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Auto updating list of all Rare Armors

Evolved Warlord of Nulgath
ExoSkeletal Warrior (AC)
ExoSkeletal Warrior (Legend)
Exosuit Binoku
Faceless Knight
Fae (Armor)
Fallen Amadis
Fallen Champion
Fallen Frostspawn Warrior
Fallen Guardian
Fallen Shaman Warrior
Fallen Warlord
FallenFire Mage
Fancy Awards Show Tux
Faraday Suit
Fat Panda
Fear's Garb
Fenrir Legion Armor
Festa das Cores (AC)
Festa das Cores (Legend)
Festive Brutalcorn
Festive Cheer Suit
Festive Snowman
Festive Symbiote
Fieldy's Outfit
Fiend of Love
Fiend of Nulgath (Rare)
Fiendish DoomKnight
Fierce Pie-Rate
Fiery Fenix Plume (AC)
Fiery Fenix Plume (Legend)
Final's Evolved Exo Suit
Fire Blaze Fènnù de Hóuzi
Fire Dancer (Armor)
Fire Elemental (Armor)
Fire Fènnù de Hóuzi
Fire Lord
Fire Ring
Firebird Carnaval Armor
Fireproof Suit
Firestorm Knight (Armor)
First Armor Shaped Gift
Flintfang Armor (1)
Flintfang Armor (2)
Forest Destroyer
Forest Spirit (Armor)
Forgotten Naval Commander (AC)
Formal Chiton 2014
Formal Mage Robes
Formal Vigilante (Legend)
Formal Vigilante (Non-Legend)
Formal Void Warrior
Fortunate Holiday Paragon Plate
Frank Armor
Frevo Carnaval Armor
Frost Knight
Frost Legion Nightmare Armor
Frost Ninja
Frost Rammer
Frost Royalty 12
Frost Void of Nulgath
Frostborne Armor (AC)
Frostbringer Mage
Frostfur Claws
Frostguard Commander
Frostsworn Emperor (AC)
Frostval Deer Suit
Frostval Fiend
Frostvale Envoy
Frozen Dawn Battlemage
Frozen Royalty
Frozen Soul Knight
Furry Symbiote
Fyreborn TigerMaster (AC)
Fyreborn TigerMaster Guard armor (AC)
Galactic Mage
Galactic Naval Commander
Galleon Crewmember
Garth Maul
Genesis of Revontheus
Ghostly Naval Commander (AC)
Ghost's Wanderer Gear
GI J6 (Armor)
Giant Warrior
Giftbox Armor
Giftbox (Armor)
Giftbox Armor 2015
Giftbox Armor 2016 (1)
Giftbox Armor 2016 (2)
Giftbox Armor 2017
Giftbox Armor 2018 (1)
Gilded Champion
Gilded Cupid's Toga
Gilded Magistrate
Gilded Naval Commander (AC)
Gjappy's Celestial Armor
Glacial Berserker (Armor) (AC)
Glacial Destroyer
Glacial Summoner
Glacial Walker
Glacial Warlord Armor (AC)
Gladiator Powerhouse
Glorified Spellsword of Light
Glory Of Aranx
GMO Brutalcorn
Goddess of Love
Godmode GamerArmor
Gold and Roses (AC)
Gold and Roses (Legend)
Gold Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Gold Rainment of the Black Dragon
Golden Centurion Armor
Golden Defiance Armor
Golden Firestorm Knight
Golden Naval Commander (AC)
Golden Pirate Captain
Golden Reconstructor1337
Golden Symbiote
Golden Warrior (Armor)
Golden Warrior of Flame
Golden Wedding Guest
Golden Yang Armor
Gothic Pirate Captain
Gothika Vogue
Gravefang Armor
Green Dragon Armor (Non-AC)
Green Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Green Kirin Parade Costume
Green Wedding Guest
Grimlord of Nulgath
Groundforce Uniform
Guard of Vokun
Guardian o' Sláinte
Guardian of Darkness
Guardian of Light
Guardian Of Love
Guardian Vokun
Guardians of the Moon
Guerreiro Alegre
Guncraft Naval Commander (AC)
Gunslinger From The West
Gymnast Gear
Hamster Server
Hard Rocker
Hate Weaver
Hazardous BioBeast Morph
Head's Outfit
Heavy Metal Necromancer
Hedgie Kigu
Hei Gong Ji (AC)
Hei Gong Ji (Legend)
Hero of Sponsors
Hero of Steel (Armor) (AC)
Hero of Steel (Armor) (Legend)
Heroic ZombieSlayer Armor
High Mage
Hobo Highlord (Armor)
Holiday Enforcer
Holly Jolly Elf
Honor Battle Guard
Honor Guard
Honor of Onslaught
Honorbound Darkblood
Horc Deathmonger
HorcCraft Commander
Hydra Hunter
Ice Beast
Ice Giant (Armor)
Ice King
Ice Lord Guardian Armor
Ice Rogue
Ice Symbiote (Armor)
Ice Warrior
IceBreaker Warrior
Iced Jester
IceStorm Eagle Rider (AC)
IceTen Space Armor
Icy Claws Suit (AC)
Icy Claws Suit (Legend)
Icy Naval Commander
Igneus Assassin
Imperial Lightscythe
Incarnation Of Madness
Infernal Cyber Doomknight
Infernal Grim Stalker
Infernal Warrior (Armor) (1)
Infernalfiend of Nulgath
Inferno Dragon Warrior
Interfector Deorum
Inverted Pirate Captain
Ionized Armor
J5 Motorcycle
J6 Astronaut
J6 Astronaut MK II
J6 Motorcycle
J6 Space Commander
JD's Outfit
Jester of Torture-You-Ga
Jester Outfit
Jingling Armor Giftbox 12
Jolly Frostval Attire
Jolly SnowStalker
Jungle Assassin Commander
Jurassic Raptor Rider
Justice Warrior
Kahn of Dragons Barbarian
Kaiju Naval Commander (Armor)
Kaiju Pirate Captain
Kakarotting Zombie
Karma Army
Kathool Adept
Kezeroth the Worldsaver (AC)
Kezeroth the Worldsaver (Legend)
Kezeroth's Armor 13 (Rare)
King Klunk Follower
Kirin's Avatar
Kitsune Commander (AC)
Knight of Love
Knight of the Leviasea
Knight Terror
Laken Adherent
Laken Armor
Laken the Evil (AC)
Laken the Evil (Legend)
LaRosa Toga
Late-Afternoon Wolfy
Lavamancer Blaster
Legacy of Nulgath
Legendary Bride and Groom
Legendary Chaos Destroyer
Legendary Chaos Healer
Legendary Chaos Mage
Legendary Chaos Rogue
Legendary Chaos Warrior
Legendary Darker Fiend
Legendary Dragon Spirit
Legendary Frostguard Commander
Legion Arcane Dark Caster
Legion Blacksmith (Armor)

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