Helmets & Hoods (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Helmets & Hoods

Golden Helm of Prowess
Golden Helm of the Sandsea
Golden Moglin Brawler Morph
Golden Sandsea Helm + Hair
Golden Sandsea Helm + Locks
Golden Valentine Warrior Locks
Golden Warcaller
Gorgorath's Head
Gorillaphant Helm
Gothic Decorator's Beard
Gothic Decorator's Hair
Gothic Musician's Beard
Gothic Skully Top Hat
Gothy Hair
Grand Inquisitor's Helm
Grand Pumpkin Magus Visage
Great Pumpkin King's Head
Green Draconian Head
Green Dragon Helm (1)
Green Dragon Slayer's Winged Sallet
Grenadier Helm
Grid Helm with Tubes
Grid's Soldiers' Helm
Grief Hood (Legend)
Grinning Warrior
Groomed Lycan Mane
Grove Violets Buns
Grove Violets Curls
Grove Violets Locks
Gryphon Rider's Headgear
Guardian of Destiny
Guardian Spirit Morph
Hailstone Helm
Hailstone Locks
Hair-raising Helm
Halfro With Pick
Haloed Hood of Light
Hand of Destiny Helm
Hand of Destruction Helm
Happy Gourdo Helm
Hawk Mask
Head of the Lava Warrior
Helm of Destruction
Helm of Jafar
Helm Of Patronum
Helm of the Dragon Dance
Helm of the Lost (1)
Helm of the Paladin Slayers
Helm of the Paladin Warriors
Helm of the Panthera
Helm of Thunderous Applause
Helm of Ultimate Victory
Helm of War
Hero's Hair + Glasses
Hero's Locks + Glasses
High ShadowScythe Rogue's Helm
High Templar's Hood
Highborn Guard
Highway Man Hat
Hollow Head
Hollow Zerker Helmet
Hollowborn Abyss GateKeeper
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper Masked Locks Morph
Hollowborn Shadow Shaper's Masked Morph
Hollowsoul Ghoul Flame
Hollowsoul Ghoul Horns
Hollowsoul Helm
Hollowsoul Knight Captain's Horned Helm
Hood of Balance
Hood of Darkness
Hood of Death's Apprentice
Hood of Judgement
Hood of Nulgath
Hood of the Chaotic Fleet
Hood of the Chrono Enders
Hood of the Dark Ones
Hood of the Kingdom
Hood of the Scholars
Hood of the Vanquisher
Hood Ov Teh Kittehs
Horc Glory Helm
Horc Glory Horc's Helm
Horcish War Helm
Horned Death Pit Helm
Horned Druid Helm
Horned Druid Locks
Horned Groglurk Helm
Horned Krampus Morph
Horned Possessed Doom Hood
Horned Trislayer Helm
Horns Of Betrayal
Horns Of Betrayal - Pop Edition
Horns of Flaming Fury
Horns of the Chaotic Fleet
Horns of the Raging Sea
Hot Head
Hot Pink Helm
Howl at the Frost
Howl at the Moon
Huasa's Cabello Festejo
Huasa's Cabello Oscuro
Huaso's Cabello Festejo
Huaso's Cabello Oscuro
Hunters Moon Beard + Scarf
Hunter's Moon Hair + Scarf
Hunters Moon Hood
Hunters Moon Locks + Scarf
Hyperborean Holiday Hair
Hyperborean Holiday Hat
Ice Protector Helmet
Ice Witch Face
Imbalanced Crown
Imbalanced Crown Locks
Imp Horns
Inbunche's Maquillage
Inbunche's Muse
Inbunche's Visage
Infernal Warrior Helm
Intimidating Hood of the ArchAngel
Intimidation by Fire
Jaan Sentinel Helm (Legend)
Jack Frost (Helm)
Jack Rabbit Bruiser
Jack Rabbit Jenny
Jaunty Skyguard Fascinator
Jinmenju Morph
Jolly Frostval Caster's Hat
Jolly Frostval Caster's Locks + Hat
J-Roku Kabuto
Jungle Carnaval Headdress
Kartherax's Visage
Kasebel's Morph
Kawaii Yokai Hair + Ears
Kawaii Yokai Locks + Ears
Kezeroth's Helm (Legend)
Kezeroth's Shattered Helm
Khriot's Hair
King Scorpion Helm
Kittarian Burglar Hood
Kittarian Burglar Scarf
Kitty Clown Face
Knight of Thorns Helm
Ladies' Battle Herald Crown
Lady Rotting Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Lake Druid's Hair
Lake Druid's Hair + Lily
Lake Druid's Locks
Lake Druid's Locks + Lily
Lassy Icy Naval Top Hat (Legend)
LD2 Combat Helm
Legendary Dragon Spirit Helm
Legendary Knight's Hood
Legendary Prime Dominus Visor
Legion Minister's Hat
Legion Minister's Hat + Locks
Legion Viking Mask
Lengjing Geisha
Light Bug Advanced
Lightwielder's Mask
Lim Lookalike
Locks And Goggles
Locks of Patronum
Long Black Time Conductor
Long Cute Santa's Hat
Long Dimension Goggles
Long Locks Zipperface
Lord of the Dead Skull
LOVELY Hood of the Eclipse (Legend)
Luchadwarf Braid Mask
Luchadwarf Horned Braid
Luchadwarf Horned Mask
Luchadwarf Mask
Lucky Emerald TopHat
Lucky Emerald TopHat + Glasses
Lucky Emerald TopHat + Locks
Lumenomancer's Helm
Lumenomancer's Undead Visage
Luminous Hood
Luminous Locks
Lunar Lorekeeper's Hair
Lunar Lorekeeper's Locks
Lycan Faceplate
Lycan Horned Brute
Mad Magic Mana Helm
Mad Scientist Morph
Mad Scientist Twintails
Mad Ubear Cap
Magical Johnson's Hat
Magical Johnson's Hat + Locks
Magical Nymph Wig
Magical Sprite Wig
Magitech Engineering Mask
Magitech's Hood
Makeshift Wizard Hat
Male Chaos Seeker's Helms
Male Darkblood Incarnate
Male Fae Gunslinger Hat
Male Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Male Gear Patch
Male Rotting Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Male Teddy Bear Hat
Male Top Hat with Ears
Mana Guardian's Morph
Mana Symbiote
Mane of Honor
Marauder Legionary Helm
Marauder Scout Helm
Marauder Scout Hood
Masculine Helm of Glory
Mask of Balance
Mask of Nightmares
Mask of the Great Dragon
Mask of the Hidden
Mask of the Infiltrator
Mask Ov Teh Kittehs
Masked Mana Fenix Headdress
Masquerade Mask
Master Kyuubi Morph
Matriarch Adversary Helm
Maximillian's Arctic Helm
Mediator Visor (Legend)
Medic Helmet
Medic Masked Helmet
Mel de Abelha Hair + Glasses
Mel de Abelha Locks + Glasses
MerMan Face
MerWarrior Crown
Metal Mercenary Helmet
Midnight Kat's Masked Morph
Mighty Cyclops Helm
Mighty Defender's Winged Armet
Mirror Drakath Morph
Miss Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Miss Legion Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Miss Red Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Missy Scallywag Top Hat (Legend)
Moglin Self Helm
Molten Dragon Helm
Monstrous Zorbak Morph
Moon Head
Mort's PJs Hood
Mort's PJs Hood + Locks
Mossy Titan Morph
Mountaineer's Hood
MP Hat
Mr. Chaos Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Mr. Red Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Mr. Strawberry Sparkle Suit Head
Mrs. Platinum Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Muertos Sombrero

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