magister's Hair
Polychronic Magister's Hood
Polychronic Magister's Locks
Pony Fett Helm
Pony Maul Head
Pony Trooper Rainbow Helm
Pony Vader Helm
Pony Wan Kenobi Hood
Pool of Death
Poppin' Classic
PopStar Hair + Headphones
PopStar Hair + Microphone
PopStar Locks + Headphones
PopStar Locks + Microphone
PopStar Morph
PopStar Sidepony
Port-A-Pwnzor Helm
Poster Hero Hair
Pretty Pinkie Bandana
Pretty Pinkie Bandana Morph
Pretty Pinkie Eye Patch and Bandana
Pretty Pinkie Pirate Bandana and Locks
Pretty Pinkie Pirate Hat and Beard
Pretty Pinkie Pirate Hat and Locks
Pretty Pinkie Pirate Hat Morph
Pretty Pinkie Pirate Hat Visage
Prime Corrupted Paragon Guard (AC)
Prime Corrupted Paragon Helmet (AC)
Prime Corrupted Paragon Hood (AC)
Prime Corrupted Paragon Horned Hood (AC)
Prime Corrupted Paragon Spiked Hood (AC)
Prisma Hair Helm
Prisma Locks Helm
Prisma Pop Hair (AC)
Prisma Pop Hair (Legend)
Prisma Pop Locks (AC)
Prisma Pop Locks (Legend)
Prisma Ram Helm
Prismatic Aegis Helm
Prismatic BabyDoll Morph
Prismatic Balloon Head
Prismatic Blossom Mask
Prismatic Blossom Mask + Locks
Prismatic Chimpy B Huffy Hat
Prismatic Classy Villain Hair
Prismatic Classy Villain Locks
Prismatic Composers Helmet
Prismatic Dark Lord's Hood
Prismatic Dark Lord's Hood + Hair
Prismatic Dark Lord's Masked Hood
Prismatic Dark Lord's Underworld Hood
Prismatic Draconian Head
Prismatic Dragonrune Diadem
Prismatic Dragonrune Locks
Prismatic Dragonslayer Helm
Prismatic Elf Hat
Prismatic Evil Knight Helm
Prismatic Galactic Helmet
Prismatic Horned Dragonskull
Prismatic Imperial Guard Helm
Prismatic Kaiju Pirate Captain Hat
Prismatic Kaiju Pirate Captain Locks
Prismatic Keeper's Hair
Prismatic Keeper's Hood
Prismatic Keeper's Locks
Prismatic Keeper's Mask
Prismatic Luchadwarf Beard
Prismatic Luchadwarf Braid
Prismatic Luchadwarf Horned Braid
Prismatic Luchadwarf Horns
Prismatic Luchadwarf Mask
Prismatic Lunar Pirate Captain's Hat
Prismatic Lunar Pirate Locks
Prismatic Magus Hood (AC)
Prismatic Magus Hooded Locks (AC)
Prismatic Maiden's Aegis Helm
Prismatic Maugs Helm
Prismatic Neon Shadow Morph (AC)
Prismatic Neon Shadow Morph (Legend)
Prismatic Paragon Helm
Prismatic Psycho Bunny Head
Prismatic Reaper Helm
Prismatic Revontheus Cultist Horns + Locks (Legend)
Prismatic Revontheus Cultist Horns (Legend)
Prismatic SeaBeast Head
Prismatic SnowStalker Hood
Prismatic SnowStalker Locks
Prismatic Solar Naval Locks
Prismatic Solar Naval Tricorn
Prismatic Thorn Guard of Nulgath (AC)
Prismatic Throatripper
Prismatic Top Hat
Prismatic Top Hat + Scarf
Prismatic War Room Helm
Prismatic WhiteBeard Stache
Projectionist Top Hat
Prometheus Armet
Prometheus Guard
Prometheus Helm
Proper Victorian Tophat
Proper Victorian Topper
Proto Dark Caster Hair (Non-AC)
Proto Dark Caster Morph (AC)
Proto Legion Dark Caster Hair
Proto Legion Dark Caster Visage
ProtoBlaster Gas-Mask
ProtoBlaster Gas-Mask + Locks
ProtoBlaster Hair
ProtoBlaster Locks
ProtoParagon Helm
Psycho Psy Operator Hair
Puffy Pigtails
Pulsar Emission Spikes
Pulsar Emission Spikes + Locks
Pulsar Manipulator's Headset
Pulsar Manipulator's Headset + Locks
Pumpkin Paragon Hood
Pumpkin Paragon Horns
Punky Bowler
Purified ArchFiend Warrior Crown (AC)
Purified ArchFiend Warrior Helm (AC)
Purified SoulBinder Locks
Purified SoulBinder Mask
Purple Birthday Hat Void Face
Purple Birthday Horned Void Face
Purple Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Purple Dragon's Tricorn (AC)
Purple Trobbolier Morph
Pyroclastic Bandana
Pyroclastic BeastMaster's Helmet (AC)
Pyroclastic Bestial Horns (AC)
Pyroclastic Captain's Hat + Locks (AC)
Pyroclastic Captain's Hat (AC)
Pyroclastic Captain's Patch + Locks (AC)
Pyroclastic Captain's Patch (AC)
Pyroclastic Captain's Skull (AC)
Pyroclastic Female Visage (Legend)
Pyroclastic Male Visage (Legend)
Pyroclastic Necromancer's Bangs (Non-AC)
Pyroclastic Necromancer's Hair (Non-AC)
Pyroclastic Necromancer's Hood (Non-AC)
Pyroclastic Necromancer's Rage (AC)
Pyroclastic Skull Morph (AC)
Pyroclastic Summer Hair (AC)
Pyroclastic Summer Locks (AC)
Pyroclastic TopHat + Locks (AC)
Pyroclastic TopHat + Morph (AC)
Pyroclastic TopHat (AC)
Pyroclastic TopHat Locks + Morph (AC)
Pyromancer Evolution Helm (AC)
Pyromancer Evolution Helm (Legend)
Queencat Helm
Queen's Balloon Crown
Quindecennial Knight Helm (AC)
Quindecennial Knight Hood (AC)
Rabbit Skull Gas Mask
Rabid Ronin's Mask
Rabid Ronin's Mask + Locks
Rabid Ronin's Morph + Scarf
Rabid Ronin's Morph Locks + Scarf
Rabid Ronin's Morph Mask + Locks
Rabid Ronin's Morph Mask + Scarf
Rabid Ronin's Side Mask
Rabid Ronin's Side Mask + Long Hair
Rabid's Helm (AC)
Rabid's Helm (Legend)
Radiant Blood Fiend Armet (Non-AC)
Radiant Blood Fiend Crest (Legend)
Radiant Blood Fiend Guard (AC)
Radiant ZombieSlayer Helm
Radioactive Creeper Flame Jack Helm
Radioactive Evil Jack Helm
Radioactive Flaming Jack Helm
Raggedy Dandy Morph
Raggedy Dolly Morph
Rainbow SharkByte Helm
RainDancer's Hawk
RainDancer's Layers
Raised Aviatrix Goggles

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