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Auto updating list of all Rare Armors

Roaming Spacer
Robed Evolved Legion Vampire (Merge)
Robot Parade Chassis
Rocker Hoodie
Rogue Fiend of Nulgath (AC)
Rogue Fiend of Nulgath (Legend)
Romantic Heart
Root of Chaos
Rosy Royal Wedding Garb (AC)
Rosy Royal Wedding Garb (Legend)
Rotting Naval Commander
Rouge Armor
Rouge Lord and Lady
Royal Arachna Robes
Royal BattleMage (Armor)
Royal Centurion
Royal Vampire Guard
Royal Vampire Lord (Armor) (AC)
Royal Vampire Lord (Armor) (Merge)
Royal Vampire Renegade (AC)
Royal Wedding (Armor)
Royalty of the Dunes
Ruler of Darkness Armor
Rune Thief
Sage of Revontheus
Sailor Mate
Sakura Cryomancer (Armor)
Sakura Dragon Spirit
Sakura Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Sakura Kimono
Sakura Sorceress
Samurai Lagomorph
Sand Bandit
Sand Golem
Sandsea Enchanter (Legend)
SandSea Guardian
SandStalker (Armor)
Sanguine Vampire (AC)
Sanguine Vampire (Legend)
Savage SantaClaws
Savior of Lore
Scarletta Of Shadows (AC)
Scorpion Warriors
Scourge Overlord (AC)
Scourge Overlord (Legend)
Scrooged Warrior
Sea King Pirate Captain (AC)
Second Armor Shaped Gift
Seraph Armor
Seraphic Gunslinger (AC)
Seraphic Gunslinger (Legend)
Seraphic SoulWeaver
Serpent Warrior
Shades of Chaos
Shadow Beastmaster Of Nulgath
Shadow Blade Shinobi
Shadow Conquest
Shadow Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Shadow Hanzo Void
Shadow Hex of Nulgath (AC)
Shadow Hunter Suit
Shadow Jester (1)
Shadow LichLord (Armor)
Shadow Made
Shadow Nightmare J6 (AC)
Shadow Nightmare J6 (Legend)
Shadow Oathkeeper
Shadow of Nulgath (Rare)
Shadow of the Beast
Shadow of the Frostval
Shadow of the Legion
Shadow Pirate
Shadow Pyromancer
Shadow Slasher Armor
Shadow SoulWeaver
Shadow Stalker
Shadow Switch Vaal and Vayle
Shadow Switch Valtrith And Safiria
Shadow Void of Nulgath (AC)
Shadow Void of Nulgath (Legend)
Shadow Void Shogun
Shadow ZombieSlayer Armor
Shadowcraft Dark Gunner
Shadowed Berserker
Shadowed Dark Caster (AC)
Shadowed Dark Caster (Merge)
Shadowed Dark Gunner (AC)
Shadowed Dark Gunner (Merge)
ShadowFlame DragonLord (Armor)
ShadowFlame DragonSlayer (AC)
Shadowmage Assassin
Shadow's Light
Shadowscythe Assassin
ShadowScythe Dragonlord
ShadowScythe Pirate Captain (AC)
Shadowscythe Reaver (2)
ShadowScythe Seer
Shadowscythe Surfer
ShadowSnow Warrior
Shadowy Dark Gunner
Sharkless Pirate Angler
Shielded Centurion Armor
Shining Champion
Shinobi Senshi (AC)
Shinobi Senshi (Legend)
Shipwrecked Pirate Captain (AC)
Silent Wanderer
Silent Water
Silver Azurite Armor
Silver Iron Warrior
Silver Party Outfit
Silver Rainment of the Black Dragon
Sinister Shadow Sorcerer
Sir Roderick (Armor)
Sky Frost Armor
Skyguard Uniform
Snow Leopard Skinwalker
Snowborn Fae (AC)
Snowman Armor
Solar Naval Commander
Solrac Legacy
Solrac V2
Sorcerer Armor
Soul Harvester
Souleater Warrior
Space Marine (AC)
Space Marine (Legend)
Sparkling Royalty
Spartan Warrior
Spearhead Mech
Special Infantry Legion
Spellsword of Light
Spider Witch (AC)
Spider Witch (Legend)
Spiders & Sorcery
Spiked Rebel
Spirit Harvester
Splitfang Mage
Sponzard Slayer
Spot On Werejaguar
Squire of Heartfelt Sighs
StarBlade Master
Steamed Punk
SteamGear Armor
Steampunk Clawsuit
SteamPunk Pirate Captain
Steampunk Valentine
Stinky Cheese Suit (AC)
Stinky Cheese Suit (Legend)
Stone Guardian
Straight Jacket
Sub-Zero Berserker
Summer Scarletta and Vaden
Summer Xeven and Sekt
Sun Lord and Lady (Merge)
Sun Lord and Lady (Wheel)
Super Kathool Morph
Super Rich Buttermancer
Supernova Fortress Guard (AC)
Supernova Fortress Guard (Legend)
Supreme Shadowscythe Inquisitor
Swanky Enchanted Suit
Sweetish Fish Suit
Swim Suit
Swordhaven Defender
Swordhaven Pirate Captain (AC)
Techno ArchFiend DoomLord (AC)
Techno SkyGuard Captain's Uniform (AC)
Technomancer Armor
Techtronic ArchPaladin
Techtronic Biker (AC)
Techtronic Biker (Legend)
Tempest Armor
Tempest (Armor)
The Butcher (Armor)
The Dark Doctor When
The Dark Sun
The DracoPlate
The Dryad
The Fallen Mage
The Fiending
The First Fallen
The First Risen
The Giant Red Dwarf
The Judged
The Light Seekers
The Loop Armor
The Neverborn (Armor) (1)
The Order of Seeker
The Red and Depraved
The Shade of Humanity
The Spawn
The Ultimate Horror
The Unhinged
The Unholy of Vokun
Think Pink Cheerleader
Third Armor Shaped Gift
Thorn of Nulgath (Legend)
ThunderBolt Striker
Tiki Fun
Tiki Nightmare
Timber-Wolferine Declawed
Tinsel's Armor Gift
Tinsel's Second Armor Gift
Titan Attendant
Titan Slayer
Tombstone Armor
Too-Slow Slayer
Totally Pink Moglin Morph
Toxic Alchemist
Toxic Diviner
Toxic Fiend of Nulgath
Toxic Naval Commander (AC)
Toxic Swank Armor
Toxica Armor
Transcendent of Tercessuinotlim (AC)
Troll Marksman
Trollish High Mage
Troubador of Love (Armor)
T-Shirt & Tats Outfit
Tundra Hunter
Tundra Stalker (Armor)
Turdraken Hunter
Turdraken Slayer
Twilly Shirt
Ugliest Christmas Sweater
Ultimate Chaos Destroyer
Ultra OmniKnight Armor (Merge)
Ultra Revenger
Unchained Ascended Voidcaster (AC)
Undead Assault Infantry
Undead Baron Sundae Armor
Undead Bride and Groom
Undead Infantry (Armor)
Undead Legion Naval Commander
Undead Minion Rebel

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