Swords (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Swords

Leviasea Sword
Liberty Blade
Liberty Blade Blue
Liberty Blade Red
Liberty Blade White
Light Prismatic Katana
Light Tower Sword
Lightguardian Spirit Blade
Lightning Strikes (Sword)
Lionfang's Will
Living Sin
Loyalty Blade of the Nation
Lumenomancer's Gift
Lunar Gleam
Lunisolar Katana
Lycan Flesh Destroyer
Magical Dryad's Blade
Malachite Claymore
Maleo Mandau
Mammoth Crusher Black
Mana Crusher
Marauder Sword
Massive Werewolves Bane
Maurinelle's Melody
Maw of Chaos
Mechanical Sword
Midnight in Chaos Blade
Mind Expulsion Blade
Miss Fortune
Molten Destruction Blade (Legend)
Molten Greatsword
Mystical Sentinel's Katana (Legend)
Mythical Black Iron
Natural Selection
Necrotic Avenger
Necrotic Blade of Chaos
Necrotic Broadsword of Bane
Necrotic Shade Blade
Nemesis Dinner Knife (Mem)
Neon Spectrum Sword
Neophyte Shadowslayer Blade
New Year's Glow
Nightmare BattleBlade
Ninja Sword
Noble Sacrifice
Nuked Mallow
Obsidian Claymore
Obsidian Sword
Old Moon
One Eyed Doll Breaker
Ornate Blade of Time
Paladin's Victory
Peace Bringer Sword
Pharaoh's Wedjat
Phazed Blade of Vengeance
Phoenix Blade
Pink Phoenix Blade
Plastic Princess Blade
Platinum Broad Sword
Prismatic Deathspitter
Protector's Edge
Pulsating Blade of Triumph
Pumpkin Carver
Pumpkin Slicer
Pumpkin Sword
Purple Light Sword
Ragnarok Cavaliers Reaver
Ravager of Chaos Blade
Raw Mana Blade
Reclamation's Justice
Recycled Parts Blade
Regal Energy Blade
Retribution of the Fallen
Revolving Rifleblade
Ringed Sword
Rock of the Djinn
Royal Maximus
Rune of Green Earth
Rune Sword of the Darkness
Runic Ascension
Safiria's Temper
Sandsea Enchanter Sword (Legend)
Sandsea General's Golden Blade
Sanguine Blade
Scorched Fang
Serpentic Edge
Settler's Double Sword
Shade of Awe
Shadow Broadsword of Bane
Shadow Shade Blade
Shadow Shifter
Shadow Slayer Sword
Shadow Z Sword
Shadowknight Blade
Shadow's Edge
Shattered Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
Shattered SpellBlade (Legend)
Sheathed Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
Shimmering Silence
Shining Blade of Glory (Legend)
Silver Graydient Claymore
Silver Rapier
Silver Sunrise Blade
Sinbad's Sword
Skullcrasher Cutlass
Sky Centurion's Blade
SkyGuard Infector
Skyguard Recruit Blade
Slashing Rabbit
Slayer of Time
SleuthHound Blade
Slice of Darkness
Slithering Hunter's Knife
Snazzy Umbrella Lance
Solidified TimeBlade
Soul Eater Sword
Soul Terror Sword
SoulBane of New Life
Space Katana
Spirit Sword
SpiritHunter Katana
Stained Edge
Stalagbite's Fang
Starlight Sword
Stone's Fury
Sugary Sword
Sword McLuck
Sword of Broken Dreams
Sword of Cinder
Sword of Rainbows
Sword of Ruin
Sword of the Great Den
Sword of the Northlands
Sword of the Unicorn
Sword of the Vindicator
Sword out of the Stone
Swordhaven Pirate Captain Rapier (Legend)
Sylvienth Steel
Tactical Cutlass
Tarandus Battle Blade
Taro's Manslayer
Telltale Bones
Terragon's Shout
Terror of the Void
The Faith Breaker
The Great Grave Blade
The Great Void Slasher
The Hollow Blade
The Holy Assassin
The Infector
The Molten Flare
The Sword of the Fanatics
The Tormenter
The Underscore
The Woe
The Wrath
Thok's Disciple
Thunderous Zephyr Blade of Glory
Tidal Nodachi
Tidal Terror
Titian Avenger
Toxic Ivy Blade
Toxic Naval Commander's Cutlass (Legend)
Troll's Bane
Troll's Pledge
Twisted Blade of the Pumpkinlord (Legend)
Twisted Bone Shortsword
Ultimate Baconed Blade of Awe
Ultra Beast King's Glory
Undead Shovel Sword
Underglade Scavenger Reaver (Legend)
Upslash Sword
Vaccine Needle
Vampiric Nightshade
Vanilla Ice Katana
Velm's Sword
Venom Head of Chaos
Venomous Nightshade
Virtuous Epiphaneia
Void Walker Sword (Legend)
Voltaic Dynami Sword
Voltaire's Rapier
Vorpal Plasma Blade
Vulcan's Might
Water Blade
Wave of Virility
Whirlwind of Pain
Wicked Epiphaneia
Wind Blade
Yokai Energy Sword
Zealous Claymore
Zhu Ronin Cleaver

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