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Auto updating list of all Rare Capes & Back Items

00-X Dungeoneer's Spare Tools
00-X Excursion Packs
013 CyberSkulls Centipede (AC)
013 CyberSkulls Sheathed Sword (AC)
013 CyberSkulls Shield (AC)
10 Floating Pixels Cape
13th Horror-day Chibifar0 Cape
13th Pirate Captain's Specter (AC)
2 Floating Pigs
2013 Lunar Flare Cape
2013 Lunar Watch Cape
2013 Solar Watch Cape
3 Tail Fandango Fox
7 Tail Fandango Fox
8-Bit Fire Rune
Abaddon Bruiser's Butt
Abaddon Bruiser's Rune
Abaddon Embrace (AC)
Abaddon Spider Legs (AC)
Abomineator Cape
Abyssal BeastMaster's Battlewrap (AC)
Abyssal BeastMaster's Wrap (Non-AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune + Wings (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Rune (AC)
Abyssal Commander's Wings (Legend)
Abyssal Dusk Sigil Wings (AC)
Abyssal Dusk Wings (AC)
Abyssal Flag Cape (AC)
Abyssal Flame Cannon (AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes + Cannon (AC)
Abyssal Flame Runes (AC)
Abyssal Leviathan Cape (AC)
Abyssal Reaver Cape (Non-AC)
Abyssal Reaver Wings (AC)
Abyssal Void Sorceror Sigil (AC)
AC Tagged Cape
Aegis of Light Wings
After-Party Floodlights
Albania Pride Scarf
Albino Peacock Feathers
Albino Vampire Bats
Alchemical Commander's Crossed Weapons (Legend)
Alchemical Commander's Sheathed Sword (Non-AC)
Algeria Pride Scarf
Alien Shoulder Cannon
Alpha Omega Coils (Non-Legend)
Amaranth Burning Flame
Amaranth Wings Of Infinity
Ambassador Cape
Ammonite of Madness (AC)
Ancient DragonSlayer's Jisshi Keitai
Ancient DragonSlayer's Rasen
Ancient Frostsworn Wrap (AC)
Ancient Knight's Back Blade (Non-AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap + Back Blade (AC)
Ancient Knight's Wrap (AC)
Ancient Legionnaire's Cape (Non-AC)
Ancient Legionnaire's Wings (AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Guardian (AC)
Ancient Nightmare's Tentacles (AC)
Angelic Neesha Wings (AC)
Angelic Neesha's Blessed Wings (AC)
Anjelus Wings
Annihilator Of Order Cape
Anomalous Spirit
Anseri Bow Cape
Anseri Destroyer Feathers
Aoi no Hime Wings
Aquatic Runes
Aquatic Warrior's Sphere (AC)
Aquatic Warrior's Waves (AC)
Arara Caos Capa
Araw At Tala Rune Cape
Arcane Dark Caster Bats
Arcane Dark Caster Runes
Arcane Dark Caster Throne
Arcane Light Throne (AC)
Arcane Light Throne Bank (AC)
Arcane Paragon Pet Cape
Arcane Parrot Cape
Arcane Pirate Back Blades
Arch Lich's Blessed Scrolls
Arch Lich's Runes
Arch Lich's Scrolls
Arch Lich's Spears
ArchFiend Judge's Rune (AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Runed Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Judge's Wings (AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Cape (AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune (AC)
ArchFiend Stormbringer Rune Cape (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Cloak (Non-AC)
Archfiend Titan's Furred Cloak (Legend)
Archfiend Titan's Furred Spiked Cloak (AC)
Archfiend Titan's Spikes (Non-AC)
ArchFiend Warlord's Spikes (Non-AC)
ArchFiend Wings of Nulgath
Archfiend's Legacy Cloak (Non-AC)
ArchMage of Nulgath Cape
Arctic Dragonslayer Cloak
Arctic Fox Companion (Legend)
Argentina Pride Scarf
Armenia Pride Scarf
Armored Turdraken Sword on Hip
Arms of Greed
Arms of Greed and Malice
Artifact Hunter Cape (AC)
Artifact Hunter Cape (Merge)
Ascended Aegis of Light Wings
Ascended Bloodletter Backblades (AC)
Ascended Champion Backblades (AC)
Ascended Death Caster Wings (AC)
Ascended Oblivion Backblades (AC)
Ascended Overfiend Backblades (AC)
Ascended Overfiend Backblades (Merge)
Ascended Phoenix Backblades (AC)
Ascended VoidCaster Cape (AC)
Asgardian Knight Cloak (Non-AC)
Assassin Commander Backblades (AC)
Assassin Commander Backblades (Legend)
Assassin of Nulgath Wings (AC)
Assassin of Nulgath Wings (Legend)
Asteroid Rider Memet
Astral Guardian Wings (AC)
Astral Shadow Wings (AC)
Astravian Alchemist's Banners
Astravian Alchemist's Gate
Astravian Alchemist's Holy Light
Astravian Alchemist's Transmuted Sword
Astravian Buccaneer Coat and Blade (AC)
Astravian Buccaneer Coat (Non-AC)
Astravian General Wings
Astravian Mercenary's Back Scythe
Astravian Mercenary's Scabbard
Atramentous Wings
Aura of Shadowscythe
Aura of the Ascended +10
Aurora Summoner's Eternal Aurora (AC)
Aurora Summoner's High Robe (AC)
Aurora Summoner's Rune (AC)
Auroral Wings
Auroran Cryomagus Aura (AC)
Auroran Cryomagus Wings (AC)
Auspicious Arch-Mammona Familiar (AC)
Auspicious Sheath (Non-AC)
Auspicious Sheathed Weapons (Legend)
Australia Pride Scarf
Austria Pride Scarf
Avatar Of Time Blades
Avenger's Arsenal (AC)
Azerbaijan Pride Scarf
Azure Cleric Cape
Baby Noda
Baby Twiggu
Babylon's Glory
Back Axes of Randor
Back Daddy Smitestick
Backblade of the Prepared
BackBlades of Madness
BackBlades Of Vokun
Backbreaker Blade (AC)
Backbreaker Blade (Legend)
Back-strap Electric Guitar
Back-strap Guitar
Backup Arms of Malevolence (AC)
Bag for the Naughty
Bag of Gems Cape (AC)
Bakunawa Guard's Rune Cape
Bakunawa Unleashed
Balloon Reindeer Buddy
Banished Brawler Cape
Barcanist Ring
Baron Sundae Sparkles
Battle Drones
Battle-worn Dead Knight Cape
Battleworn Fireblade
Beach Towel
Beast Summoner Cape
Beast Summoner Rune
Beast Summoner Rune Cape
Beastmaster of Nulgath Cape
Bejeweled Flame of Destruction
Belarus Pride Scarf
Belgium Pride Scarf
Bestial Warlord's Bladed Aura (AC)
Bestial Warlord's Cape (AC)
Bestial Warlord's Winged Cape (AC)
Bestial Warlord's Wings (Non-AC)
Bestial's Tail (AC)
Bestial's Tail (Legend)
Big Pigasus (Cape)
Birthday ArchFish Cape
Birthday Lil' Tendou on your back
BitterCrystal Wings
Black Dragon Ronin's March (AC)
Black Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Black Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Black Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)
Black Dragon's Wings (AC)
Black Dragons' Wings (AC)
Black Ghost Cape
Black Hole Cape
Black Hole Spectrum (Non-AC)
Black Hole Spiral
Black Knight of Nulgath Cloak (AC)
Black Legion Raven Cape (AC)
Black Leopard Tail
Black Sun Bloodletter Deity (AC)
Black Turkey Feathers 13
Black Turtle Shell
BlackSkulls Centipede
BlackSkulls Sheathed Sword
BlackSkulls Shield
Blade Warrior Jet Wings
Bladed Boreal Wrap (AC)
Bladed Cape of the Code
Bladed Cloak Of Eminence (AC)
Bladed Rune of Kheimon (AC)
BladeMaster Cape
BladeMaster Katana Cape
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (AC)
BladeMaster Shuriken Cape (Legend)
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Blaster on your Back
Blazebringer's Flamekin
Blazebringer's Flames
Blazebringer's Runes
Bleakwind Mantle
Blessed Knight Wings
Blizzard Runes Cape
Blood Fangs of Nulgath
Blood Hanzo Cape (AC)
Blood Hanzo Cape (Legend)
Blood Hanzo Katana Cape
Blood Leeches of Nulgath
Bloodbound Tail of Demise (AC)
Blooded Protection
Bloodletter Sacrifice Portal (AC)
Bloodletter Sacrifice Portal (Legend)
Bloodmoon Faerie Double Wings (AC)
Bloodmoon Faerie Double Wings (Legend)
Bloodmoon Faerie Great Wings
Bloodmoon Faerie Scythe Cape
Bloodmoon Faerie Sparkles
Bloodmoon Faerie's Wings
Bluddron's Cape
Blue Dragon's Accoutrements (AC)
Blue Dragon's Parrot Cape (AC)
Blue Dragon's Pirate Tail (AC)

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