Grounds (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Grounds

00-X Spray Paint Palette
Abyssal BeastMaster Rune (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Ground (AC)
Ancient DragonSlayer's Rasen Jimen
Ascended Cosmic Chaos
Aurora Cryomagus Grace (AC)
Auroran Cryomagus Grace (AC)
Beams of Light
Blade Destiny Circle
Bloodmoon Faerie Field (Ground)
Bloodmoon Faerie Grove (Ground)
Chrono Centurion Meridian
ChronoReaper Ground Rune
Cosmic Chaos Maelstrom
Cosmic Laplace Dream (Non-AC)
Cursed Healer's Ground Rune
Dark Dragon Summoner's Ritual (AC)
Dark Manifestation Portal
Dark Prismatic Rune (AC)
DarkFrost Dragon Rune
Dazzling Cryomagus Grace (AC)
Dominance Clouds
Ebil AI Logo
Elegant Prestigious Aura
Ember Soul Rune
Enchanted Constellation Rune
Enchanted DragonRune (AC)
Eternal Flames Of Akriloth (AC)
Eternal Rhyme Star Stage
Fiend's Void Circle (AC)
Frigid Phantasm Glyph (AC)
Frostball Balcony (AC)
Gleeful Gift Elves Ground Rune (AC)
Golden Aura of Swordhaven
Grounds of Mayhem (AC)
Holiday Snowglobe Stage (AC)
Hollowborn BeastMaster Rune (AC)
Kitty Comforts Ground Rune
Legionarius' Blade Halation (AC)
Little Island Retreat (AC)
Lovely Ground Rune
Mage of Time's Rune
Mark 00-X
MatchMaker GroundRune
Moonlit Graveyard
Mystical Aura of Swordhaven
Mystical Golden Aura of Swordhaven
Nation Ground Rune (AC)
Obsidian Swirling Shadow (AC)
Oceanic Pool (AC)
Permafrost Ground Rune
Phalanx Rune (AC)
Polychronic Magister's Focus
Prismatic Rune (AC)
Proto Dark Caster Focus Rune (AC)
Proto Legion Dark Caster Focus Rune (AC)
Pulsar Manipulator's Launchpad
Pyroclastic BeastMaster Rune (AC)
Relentless Pursuit Circle (AC)
Revontheus Legacy Rune (AC)
Revontheus Legacy Seal (AC)
Revontheus Legacy Sigil (AC)
Sakura Blossom Rune
Savage Zard Territory (AC)
Serenity Of Eden City
Shadow Balcony (AC)
ShadowFlame Commander's Bright Ground Rune (AC)
ShadowFlame Commander's Ground (AC)
ShadowFlame Commander's Ground Rune (AC)
Shadowscythe Rune (AC)
Sugar Syrup Healing Station
Summer Seraph Rune (AC)
Underworld Ritual Circle (AC)
Uninvited Guest's Summoning Rune
Vampire Bat Emblem
Void Recruit's Rune (AC)
Year of the Rabbit Fountain

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