Daggers (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Daggers

Living Shadow Katana (Dagger)
Loveletters of Beleen!
Love's Gladiator Daggers
Lucky O'Daggers
Lumina Claw
M4tr1x Bloodletter of Nulgath
Magma Claws
Malani Scimitar
Mana Crystals Dagger
Maraca of Doom +15 (AC)
Maraca of Doom +15 (Legend)
Maraud of the Minotaur (Dagger) (AC)
Maraud of the Minotaur (Dagger) (Legend)
Mia's Dual Slashers
Midnight Blades of Joy (AC)
Mini Shave Point
Minotiger Dagger
Minotiger Spear and Dagger
Missile Mouse's Dual Blasters
MockingSlayer Accoutrements
Mortal Bane
Nautican Knight Daggers
Nebula Reavers
Nebula Slashers
NechoTech Bionic Arms
NechoTech Bionic Fists
Necro Paragon's Reavers (AC)
NeoFiend Blades of Revontheus
Nexus Blade of Chaos
Nexus Blade of Evil
Nexus Blade of Good
Nightborn Drak Armblades
Nightmare Knuckle Daggers
Northern Aura Chakrams
Northern Aurora Chakrams
Northern Twilight Chakrams
Nulgath Polearm/Shield
Obsidian Arcane Dark Caster Daggers
Obsidian Katanas
Obsidian Paladin Accoutrements
Obsidian Paladin Sword + Pistol
Obsidian Reavers
Omega Clappers
Omega Dotanuki
Omega Tonfa
Omni Elemental Daggers
One Eyed Daggers
Onslaught Annihilators
OS Founder Arms
Otherworldly Blades
Overclocked EbilCorp Pistols
Overlord Blade of Dilligaf
Paladin of Souls Blade + Shield (AC)
Paragon Blaster and Boomstick
Paragon Cutlass and Blaster
Paragon Cutlass and Boomstick
Particle Armaments
Pirated Media
Platinum Eternal Champion's Daggers
Platinum Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas
Plunderin' Pistols
Prime Dagger of Awe! (AC)
Prismatic Chaos Paint Tools
Prismatic ClawsOfTheBlaze
Prismatic Wings of Destiny
Pulsar Armblades
Pyroclastic Cutlass + Pistol (AC)
Quill and Scroll
Ravenous Reaver Daggers (AC)
Ravenous Reaver Daggers (Legend)
Raziel's Celestial Glory
Reavers of Amenti
Reavers of Serepthys
Red Sonic Blade (Dagger)
Reversed Brawler Dagger
Reversed Dual Ebil Saber
Reversed Spiralling Keyblades
Re-Vitalized Bloodletter of Nulgath
Ring Of Ice Daggers
Rings of Power (AC)
Rings of Power (Legend)
Risen Sun Dual Katanas
Risen Sun Dual Weapons
Rogue Fiend Daggers of Nulgath
Rose Flaming Fists (AC)
Rose Flaming Fists (Legend)
Roses on Fire Batons
Royal Nautican Shell Fans
SandSea Guardian's Daggers
SandSea Scimitars
Sandsea Slasher
Saurus Armaments
Scorpion Bone Blades
Seraphic Chakrams
Seraphic Pistol and Cannon (AC)
Seraphic Pistol and Cannon (Legend)
Seventeen Bladed Daggers
Shadow Assassin's Blades +3
Shadow Fallen Daggers
Shadow Khans
Shadow Orbs of Nulgath (AC)
ShadowBlast Flames (0 AC)
ShadowBlast Flames (AC)
Shadowed Beacon Daggers
Shadowed Devourer
Shadowfir Athame
ShadowFlame Dragon Blade & Spear
ShadowNightmare Dual Gun
Sharpened Parrot Mallet
Shattersword Bandit Kamas
Shattersword Defiler Kamas
Shattersword Imp Kamas
Shattersword Minx Kamas
Shattersword Warrior Kamas
Shelled Stabber
Shipwrecked Captain's Pistol + Cutlass (AC)
Sil Katar
Silent Wanderer Scissor + Comb
Silver And Blue Pistols
Sixteen Bladed Daggers
Sky Frost Daggers
Skyguard Blade and Shield
Slork's Daggers
Smol Ratnegade Katana
Snowfall Daggers
Solar-edge ArmBlades
Space Ice Kris
Spiralling Keyblades (Dagger)
Steam-Powered Revolvers
Stinging Dagger of Serpents
Stolen Cutlasses
Stone Slammers
Sub-Zero Accoutrements
Sunlit Reavers Kama
Supercharged CyberVoid Dagger +5
Supercharged Lightning Katana
Supernova Octarine Orb (AC)
Supernova Octarine Orb (Legend)
Supernova Orb (AC)
Supernova Orb (Non-AC)
Sweaty Sock Daggers
Sword of Might
Sword of Sponsors
Swords of Serepthys
Tapestry Kamas
Tech Daggers Of Awe
Temporal Disruption
The Assassin's Ulterior
The First Fallen's Daggers
The Rogue's Ulterior
Thirteen Bladed Daggers
Tinsel's Dagger Gift
TitanSlayer's Armaments
Tome of Fangs
Topaz Daggers
Toxic Slasher
TreasureHunter's Dirk
Truly Cursed Dual Cutlasses
Truth And Justice
Turdrakolich Daggers
Twelve Bladed Daggers
Twenty Bladed Daggers
Twilly Kwuger Claws
Twin Blades of Famine
Twin Blades of Gale Warrior
TwinDragons of Destiny
Ultimate Destroyer's Dual Axes (AC)
Ultimate Destroyer's Dual Axes (Legend)
Ultra Revenger Blades
Ultra Revenger Flames +15
Undead Assault Axe and Sword
Undead Assault Axe (Dagger)
Undead Infantry BoneSaw
Undead Infantry Kris
Underworld Razor Blades
Vampiric Knight SUPER Swords
Vendetta Daggers
Vesper's Violet Reavers
Victor's Dual Glory Blades
Vile Blades
Viper Sickles
Void Champion Daggers
Void Champion Orb
Void Horror Hands
VoidPirate Captain Armaments
Wereslitter Daggers
Whitehot Rings Of Fire
Winter Spirit Fan + Parasol (AC)
Wraith's Cursed Daggers
Your Dreams Are Collapsing
Zay_M8's Caladbolg
Zombie Voodoo Dagger

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