Capes & Back Items (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Capes & Back Items

10 Floating Pixels Cape
2 Floating Pigs
2013 Lunar Flare Cape
2013 Lunar Watch Cape
2013 Solar Watch Cape
3 Tail Fandango Fox
7 Tail Fandango Fox
8-Bit Fire Rune
Abomineator Cape
Albino Peacock Feathers
Albino Vampire Bats
Alien Shoulder Cannon
Alpha Omega Coils (Non-Legend)
Amaranth Burning Flame
Amaranth Wings Of Infinity
Ambassador Cape
Ancient Frostsworn Wrap (AC)
Anjelus Wings
Annihilator Of Order Cape
Anseri Bow Cape
Anseri Destroyer Feathers
Aoi no Hime Wings
Aquatic Runes
Arara Caos Capa
Arcane Dark Caster Bats
Arcane Dark Caster Runes
Arcane Dark Caster Throne
Arcane Paragon Pet Cape
Arcane Parrot Cape
Arcane Pirate Back Blades
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath
ArchMage of Nulgath Cape
Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak
Armored Turdraken Sword on Hip
Artifact Hunter Cape (AC)
Artifact Hunter Cape (Merge)
Asgardian Knight Cloak (Non-AC)
Assassin Commander Backblades (AC)
Assassin Commander Backblades (Legend)
Assassin of Nulgath Wings (AC)
Assassin of Nulgath Wings (Legend)
Astral Guardian Wings (AC)
Astral Shadow Wings (AC)
Atramentous Wings
Aura of Shadowscythe
Aura of the Ascended +10
Avatar Of Time Blades
Avomancer Wings
Azure Cleric Cape
Back Daddy Smitestick
Backblade of the Prepared
BackBlades Of Vokun
Backbreaker Blade (AC)
Backbreaker Blade (Legend)
Back-strap Electric Guitar
Back-strap Guitar
Bag for the Naughty
Balloon Reindeer Buddy
Banished Brawler Cape
Battle Drones
Battle-worn Dead Knight Cape
Battleworn Fireblade
Beach Towel
Beastmaster of Nulgath Cape
Bejeweled Flame of Destruction
Bestial's Tail (AC)
Bestial's Tail (Legend)
Big Pigasus (Cape)
BitterCrystal Wings
Black Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Black Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Black Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Black Dragon's Wings (AC)
Black Ghost Cape
Black Hole Cape
Black Leopard Tail
Black Turkey Feathers 13
Black Turtle Shell
Blade Warrior Jet Wings
Bladed Boreal Wrap (AC)
Bladed Cape of the Code
BladeMaster Cape
BladeMaster Katana Cape
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (AC)
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (Legend)
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Blaster on your Back
Bleakwind Mantle
Blizzard Runes Cape
Blood Fangs of Nulgath
Blood Hanzo Cape (AC)
Blood Hanzo Cape (Legend)
Blood Hanzo Katana Cape
Blood Leeches of Nulgath
Blooded Protection
Bluddron's Cape
Blue Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Blue Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Blue Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Blue Dragon's Wings (AC)
Blue Giant's Leather Cape
Blue Giftbox Cape
Blue Kirin Parade Cape
Bonechilling Shadows Wrap
Bonefeather Wings of Nulgath
Boombox on your back
Boreal Cavalier Back Shield (AC)
Boreal Hip Blade (AC)
Bounded Bat Broad Blade
Bright Arachna Abdomen
Bright Arachna Legs
Bright Arachna Morph
Bright Draglin Cape
Bright DragonKnight Cape
Bright Legs of Arachna
BRIGHT Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Bright Shadow's Wrap
Bright Wings
BrightGuard's Staff Cape
Brightoak Avenger Wrap
Brightoak Avenger's Aura
Brightoak's Bladed Cape
Brilliant Backblades (1)
Brilliant Backblades (2)
Brilliant Ice Crystal Cape
Brilliant Shoulder Parrot
Brocade and Blood Cloak
BroodFiend Spines
BroodFiend Wrap
Brown Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Brown Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Brown Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Brown Dragon's Wings (AC)
Burning Celestial Wings (AC)
Burning Celestial Wings (Legend)
Burning Flame of Destruction
Burning Sun Shields (Merge)
Burning Sun Shields (Wheel)
BurningJay Wings +5
Candy Claws Wings
Cape of Drowning
Cape of Insanity
Cape of Light
Cape of Red Death
Cape of the Dawn Mage
Cape of the Fallen
Cape of the Infinite
Cape of the Midnight Mage
Cape of Valor
Cape Shaped Gift Box
Cape Shaped Giftbox (AC)
Cape Shaped Giftbox (Non-AC)
Capuchin Cap'n Cape
Carnival Of Love Feathers
Celebration Sparkles
Celestial Avenger Wrap
Celestial Avenger's Aura
Celestial Avenger's Bladed Cape
Celestial Wing of Love
Celestial Wings of Nulgath (AC)
Celestial Wings of Nulgath (Legend)
Ceremonial Plumage
Chained Chaos Wings
Chained Coffin Cape
Champion Of Order Cape
Champion's Bright Wrap
Champion's Mantle
Champion's Sigil (AC)
Champion's Sigil (Legend)
Chaonslaught Fur Cloak
Chaorrupted Cape
Chaorrupted Tome Cape
Chaos Beleen Sparkles
Chaos Giftbox Cape 2017 Mem
Chaos Magus Cloak
Chaos Portal Cape
Chaos Reaper Wingblades
Chaos Runes
Chaos Squid Cape
ChaosWeaver Cape and Spears
ChaosWeaver Knight's Cape
ChaosWeaver's Bladed Cape
Chaotic Cockatoo
Chaotic Spellsword Wings
Chaotic Wings of Nulgath
Charredbones Parrot
Chest Of Booty
Chevalier Wings
Chibi Toxic Bat Wings
Chrono Tripper's Pack
ChronoLord's Shoulder Parrot
Chunin Kanji Cape
Circle of Bones
Circle of Flames Cape
Circle of Flames Ring
Claw of Darkness Cape
Claw of Disease Cape
Claw of Energy Cape
Claw of Fire Cape
Claw of Ice Cape
Claw of Light Cape
Claw of Metal Cape
Claw of Nature Cape
Claw of Poison Cape
Claw of Silver Cape
Claw of Spirit Cape
Claw of Stone Cape
Claw of Water Cape
Claw of Wind Cape
Claw of Wood Cape
Cleric of Time Cape
Cloak and Spears
Cloak of Celestials
Cloak of Dage The Good
Cloak of Dreams
Cloak of Great Divide
Cloak of the Dark
Cloak of the Groveborn
Cloaked Runes of the Fallen
Clockwork Doll Key
Clockwork Doll Key +5
Closed Celestial Sandwings
Closed Lunar Sandwings (AC)
Closed Lunar Sandwings (Legend)
Cloud Rider Twig
ColdSteel Rune
ColdSteel Runed Wrap
ColdSteel Wrap
Collared Gothika Cape
Color-Custom Shield Wings (AC)
Commander's Arachnid Legs (AC)
Cookie Sheet Cape
Creeping Chaos Cape
Creepy Bat Wings
Crimson Archer Quiver
Crimson Scourge Nebula Cape
Crimson Scourge Overlord Rune
Crimson Scourge Rune Nebula Cape
Crossed DoomCaster Katanas
Crossed Dune Blades Cape
Crossed Silver Shotguns
Crossed Swords Cape
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath Wings (AC)
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath Wings (Legend)
Cryomancer's Snowing Wrap
Cryomancer's Wrap
Crystal Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Crystal Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Crystal Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)

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