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Auto updating list of all Rare Armors

2013 Moon Warrior
2013 Sun Warrior
2082 Armor
8 Track Flashback Armor
8-Bit Mage
8-Bit Rogue
8-Bit Warrior
9J Outfit
A Hunter on the Rise
Abomineator Armor (AC)
Abomineator Armor (Legend)
Abyssal CryptKeeper (Armor)
Abyssal Legionnaire (AC)
Abyssal Legionnaire (Legend)
Abyssal Wanderer (AC)
Abyssal Wanderer (Legend)
Adorable Nemesis
Agent of Chaos
Agility Racer
Amaranth Gate Keeper
Ancient Cryomancer
Ancient CryptKeeper (Armor)
Angel Avengers Team
Annihilator Of Order
Anseri Destroyer
Apocalyptic Conquerer
Apocalyptic DeathBringer
Apocalyptic Plunderer
Apocalyptic Warlord
Aqueduct Conjurer
AQW Golden Destiny Armor
Arcane CryptKeeper (Armor)
Arcane Dark Caster Armor (AC)
Arcane Dark Caster Armor (Merge)
Arcane Hex of Nulgath (Rare)
Arcane Pirate Captain
Arch Vaxen Loremaster
ArchAngel Nulgath (Armor)
ArchAngel's Defender
ArchBeing Nulgath
Archfiend Armor
Archfiend Genisis
ArchFiend Loyalist (Armor)
ArchFiend's Bloodcaller (AC)
ArchFiend's Bloodcaller (Legend)
ArchFiend's Bloodkeeper
ArchMage's Rage
Arctic Dragonslayer
Armadura da Pátria
Armored Extraterrene
Armored Turdraken Slayer
Armor-Shaped Giftbox
Armor-shaped Present
Artifact Hunter (Armor) (AC)
Artifact Hunter (Armor) (Merge)
Artix Panel Survivor
Ascended DarkCaster
Ascent To Protect
Assassin Commander (AC)
Assassin Commander (Legend)
Assassin of Nulgath (AC)
Assassin of Nulgath (Legend)
Assassin of Resolution
Assault Gear
Astral Guardian (AC)
Astral Guardian (Special)
Astral Star Captain
Astral Wanderer (AC)
Astral Wanderer (Special)
Astromancer Mage
Aurus Via Armor
AUS Rugby Armor
Avatar of Spirits
Avatar Of Time
Avis Magi
Azul Forest Warrior
Azure Cleric Of Time
Azure Dragonknight
BabyDoll Slayer
Bad Romancer
Bandit (Armor)
Banished Brawler
Baron Sunday (Armor)
Bat Vigilante
Battle Bride and Groom
Battle Frost King and Queen
Battle Q-Pid
Battle Sassafras 12 (Rare)
Battle Track Suit
BattleLord of Ravens (Armor)
BattleMage of Love Armor
Battleon Battlemage
Battleworn Skyguard Uniform
Beach Bumdead Armor
Bears Jersey
Beast from Below
BitterCrystal Mage Robes
Black Caster
Black Death of the Legion
Black Diamond Bling Armor
Black Gold Reigns
Black Hole of Despair
Black Leopard Skinwalker
Black Tailcoat (AC)
Black Tailcoat (Legend)
Black Zenobyte
Blacktagonal Knight
Blade Warrior
BladeLord Of Vokun
BladeMaster Armor
BladeMaster Assassin (Armor) (AC)
BladeMaster Assassin (Armor) (Merge)
Blazing Naval Commander
Bleakwind Rogue
Blinding Sapphire Star Mage (AC)
Blinding Sapphire Star Mage (Legend)
Blood & Roses (AC)
Blood & Roses (Legend)
Blood Fiend of Nulgath
Blood Hanzo Void (AC)
Blood Hanzo Void (Legend)
Blood Hawk Team
Blood Lord Plate (AC)
Blood Lord Plate (Legend)
Blood of Cerberus (Armor)
Blood of Nulgath (Rare) (AC)
Blood of Nulgath (Rare) (Non-AC)
Blood Samurai
Blood Sorcerer
Blooded Commander of Cerberus
Bluddron and Shield
Bluddron Morph
Bluddron's Legend Morph
Blue Dragon Khan Rider
Blue Giant Warrior
Blue Giftbox Armor
Blue Kirin Parade Costume
Blue Undead Legend
Blue Unicorn Crooner
Blue Wedding Guest
Blunder Buster
Bone Crusher Soldier (AC)
Bone Crusher Soldier (Legend)
Boneious Magus
BoogieMan Armor
Bot of Bolts and Clanks
Bountiful Bride and Groom
Bright Arachnomancer
Bright Gryphon Rider
Bright Paladin's Gryphon
Bright Robes of Arachna
BrightFall Commander (Armor)
Brightoak Avenger Armor
Brilliant Naval Commander
Brilliant Sorceress
Broncolich Away Gear
Broncolich Fantasy Gear
Broncoliches Logo Gear
Broodfiend of Nulgath
Brotherhood of Skulls
Brutalcorn (Armor)
Bubblegum Scallywag
Bug Hunter
Bump In The Night
Burning Challenger
Burnt Phoenix Rising
Buttermancer (Armor)
Cake Armor
Camo Paintball Uniform
Captain Lore (Armor)
Captain of the Black Crusader
Carbon Iron Warrior
CardClasher (Armor)
Carnage Voids of Nulgath
Carnaval After Dark Armor
Carnaval Ceremonial Outfit
Castle Crusher
Celestial Avenger Armor
Celestial Chevalier (AC)
Celestial Chevalier (Legend)
Celestial Guardian (AC)
Celestial Guardian (Legend)
Celestial Love Commander
Celestial Sandknight
Celestine Armor
Celtic Disaster
Centaur Lord
Centroavante Armor
Ceremonial Jade Samurai
Ceremonial Legion Armor (AC)
Ceremonial Legion Armor (Legend)
Ceremonial Nation Armor (AC)
Ceremonial Nation Armor (Legend)
Ceremonial Seraph Armor (AC)
Ceremonial Seraph Armor (Legend)
Cerise Dragon Spirit
Cerulean Dragon Spirit
Chained Chaos
Champion Of Light (Armor)
Champion Of Order
Chaonslaught Warrior (Armor)
Chaos Cannoneer
Chaos Champion Prime (Armor)
Chaos Claws Suit
Chaos Conqueror (Armor)
Chaos Doom Robe
Chaos Healer (Armor)
Chaos Hunter (2)
Chaos Mage (Armor) (1)
Chaos Mage (Armor) (2)
Chaos Magus
Chaos Mountain Breaker
Chaos Naval Commander
Chaos Paragon (Armor)
Chaos Reaper
Chaos Rogue (1)
Chaos Symbiote Armor
Chaos Warrior (Armor) (2)
Chaos Wolfy
ChaosWeaver Hunter
Chaotic Astral Star Captain
Chaotic DragonKnight
Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath
Chaotic Rugby Armor
Chaotic Spellsword of Light
Chaotic Timemaster
Cheer Bringer
Chicken Suit
Chickencow Suit
Chrono Assassin (Armor) (AC)
Chrono DragonKnight (Armor)
Chrono Tripper Armor
ChronoCommander Armor
ChronoCorruptor Armor
ChronoLord Naval Commander
Chronomancer Armor
Cinderclaw Armor
Classic Alpha Pirate Armor
Classic Broncolich Gear
Classic Loyalist Team
Classic Seahorcs Gear
Classy Windsor Wedding
Cleric Of Time

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