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Auto updating list of all Rare Armors

Clockwork Doll (Legend)
Cloverfield Stalker
Cobalt Iron Warrior
Code of the Origins
Cold Playa
ColdSteel Guardian
Collared Fiend
Colorful ChickencowMancer
Colorful Claws Suit
Composer Armor
Concert Glow Armor
Concert Hoodie Outfit
Coolest Summer Suit
Copper Rainment of the Black Dragon
Cor Mortis Champion
Core Manipulator
Corpse Knight
Corrupt Sentinel
Corruption of Aranx
Courage Armor
Court Finery
Court of Huangdi
Coward Armor
Creepy Cutthroat
Cretaceous Champion
Crimson Archer
Crimson Captain (AC)
Crimson Crewmember (AC)
Crimson Destructor1337
Crimson Fiend
Crimson Glory Mage
Crimson Naval Commander (AC)
Crimson Scourge Overlord
Crimson Wrath
Crocadile Dundoo
Cruise Captain
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath (AC)
Cryo Assassin of Nulgath (Legend)
Cryostorm Crusader (AC)
Cryostorm Troll
Crypto Creator
Crystal Dragonborn Naval Commander (AC)
Crystal Singer
Crystallis Heart of Kotaro
Cupid Avenger (AC)
Cupid Avenger (Legend)
Cupid Avenger (Rare)
Cursed Jolly Roger (AC)
Cursed Naval Commander
Cursed Pirate Captain
Custom Dragarian
Custom Reconstructor1337
Cyber Assassin
Cyber Blood of Nulgath (AC)
Cyber Blood of Nulgath (Legend)
Cyber Doomknight (AC)
Cyber Doomknight (Legend)
Cyber Dryad
Cyber Grimlord (AC)
Cyber Healer
Cyber Legion DoomKnight Armor (AC)
Cyber Legion DoomKnight Armor (Merge)
Cyber Mage
Cyber Paladin (AC)
Cyber Paladin (Legend)
Cyber Peasant
Cyber Rogue
Cyber Straightjacket
Cyber Warrior
CyberCaster Armor
CyberFiend (AC)
CyberFiend (Legend)
Cyberg Rider (AC)
Cyberg Rider (Legend)
Cyclops Rock Armor
Cysero The Weaponbreaker
Cysero's Wedding Garb
Cysero's Wedding Guest
Dage DeathKnight
Dage The Good (Armor)
Dage x Faith Wedding Outfit
Damaged Cyber Peasant
Daring Victorian Garb
Dark Arachnomancer
Dark Assassin Commander
Dark Auriladae
Dark Blood of Nulgath (AC)
Dark Blood of Nulgath (Legend)
Dark Bones
Dark Caster (Armor)
Dark Caster X
Dark Chaos Berserker Armor
Dark CrownsGuard Suit
Dark Dandy (AC)
Dark Dandy (Legend)
Dark Denim Destroyer
Dark Disco
Dark Dracomancer Morph
Dark Dragon Defender
Dark Dreadhaven General (AC)
Dark Dreadhaven General (Legend)
Dark Druid Armor
Dark ExoSuit
Dark Fiend Of Nulgath (AC)
Dark Frost Ninja
Dark Gymnast Gear
Dark Harbinger Armor (AC)
Dark Heart Armor
Dark Heartbreaker
Dark Iced Jester
Dark Knight of Vokun
Dark Legion Guard (AC)
Dark Legion Guard (Merge)
Dark Legion Vampire
Dark Lionfang
Dark Masquerade
Dark Metal Necromancer
Dark Mime
Dark Noble Garb
Dark Nosferatu (AC)
Dark Phoenix Plate (AC)
Dark Phoenix Plate (Legend)
Dark Phoenix Rising
Dark Raven Shifter
Dark Rock Warrior (AC)
Dark Rocker
Dark Romantic
Dark Shadowscythe Shirt
Dark ShadowSlayer A (AC)
Dark ShadowSlayer A (Legend)
Dark ShadowSlayer Z (AC)
Dark ShadowSlayer Z (Legend)
Dark Skyguard Uniform
Dark Snuggle Bear
Dark Sorcerer
Dark Sorceress
Dark Stalker (2)
Dark Thief Armor
Dark TideWalker (AC)
Dark Undead Assassin
Dark UndeadSlayer
Dark Void Of Revontheus
Dark Water Lord +10
Darkblood Assassin
Darkblood Eviscerator
Darkblood Paragon Knight
DarkCaster Evolution
Darker Fiend
Darker Side of the Crescent
Darkest Caster Evolution (AC)
Darkside Trooper
Dawn Archmage
Dead Knight
Deadly Jester (AC)
Deadly Jester (Legend)
Deadly Krampus (AC)
Deadly Krampus (Legend)
Deadman Ghoul (AC)
Deadman Ghoul (Legend)
Death Caster (AC)
Death Dealer
Death Stalker (AC)
Death Stalker (Rare)
DeathBlood Warrior (AC)
DeathBlood Warrior (Legend)
Deathfiend of Nulgath
DeathKnight Blood Lord
Deathless Caster
DeathRider (AC)
Death's Custom Apprentice
Deep Miner
Derp Zombie
Desaturated Paintball Uniform
Descended Amadis
Devourer Of Souls (Armor) (AC)
Diamond Dueler
Digital Dark Caster Armor
Digital DOOMKnight
Digital Duality of Nulgath
Dilligaf Armor
Dirge Armor
Doctor Hue
Doctor What
Doctor Why (AC)
Doctor Why (Legend)
Doom Chaos Symbiote
Doom Disciple Armor
Doom Exosuit Binoku (2)
Doom Holiday Paragon Plate
Doom Lord Vaal and Vayle (Non-Legend)
Doom Lord Valtrith and Safiria
Doom Midknightgown
Doom Necronaut
Doom of Lore
Doom Phoenix Plate
DOOM Pumpkin Lord
DoomBringer (Armor)
Doomed Deckstalker
DoomKnight DoomCaster
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Doomlight Highlord
DoomLord Sepulchure
Dr. When
Dr. Why
Draconic Acolyte
Draconic Oracle
Dragon Disciple Armor
Dragon Hunter (Armor)
Dragon Khan Rider
Dragon Priests
Dragon Rider
Dragon Shinobi Armor (AC)
Dragon Shinobi Armor (Merge)
Dragon Stormrunner
Dragon Tamer of Tercessuinotlim (AC)
Dragonbone Necromancer
DragonFable's Blue Mage
DragonFiend Rider
DragonKing Warrior
Dragonwarrior of the Dark
Dravir Armor
Dreadful Victorian Garb
Dreadhaven Knight +5
Dream Plate
Drow Marshal
Druid Warrior
Duality of Nulgath
Ducky Naval Commander (AC)
Ducky Naval Commander (Legend)
Dungeon Destroyer (AC)
Dungeon Destroyer (Legend)
Dynasty Warrior
Earth Ring
Earth Weilder
Ebil Animatronic Armor

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