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Auto updating list of all Rare Axes

13 Leaf Clover Axe
8-Bit Battleaxe
9001 SHU Keytar
A Rock
Abaddon's Orb Weaver Axe
Abomineator Axe
Absym Axe
Agony Chains
Amethyst Skulls Guitar
Archfiend Dragonlord's Axe
Arc-Lightning Guitar
Artix's Scribble Axe
Ashaan Arch Axe
Automated Axe
Avian Grace
Axe Me Nicely
Axe of Boneshattering
Axe of Frozen Agony
Axe of Light
Axe of Love
Axe of the EbilCorp Knight
Axe of the Evil Eye
Ballooning Light of Destiny
Battle Berimbau
Bio Berserker Axe
Blinding Hurp of Derpity
Blinding LEDestiny
Blinding Light of Deliciousness
Blinding Light of DragonFable
Blinding Pink of Destiny!
Blood Axe of the Underworld
Boarding Axe
Botanical Nightmare
Brisk Wind of Aeolus
Bronze Crusher
Burning Light Of Destruction
Celestial Sand Axe
Cerise Crown Axe
Chainbreaker Axe (AC)
Chainbreaker Axe (Legend)
Champion's Gilded Axe
Chaos Naval Guitar
Chrono Naval Guitar
Clover Axe
Corrupt Nightbranch
Crescent Axe
Crimson Knight Commander Axe
Cryo Troll Axe
Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island
Cursed Skulls Guitar
Dark Botanical Nightmare
Dark Double Axe Blade
Dark Knight Commander Axe
Dire Wolf's Fang Axe
Dragon Axe
Dread Axe of Destruction
Dried Blood Skulls Guitar
Druidic Defense Staff
Electric Thunder
Emeraldium Axe
Enchanted Void Axe
Enchanted Void Dual-Bladed Axe
Evolved Warlord Axe
Fabled Love of Destiny
Fallenfire Axe
Flaming Naval Guitar
Formal Light of Destiny
Furious Dragon Guitar
Galaxy Naval Guitar
Giant VoidWarlord Axe
Gilded Ram Axe
Half-Off Light of Destiny
Heart Naval Guitar
Heartstone Axe
Hoarfrost Hatchet
Horror's Cleaver
IceBreaker Axe
Icy Naval Guitar
Lavastorm Lord Scythe
Legion Light of Destiny Axe
Legion Naval Guitar
Legion Skull Collector
Lich Slayer
Life Giver Axe
Light of Digital Destiny
Lovely Axe
Maraud of the Minotaur (Axe) (AC)
Maraud of the Minotaur (Axe) (Legend)
Mikey's Axe
Mudluk Metal Axe
Mudluk Monster Axe
Mystery Moon Axe
Nightmare Axe
Nightshock Axe
Northlands Defender Axe
Obsidian Paladin Naval Axe
Octopus Guitar
One Eyed Axe
One-Eyed Axe of Agony
Orc's Axe
Phoenix Temper and Revenge
Platinum Axe of Destiny
Platinum Naval Guitar
Prismatic Axe of Boneshattering
Prismatic Soul Render
Prismatic War Axe
Prized Tomahawk of the Revered
Pumpkin Spice of Destiny (Axe)
Purified Axe of Nulgath
Red Double Axe Blade
Red Naval Guitar
Rotting Naval Guitar
Rx for Destruction
Scorched Ice Axe
Seraph's Axe
Shadow Dragon's Cleaver
Shadowed Axe of Corruption
ShadowReaper Of Doom (Rare)
Shadowsmoke Claymore
Shatterglass Mace
SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath (Axe)
Skulls and Doom Guitar
Slaughter's Slicer
Soulborne Axe
TechnoEdge Axe
The Great Divider
This Might Be an Axe
Tracker Axe
Trophy Taker
Ultima Geoda
Undead Assault Axe (Axe)
Undead Glow Guitar
Undead Infantry Axe
Undead Slasher Axe
Void Overlord's Axe
Void Overlord's Dual-Bladed Axe
VoidWarlord of Nulgath Axe (1)
Voltaire's Guitar (Axe)
Vorutanian Key Blade
Wraith Axe

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