Capes & Back Items (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Capes & Back Items

Radiant Runes
Radiant ZombieSlayer Cape
Radioactive PumpkinLord Cape
Radioactive PumpkinLord Shroud
Radioactive PumpkinLord Vines
Rainbow Starsword Backblades
Rampage Blademaster Arms (AC)
Rampage Blademaster Arms (Legend)
Rampage Blademaster Backblades
Rampage Lady Arms (AC)
Rampage Lady Arms (Legend)
Raptor Rider's Backblades
Rare Blue Cape
Rare Parrot
Ratnegade Cape
Ratnegade Crossed Blades
Ratnegade Wrapper
Ravager Spikes
Raven Death Wings (AC)
Raven Death Wings (Legend)
Ravenous Reaver Spines (AC)
Ravenous Reaver Spines (Legend)
Ravin' Legion Raven Rune
Rays of Dawn
Raziel's Chevalier Wings (AC)
Raziel's Chevalier Wings (Legend)
REALLY a Fairy Tail
Reaver of Nulgath Cape
Red and Gold Centurion Cape
Red Dragon Scales
Red Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Red Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Red Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Red Dragon's Wings (AC)
Red Kirin Parade Cape
Red Widow Wrap
Redemption Wings of Nulgath
Reigns' Back Sword
Reigns' Shoulder Cape
Reigns' Sword and Cape
Reinzard On Your Back
Republic of Ireland Pride Scarf
Resolution's Revolution
Resting Ghostly Parrot (Non-AC)
Reversed Rainbow Starsword Backblades
Ride The Lightning
Ring of Fallen Stars
Ring Of Prismatic Stars
Roasted Hazelnut Sack
Rogue Fiend Cape of Nulgath
Rogue Fiend Quiver of Nulgath
Rolith's Cape
Romania Pride Scarf
Rose Quartz Wings
Roses and Gold Flame (AC) (1)
Roses and Gold Flame (AC) (2)
Roses and Gold Flame (Legend)
Rotting Wraithwings
Royal Centurion Cape
Royal Eternal Flame
Royal Frost Cape
Royal FrozenSoul Wrap (AC)
Royal Red Death Cape
Royal Vampire Lord Cape (AC)
Royal Vampire Lord Cape (Merge)
Royal Weave Cape
Royal Wings of Brightfall (AC)
Royal Wings of Brightfall (Legend)
Ruby Eternal Flame
Ruby Gothika Cape
Ruby Rune Cape
Ruler of Darkness Cape
Rune of the Grove
Rune Spiral Cape
Runes of Flame + Cannon (AC)
Runes of Flame (AC)
Runes Of Glacera
Runes of the Void Witch (AC)
Runes of the Void Witch (Legend)
Runic Universal Shield (AC)
Runic Universal Wings (AC)
Runic Wings
Russia Pride Scarf
Sakura Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Sakura Dragon's Wings (AC)
San Marino Pride Scarf
Sand Golem Cape
Sand Guardian's Cloak and Blade
Sand Guardian's Wrap
SandStalker Scarf
Sanguinus Vampire Bats
Santa's Backblades 08
Santa's Colorful Backblades
Sapphire Eternal Flame
Sapphire Rune Cape
Scorched Ice Backblades
Scorching Phoenix Wings
Scorpion Arms
Scotland Pride Scarf
Scourge Overlord Nebula Cape
Scourge Overlord Rune
Scream Nevermore
Scroll of Wave Control
Seal of the Gunslinger
Seraphic Bunny on your Back
Seraphic Wings
Seraph's Cape
Shadow Assassin's Puppeteer
Shadow Assassin's Puppeteer and Blade
Shadow Beastmaster of Nulgath Cape
Shadow Blade Shinobi Sword Back
Shadow Blazebringer's Flames (AC)
Shadow Butterfly Wings
Shadow DragonLord's Wrap
Shadow DragonMaster's Tail + Wings
Shadow Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Shadow Dragon's Wings (1) (AC)
Shadow Duplicate (AC)
Shadow Duplicate (Merge)
Shadow Fire Flames
Shadow Hanzo Katana Cape
Shadow Hanzo Void Cape
Shadow Imp Tail
Shadow LichLord Runes
Shadow OathKeeper's Mantle
Shadow of the Dragon (AC)
Shadow of the Dragon (Legend)
Shadow of the Legion Casket
Shadow of the Legion Coffin
Shadow of the Legion Rune
Shadow Peacock Feathers
Shadow Reaper Guard
Shadow Void Shogun Banner
Shadow Void Shogun Katanas on your Hip
Shadow Void Shogun Runes
Shadow Wrapped Sepulchure Cape (AC)
Shadow ZombieSlayer Cape
Shadowblade of Darkness (Cape)
Shadowed Cryomancer's Wrap (AC)
Shadowed DeathBlade
Shadowed Infernal Companion
Shadowed Runic Seal (AC)
ShadowFlame Dragon Cape
ShadowFlame DragonLord's Wings
ShadowFlame DragonLord's Wings + Tail
ShadowFlame Dragon's Blood Wings
Shadowflame Dragon's Tail
Shadow's Guard Blade Cape
Shadowscythe Katana
SharkCaster Bubbles
SharkCaster Fin
SharkCaster Tail
SharkCaster Tail Fin
Shattered Ice Wings
Sheathed Collector Blade
Sheathed Giftwrap Cape
Sheathed Hip Sword
Sheathed Icerender
Sheathed Katana
Sheathed Kitsune Katanas (AC)
Sheathed Midnight Joy Blade (AC)
Sheathed Rifle
Sheathed Side Shotgun
Shipwrecked Anchor (AC)
Shipwrecked Pirate Backblades (AC)
Short Holly Cloak
Shower of Flowers Cape
Shrine of Prophetic Visions
Shroud of the River Styx
Shu Basket of Surprises
Shu Ninja Streamers
Shu Ninja Tail
Side Phoenix Blade (1)
Silent Wanderer Arrows
Silent Wanderer Butterfly Attack
Silent Wanderer Butterfly Defense
Silent Wanderer Scissors Hip
Silver and Gold Eternal Flame
Silver Eternal Flame
Silver Party Scarf
Silver Party Wrap
Silver Shotgun On Your Back (AC)
Silver Shotgun On Your Back (Legend)
Silver Tentacle Wings (AC)
Silver Tentacle Wings (Legend)
Sincere Loveletters Cape
Singapore Pride Scarf
Singularity TechCannon
Sinister Cobalt Wings
Sinister Magenta Wings
Sinister Teal Wings
Sinister Violet Wings
Sir Ver on your Back
Skeletal Cape of Red Death
Skeletal Dragon Wings
Skeletal Spirits Cape
Skeletal Spirits Coffin Cape
Sky Frost Cape
Skyguard Flightpack
Slender Captain's Cape (AC)
Slovakia Scarf
Slovenia Scarf
Smelly Flies (AC)
Smelly Flies (Legend)
Smoke and Feathers
Smoldering Phoenix Wings
Snow Buffalo Tail
Snow Leopard Tail
Snowborn Fae Wings (AC)
Soaring Wings of Dage
Solar Eclipse (1)
Solar Eclipse (2)
Solar Naval Sun Cape
Solar Parrot Cape
Solar Wings
Soul Searcher Rune
Spain Pride Scarf
Sparkle Power!
Spawn Morph Wings
Spellsword Wings
Spiked Grasp of Doom
Spiralling Keyblade Cape
Spirit Drum Cape
Spirit Of Shinobi
Spirit of the Flame Titan
Splitfangs Cape
Spruce's Tail (AC)
Spruce's Tail (Legend)
Squirrel Tail
Stained Aurus Via Wings
Starry Parrot
Static Cloud Cape
SteamGear Gilded Coffin
Steampunk Backblades
Steampunk Lovebow (Cape)
Stormrider Cape
Strobe Lights Of ZOOM
Stryche's Defender Cape
Sub-Zero Frost Cape
Sun Rune Cape
Super Blood Moon Cape
Super Kathool Wings
Super Power Laser Cannon of DOOOOOOM!
Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor Cape
Sweden Pride Scarf

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