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Auto updating list of all Rare Armors

Malevolent Harbinger
Man of Steal (AC)
Man of Steal (Legend)
Manticore Assassin
Mark of the Warrior
Masque of Red Death (AC)
Masque of Red Death (Legend)
Master Of Memes
Master Punk
Matrix Hanzo Void (AC)
Matrix Hanzo Void (Legend)
Maugs Slayer
Maximillian Armor
Mecha Defender (Armor)
Mechachillid Armor
Mechanical Naval Commander
MechFiend of Nulgath
MegaDead Morph Armor
Melon Harbinger (AC)
Memet Kigu (AC)
Memet Kigu (Legend)
Mennacing Armor
Midnight Archmage
Midnight Hanzo Void (AC)
Midnight Hanzo Void (Legend)
Midnight Northlands Ranger (AC)
Midnight Nutcracker (AC)
Midnight Nutcracker (Legend)
Midnight Sand Golem
Miners Team (1)
Minotaur of War! (AC)
Minotaur of War! (Legend)
Minotaur Slayer
Mirror Drakath (Armor)
Mirrored Wellmet Baron and Baroness
Missile-Toe Mech
MockingSlayer (AC)
MockingSlayer (Legend)
Moglin Defender
MogliTech (AC)
MogliTech (Legend)
Monster BladeMaster Armor
Moonstone Cultist
Mortality of Revontheus
Muenster Monsters Team
Mystcroft Witch
Mystic Adventurer
Mystic Underworld Warrior (AC)
Mystic Witch Caster
Mystical Ascended SoulWeaver
Mystical Beast Master
Mystical Ice Acolyte
Mystical SoulWeaver Prime
Mystical Warrior
Nation Jolly Roger (AC)
Natural Druid (AC)
Natural Druid (Legend)
Nautican Knight
Naval Commander (Armor)
Navel Commander
Nax's Robes
Necro Paragon (AC)
Necro Snake Armor
Necromancer Fiend (AC)
Necromancer Fiend (Legend)
Necronaut (Armor)
Necronus Redeemer
Necrotic Naval Commander (AC)
NeoFiend of Revontheus
Nerdly Royalty
Nevanna Armor
Nightborn Drak
Nightmare ClawSuit
Nightmare Hunter
Nightmare Plate
Ninja Disciple Armor
Noble Arcanist
Noble Courtier
Noble Wedding Garb
Northern Aura
Northern Aurora (AC)
Northern Aurora (Legend)
Northern Twilight (AC)
Northern Twilight (Legend)
Northland Slasher
Northlands Giftbox Armor 2017
Northlands Monk Armor (AC)
Northlands Necromancer (AC)
Nugget Man Suit
Nulgath (AC)
Nulgath (Legend)
Nulgathinator 9000
Nulgath's Paladin of Souls (AC)
Nulgath's Shielded Paladin of Souls (AC)
Nully Claws (Armor) (AC)
Nully Claws (Armor) (Legend)
Oathbreaker Pirate
Obsidia Necromancer (Armor) (AC)
Obsidian BladeMaster (AC)
Obsidian BladeMaster (Merge)
Obsidian Grovebreaker Armor
Obsidian Legion Vampire
Obsidian Naval Commander
Obsidian Peasant
Obsidian Pirate Mage
Obsidian Sorceress
Oceanic TreasureHunter
Omega Alchemist
Omega Pirate (Armor)
Omniramis WingMaster
One-Eyed Warrior
Oni to Kijo (AC)
Oni to Kijo (Legend)
Onyx Cleric Of Time
Onyx DOOMFire Warlord (AC)
Onyx DOOMFire Warlord (Legend)
Onyx Legion Vampire (AC)
Onyx Legion Vampire (Merge)
Onyx Naval Commander (AC)
Orange Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Orca Jersey
OS Founder Knight
Overclocked CyberVoid
Oversoul Minion
Painadin Overlord (Armor)
Paladin Commander
Paladin Disciple Armor
Paladin Naval Commander
Paragon Mk 3017 (Armor)
Paragon Naval Commander (1)
Paragon Naval Commander (2)
Paragon Of LED Lights (AC)
Paragon of Love
Paragon Plate
Particle Armor
Party Attire
Passaro de Fogo
Passion of the Onslaught
Pastel Skyguard Captain (AC)
Pastel Skyguard Captain (Legend)
Penance (Armor)
Pepto Spectro
Pepto Zombie Villager
Performing UBear
PermaFrost Legionaire
PermaFrost Sapiens
Petrified Fiend (AC)
Phoenix Arcanist
Pink Bellhop Minion
Pink Data Runner
Pink Entity
Pink Formal Dark Caster
Pink Undead Warrior
Pink Zombie Villager
Pinkality of Nulgath
Pinkites Symbiote
PinkScar Rocker
Pirate Angler
Pirate Captain (Armor)
Pirate Disciple Armor
Pirate Ninja
Pirut SlayR
Plasma Pyro (AC)
Plasma Pyro (Legend)
Plate Of Holiness
Plate Of Hope
Plate of The Fallen
Plate Of The Garnet Dragon (AC)
Plate Of The Garnet Dragon (Legend)
Plate Of Unholiness
Platinum Eternal Champion (AC)
Platinum Eternal Champion (Legend)
Platinum Naval Commander
Playa's Bling
Poisonous Jester
Pony Fett
Pony Maul
Pony Trooper Rainbow
Pony Vader
Pony Wan Kenobi
Pretty in Pink DoomKnight
Pretty Sailor Mate
Priest of the Black Sun
Priest of the Ignited Ones
Primal Wraith
Prime Corrupted Paragon Plate (AC)
Prisma Pop (AC)
Prisma Pop (Legend)
Prismatic BabyDoll Slayer
Prismatic Chaotic Evil Knight
Prismatic Chiton
Prismatic Cloud Rider
Prismatic Composer Armor
Prismatic Draconian
Prismatic Dragonrune Mage
Prismatic Dunestalker
Prismatic Elementalist
Prismatic Elf
Prismatic Evolved DragonSlayer
Prismatic Galactic Mech
Prismatic Giant Dwarf
Prismatic Kahn of Dragons Barbarian
Prismatic Luchadwarf
Prismatic Lucky Rogue
Prismatic Maugs Slayer
Prismatic Neon Shadow (AC)
Prismatic Neon Shadow (Legend)
Prismatic Paragon Plate
Prismatic Rainbowtheus Armor
Prismatic SnowStalker
Prismatic Techno Vampire (AC)
Prismatic Thorn of Nulgath (AC)
Prismatic WardKeeper's Armor
Prismatic Water Snake
Proper Victorian Garb
ProtoBlaster Armor
ProtoParagon X1
Pumpkin Paragon
Purified SoulBinder
Purple Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Pyritic Dragoon
Pyroclastic Naval Commander (AC)
Pyromancer Evolution (AC)
Pyromancer Evolution (Legend)
Pyrrhic Alien
Quest Reward Reconstructor1337
Ra Armor
Radioactive PumpkinLord
Rampage Blademaster (AC)
Rampage Blademaster (Legend)
Raptor Rider (Armor)
Rare DeathHunter Armor (AC)
Rare DeathHunter Armor (Legend)
Rare Warrior
Ravager Armor
Raven King & Queen (AC)
Raven King & Queen (Legend)

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