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Auto updating list of all Rare Capes & Back Items

Sweetish Fish Tail
Switzerland Pride Scarf
Sword in the Sock Cape
Swordhaven Pirate Captain Flag (AC)
Swords Of Courage
Tainted Horns
Taiwan Scarf
Tarnished Guardian Wings (AC)
Tarnished Guardian Wings (Legend)
Tattooed Electric Guitar Cape (AC)
Tattooed Electric Guitar Cape (Legend)
Teal Eternal Flame
Techno Fairy Wings
Techno Natural Wings (AC)
Techno Natural Wings (Legend)
Tentacles of the Doom Overlord
Terran Runes
Terror Wings of Nulgath
Thailand Scarf
The DrAEgon of Artix
The First Fallen Wings
The First Risen Wings
The Jailer's Shadow (AC)
The M4tr1x (AC)
The Rising Savior
The Savior's Ascension
Thunderfang Blades Cape
TideWalker's Rune + Wrap (AC)
Timor-Leste Pride Scarf
Tinsel's Cape Gift
TitanSlayer Cape
Tonga Pride Scarf
Tongue of Flame
Toxic Bloodletters of Nulgath Cape
Toxic Commander's Anchor Cape (Legend)
Toxic Commander's Parrot on your Shoulder (Non-AC)
Toxic Naval Commander's Flag (AC)
Toxic Piston Powerpack
Toxic Shadow Runes
TreasureHunter's Sea Wrap
Trinidad and Tobago Pride Scarf
Turdraken Skewers Cape
Turkey Pride Scarf
Ukraine Pride Scarf
Ultimate Chaos Destroyer Cloak
Ultra FiendHunter's Cape (AC)
Undead Assault Axe Cape
Undead Infantry BattleCloak
Undead Legion Crossed Cutlasses
Undead Parrot
Undead Pirate Dragon On Yer Back
Undead Soul Shroud
Underworld Bloodhound
Underworld Cleric Vortex Cape
Underworld Eternal Flame
Underworld General Cape (AC)
Underworld General Flames (AC)
Underworld Pirate Caster's Runes (AC)
Unfluffy Trophy Tail
United Kingdom Scarf
United States Scarf
Unity Scarf
Unleashed Scales
Unlucky Chains Cape
Unlucky Skeleton Key
Uruguay Pride Scarf
US Virgin Islands Pride Scarf
Uzbekistan Pride Scarf
Valkress Cape
Vampirate Crossed Cutlasses
Vampirate Side Cutlass
Vampire Bats (AC)
Vampire Bats (Non-AC)
Vampire Commander's Malevolent Backblades (AC)
Vampire Commander's Wings (AC)
Vampire Guard's Cape
Vampire Guard's Wings
Vampiric Eternal Flame
Vampiric Knight Sword Back
Vapor Wings of Grey
Vendetta Wings
Venezuela Pride Scarf
Vesper's Eternal Flame (AC)
Vesper's Eternal Flame (Legend)
Vietnam Pride Scarf
Vigilante Golf Bag (Free Player)
Vigilante Golf Bag (Legend)
Vile Winter's Chill
Villain of Steel Cape
Violet Eternal Flame
Violet Kirin Parade Cape
Visão de Mundo Cape
Vital Bloodletters of Nulgath Cape
Void BackBlades (1)
Void BackBlades (2)
Void Champion Dragon Wings
Void Champion Orb Cape
Void Knight Wings
Void Parasite Wings
Void Terror Wings
Void Terror Wings + Carapace
VoidWarlord of Nulgath Cape
VorDREAD Skull Cape
Wales Pride Scarf
Wanderer's Runic Seal (AC)
Warlock of Love's Minion cape
Warlord Clawg Cape
Warp Pack
Watermelon Bubble Tea (AC)
Wee L'il AQW Fan
Werejaguar Tail Colored
Werepyre Slayer Wings
Werewolf's Tail
White Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
White Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
White Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
White Dragon's Wings (AC)
White Fur Cloak (1)
White Stalker's Wings
Whoops! Cape
Whoops! Cape II
Wicked Wings of Light
Winged Brightfall Cloak (AC)
Wings of Cupid
Wings of Dark Sorrow
Wings of Dawn
Wings Of Faith
Wings Of Holiness
Wings of Love (1)
Wings of Omniramis
Wings of Pinkness
Wings of Sade
Wings of Shadow Infinity
Wings of Spiked Doom
Wings of Thanatos
Wings of the Demised
Wings of the Draegon
Wings Of the Fallen Aranx
Wings of the Pain (AC)
Wings of the Pain (Legend)
Wings of the Pharaoh
Wings of the Savior
Wings of the Seraph
Wings of the Shadowflame (AC)
Winter Spirit Butterflies (AC)
Winter Spirit Parasol Cape (AC)
Winters Haunting Spirit
Witch Caster Cape
Wooly Cape
Wraith's Backblades
Wraith's Weeping Souls
Wraith's Wings
Wrap of Aerodu
Wretched Bloodplates
Wretched Cloak
Wretched Widowmaker Cape
Wright Wings for a Hero
Wyld Style Tail
Xan On Your Back
Xavier Lionfang's Cloak
Xenon's Cross
X-Static X-Zilla Tail
X-Treme X-Zilla Tail
xXGothicXx Bat Wings (AC)
xXGothicXx Gargoyle Cape (AC)
Yami no Samurai Back Katanas
Yami no Samurai Oni
Yellow Coward's Potions
You Died Cape
Zimbabwe Pride Scarf
Zombie Balls D

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