Helmets & Hoods (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helmets & Hoods

1st Birthday Cake Helm
2013 Lunar Battle Helm
2013 Solar Battle Helm
8-Bit Hermes Helm
8-Bit Hero Face
8-bit Heroine Face
9J Male Hat
A Hunter's Rising Helm
Abomineator Helm (AC)
Abomineator Helm (Legend)
Abyssal Wanderer Hair (AC)
Abyssal Wanderer Hair (Legend)
Acolyte's Wrap Helm
Adept's Battle Cowl
Adorable Love Caster Birthday Hat
Aerosol Protector Female
Aerosol Protector Male
AfterLyfe Hood
Agent of Chaos Cowl
Alien Helm
Alien Mask
Amaranth Keeper Cowl
Ancient Cryomancer Hat
Ancient Doll Head
Angel Avengers Helm
Angelic Gelled Hair
Annihilator Of Order Helm
Anseri Destroyer Hood
Antlered Bone Locks
Antlered Bone Mask
Antlers of the Warrior Helm
Apocalypse Mask
Apocalyptic Warlord Face
Apocalyptic Warlord Helm
Aqua Scout Helm
Aqua Warrior Helm
Aqueduct Conjurer's Hood
Aqueduct Conjurer's Mask
Aranx's New Do
Arcane Captain's Hat
Arcane Captain's Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Hat
Arcane Dark Caster Hat Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Horn Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Horns
Arcane Dark Caster Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Scarf
Arcane Dark Caster Scarf Locks
Arcane Dark Caster Shag
Arcane Dark Caster Skull
Arcane Dark Caster Spirit
Arcane Lass Tophat
Arcane Phoenix Crest
Arcane Tophat
Arch Anjelus Helm
Arch Anjelus Locks
Arch Broodfiend Helm
ArchAngel Nulgath Morph (AC)
ArchAngel Nulgath Morph (Legend)
ArchAngel's Hood
Archer Drow Helm
Archfiend Genisis Face
Archfiend Genisis Locks
Archfiend Genisis Skull
ArchFiend's Hood
ArchFiend's Sneer (AC)
ArchFiend's Sneer (Legend)
ArchMage of Nulgath Helm
Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy
Armored Extraterrene Mask
Armored Faceplate of Eternity
Armored Frost Dragon
Armored Turdraken Helm
Artifact Hunter Hood (AC)
Artifact Hunter Hood (Merge)
Artifact Hunter Mask (AC)
Artifact Hunter Mask (Merge)
Artifact Huntress Hood (AC)
Artifact Huntress Hood (Merge)
Artifact Huntress Mask (AC)
Artifact Huntress Mask (Merge)
Asbestos Hood
Ascendant ZombieSlayer Helm
Ascended DarkCaster FauxHawk
Ascended DarkCaster Fem Hair
Ascended DarkCaster Fem Horns
Ascended DarkCaster Horns
Ascent of Long Hair
Ascent of Short Hair
Ashen Helm of Fury
Ashen Tiara of Fury
Assassin Commander Facewrap (AC)
Assassin Commander Facewrap (Legend)
Assassin Commander Hood
Assassin of Nulgath Hood (AC)
Assassin of Nulgath Hood (Legend)
Assassin's Shadow Hood
Assault Mask
Astral Guardian Hood (AC)
Astral Guardian Hood (Special)
Astral Space Helmet
Astral Wanderer Hood (AC)
Astral Wanderer Hood (Special)
Astro Helm
Atef of the Black Sun
Atrocious Hockey Mask
Aurus Via Helm
Avatar Of Time Helm
Ave do Paraíso Helm
Avis Feathered Hair
Avomancer Helm
Azul Clinger Helm
Azure Cleric Helm
Azure Cleric Locks
Azure Dragonguard
Azure Dragonvisor
BabyDoll Morph
Bakers Hat and Locks
Bakers Hat Male
Bandage Face
Bandana Split Helm
Banished Brawler Hair
Banished Brawler Helmet
Banished Brawler Locks
Baron Sunday Hair
Baron Sunday Hat
Baron Sunday Locks
Bat Vigilante Hair (Legend)
Bat Vigilante Hair (Non-Legend)
Bat Vigilante Locks (Legend)
Bat Vigilante Locks (Non-Legend)
Batalha Crista Helm
Bats off to You! (Female)
Bats off to You! (Male)
Battered Ebil Minion Helm
Battle Clawshelm (Non-AC)
Battle Locks of the Empress
Battle Priest Helm
Battle Q-Pid Helmet
Battle Q-Pid Twintails
Battlemage Locks
Battle-patched Wolf Hair
Battle-patched Wolf Locks
Batty Wings Hair
Batty Wings Locks
Beach Bumbead Helm
Beaded Indian Headband 08
Beard Hat +3
Bearded Atef of the Black Sun
Bearded Battlemage Helm
Bearded Blazing Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Brutalcorn
Bearded Captain Hat
Bearded Centaur Barbarian
Bearded Centaur Guard Helm
Bearded Chaos Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Crimson Crown
Bearded Crimson Helm
Bearded Crown of Swordhaven
Bearded CryptKeeper
Bearded Dark Crown
Bearded Dead Knight Helm
Bearded Explorer Helm
Bearded Explorer Tricorn
Bearded Frostval Fiend
Bearded Helm Shaped Giftbox (AC)
Bearded Helm Shaped Giftbox (Non-AC)
Bearded Ice Giant Helm
Bearded Icy Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Icy Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Legion Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Red Dwarf Helm
Bearded Rich Skull Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Rich Skull Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Rotten Skull Top Hat
Bearded Sapphire Helm
Bearded Scallywag Naval Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Skull Top Hat (Free Player)
Bearded Skull Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Warlock Morph
Bearded Winter Elf Helm
Bearded Yang Helm
Bears Helmet
Beast Basher's Helm
Beast Master's Crimson Horns
Beastmaster Mask of Nulgath Helm
Beastmaster of Nulgath Helm
Beauty Of The Fire Avatar (AC)
Beauty Of The Fire Avatar (Legend)
Beauty Of The Fire Avatar (Non-Legend)
Beleen Smiles like WOAH
Bestial's Helm (AC)
Bestial's Helm (Legend)
Bido's Party Hat
Big Boned Red Dwarf
Big Cookie Helm
Bite From The Future
Bite the Knife Locks
Bite the Knife Shag
Black Beauty
Black Crusader Tricorn
Black Cursed Bandana
Black Dragon's Tricorn + Locks (AC)
Black Dragon's Tricorn (AC)
Black Fez
Black Ladies' Fez
Black Legion Vampire Helm
Black Leopard Headdress
Black Mage Hat
Black Minion Hood
Black Polka Dot Bandana
Black Trobbolier Morph
Blade Warrior Head Unit
Bladelord Helm of Vokun
Blademaster Assassin Hair
Blademaster Assassin Hood
Blademaster Assassin Hood And Mask
Blademaster Assassin Locks
Blademaster Assassin Mask
Blademaster Assassin Masked Hair
Blademaster Assassin Masked Locks
BladeMaster Helm
BladeMaster Hood
BladeMaster Horns
BladeMaster Mask
BladeMaster Wraps
Blank Face
Blank Stare
Blazing Golden Helm
Blazing Inferno Helm
Blazing Naval Top Hat (Free Player) (Rare)
Blazing Naval Top Hat (Free Player) (Seasonal)
Blazing Tricorn
Blazing Tricorn Locks
Bleakwind Hood
Bleakwind Locks
Bleeding Heart Locks
Bleeding Heart Shag
Blessed Gelled Hair
Blind Crimson Feathered Mask
Blind Crimson Mask
Blinded Helm of Vokun
Blinding Darkness
Blinding Sapphire Star Hat
Blood & Roses Bob
Blood & Roses Hair

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