Capes & Back Items (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Capes & Back Items

Hei Gong Ji Banners Cape (Legend)
Hero of Steel Cape
High Mage Cape
Holiday Paragon Cape
Honduras Pride Scarf
Hong Kong Pride Scarf
Hovering Sombrero Cape
Hungary Pride Scarf
HypeFiend's Runes (AC)
Ice King Cape
Ice Lord Guardian's Wrap
Ice Rogue Crystal Cape
Ice-Cold Metallic Cape
Iceland Pride Scarf
Icy Bloodletters of Nulgath Cape
Icy Eternal Flame
Icy Undead Parrot
Ignited Cape
Imperial Lightscythe Cloak
Indonesia Pride Scarf
Infernal Flame Wings (1)
Infernal Revenger Shield on your Back (AC)
Infernal Revenger Wings + Wrap (AC)
Infernal Revenger Wrap + Blade (AC)
Infernal Runes
Initiate Flames Cape
Integrity Blades
Ionized Wings
Iran Pride Scarf
Ireland Pride Scarf
Iron Butterfly Wings
Ironwood's Tail (AC)
Ironwood's Tail (Legend)
Israel Pride Scarf
Italy Pride Scarf
J6 Steampunk Jetpack
Jamaica Pride Scarf
Japan Pride Scarf
Jingling Cape Giftbox 12
Jolly Furred Cape
Jolly Prismatic Furred Cape (AC)
Jolly Roger
Kaiju Pirate Captain Tail
Kaze Cape of Shinobi
Kazkhstan Pride Scarf
Kezeroth's Cape 13 (Rare)
KingSlayer's Cape (AC)
Kirin Horns
Kitsune Commander's Tails (AC)
Knives In Your Back
Korea Pride Scarf
Kyrgyzstan Pride Scarf
Lán sè Shu Streamers
Lán sè Shu Tail
Latvia Pride Scarf
Lawful Evil Banner Cape
Lawful Good Banner Cape
Lebanon Pride Scarf
Legacy of Nulgath Cape
Legendary Chaos Destroyer Cloak
Legendary Glory Mage Cape
Legion Armored Cape
Legion Backsword
Legion Breaker Cape
Legion Bunny on your Back
Legion Crossed Cutlasses
Legion Dreadmarch Cape (AC)
Legion Dreadmarch Cape (Quest)
Legion Eternal Flame
Legion FiendHunter Hide (AC)
Legion FiendHunter Rune (AC)
Legion FiendHunter Wrap (AC)
Legion Fighter Cape
Legion Flame Cape +5
Legion Naval Anchor Cape
Legion Naval Ship Wheel Blue Cape
Legion Naval Ship Wheel Cape
Legion Priest Shroud
Legion Raven Cape
Legion Wings and Cape
Legion Wolf Runes (AC)
Legion Wolf Runes (Merge)
Lethal ZombieSlayer Wrap
Leviasean Weave
leZard Man Tail
Liechtenstein Pride Scarf
Life Preserver Cape
Light Auril Tail
Light Witch Wrap
LightCaster Glowing Runes (AC)
LightCaster Runic Cape (AC)
Lightning BackBlades (AC)
Lightning BackBlades (Legend)
Lion Warrior Cape
Lithuania Pride Scarf
Living Shadow Katana Cape
Lone Ghostbones Flag (AC)
Long Holly Cape
Looming Legion Paragon
Lord Brentan's Cape
Lord of Order Bladed Wrap (AC)
Lord of Order Double Wings + Wrap (AC)
Lord of Order Wings + Wrap (AC)
Lord Of Order Wings (AC)
Lord of Order Wrap (AC)
Lord of Time Cloak
Love Hunter's Accoutrements
Lovely Halo of Beleen
Luck Dragon Cape
Lucky Monkey On Your Back
Luna Cape
Lunar BlazeBinder Guard
Lunar BlazeBinder Guard Cape
Lunar BlazeBinder Tome
Lunar Blazebinder Wrap
Lunar Parrot Cape
Lunarmancer Rune
Lusè Shu Streamers
Lusè Shu Tail
Luxembourg Scarf
Lycan Eternal Flame
Lycan Of Nulgath Cape (Non-AC)
Macedonia Pride Scarf
Madagascar Pride Scarf
Magenta Defender Dragon Wings
Magenta Defender Orb Cape
Magical Sparkling Roses Cape
Magma Claw Furs
Magus Mantle
Maldives Pride Scarf
Malevolent Harbinger's Wings
Mana Rune Aura
Manticore Assassin Wing
Manticore Assassin Wings
Marshall Islands Pride Scarf
Matrix Hanzo Void Cape (AC)
Matrix Hanzo Void Cape (Legend)
Matrix Hanzo Void Katana Cape (AC)
Matrix Hanzo Void Katana Cape (Legend)
Maugs Cape
Mauritania Pride Scarf
Maximillian's Cape
May Tricks 4th Wall Cape
May Tricks Machine Gun Cape
Mechanical Jetpack
MechFiend of Nulgath Wings
MechQuest Destiny Blade
Medium Rare Cape
Medium Rare Parrot
MEGA Oni Cape
Melon Stand (AC)
Memet Kigu Tail (AC)
Memet Kigu Tail (Legend)
Memet Mount Cape
Memorial Flag
Menacing Aura
Mennacing Cape
Mexico Pride Scarf
Micronesia Pride Scarf
Midnight Bag Of Endless Blades (AC)
Midnight Hanzo Cape (AC)
Midnight Hanzo Cape (Legend)
Midnight Hanzo Katana Cape
Midnight Ranger Gear (AC)
Midnight Sand Golem Cape
Minotiger Cape
Moglin Defender Tail
MogliTech JetPack
Moldova Pride Scarf
Monaco Pride Scarf
Mongolia Pride Scarf
Monsoon Wrap
MonsterLord Cloak
Montenegro Pride Scarf
Moon + Mars Cape
Moon Runes Cape
Moonwalker Pack
Morocco Pride Scarf
Musical Notes
Mysterious Stranger Banner
Mystic Adventurer's Cape
Mystic Wrap of the Ancients
Mystical Phoenix Feathers
Mystical TideWalker's Rune (AC)
Nautican Banner Cape
Nautican Sheathed Blade
NechoTech Artillery Lazers
Necro Paragon's Cloak (AC)
Necrofleet on your Back (AC)
Necrofleet on your Back (Legend)
Necromancer Fiend Spikes (AC)
Necromancer Fiend Spikes (Legend)
Necronus Blaster Pack Cape
Necrow On Your Back (Non-AC)
NeoFiend Wings of Revontheus
Nepal Pride Scarf
Netherlands Scarf
NEVERomancer Minion
NEVERomancer Rune
NEVERomancer Runed Cape
New Zealand Scarf
Nicaragua Pride Scarf
Night Slicers
Nightborn Drak Cape
Nightbranch Cape
Nightfall Wings
Nightmare Clawsuit Backblades
Nightrprowler Tendrils
Nightshock Wings
Ninja Kanji Cape
Northern Aurora Wings
Northern Butterfly Wings
Northern Ireland Pride Scarf
Northern Twilight Wings
Northlands Crystal Cape (AC)
Northlands Giftbox Cape 2017
Norway Scarf
Nouveau Air Cape
Nouveau Earth Cape
Nouveau Fire Cape
Nouveau Water Cape
Noxious Cloud of Gas (AC)
Noxious Cloud of Gas (Legend)
Nythera's Wings
Oathbreaker Cutlass Cape
OathKeeper Array (AC)
OathKeeper Array (Legend)
OathKeeper Halo (AC)
OathKeeper Halo (Legend)
OathKeeper Mantle
OathKeeper SpiritHunter (Sheathed)
OathKeeper Wings
Obsidia Shroud (AC)
Obsidian Paladin Cutlass Back Blades
Obsidian Paladin Sword Hip Cape
Octopus Backpack
OG Vindicator Of They Cape
Oh My Goddess Wings
Omae wa mou shindeiru... Nani? Cape
Omega Pirate Mech Parrot
Omega Stealth Pack
Omniramis Cape
Omom's Youngest
One Eyed Crawler Cape
One-Wing of Hope 13
Oni Rune Cape
Onyx Cleric Cape
Onyx DOOMFire Cape
Onyx DOOMFire Cape + Blade

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