Helmets & Hoods (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Helmets & Hoods

Cyber Headphones + Locks (Legend)
Cyber Headphones (Legend)
Cyber Maximillian Helm
Cybernetic Acolyte Helm
Cyclops Morph
Cyclops Warlord Helm
Dark BitterHeart Hood
Dark BitterHeart Locks
Dark Conical Hat (Legend)
Dark Dragon Slayer's Winged Sallet
Dark Ferryman's Hood
Dark FlameBlade Hood
Dark FlameBlade Locks
Dark Gi Mask
Dark Hunger
Dark Knight's Battle Hood (Legend)
Dark Marrowlocks
Dark Marrowmask
Dark McLuck Hat (Legend)
Dark Merchant Helm
Dark Overseer's Horned Locks (Legend)
Dark Overseer's Locks (Legend)
Dark Pumpkin Caster Hood
Dark Ripper Helm
Dark ShadowFire Horns
Dark Slayer
Darkblood Bite
Darkblood Helm of Awe
Darkened Necromancer Hood
Darker Heart Locks (Legend)
Darkness Hood
Darkon's Debris 180 Eye
Darrgoross Guard
Dawn Duelist's Hat + Hair
Dawn Duelist's Hat + Locks
Deadly Jester Mask (Legend)
Deathdoll enchant
DeathHunter Hood
DeathKnight Hood
Deathwalker Mask (Legend)
Deathwalker Masked Locks (Legend)
Deep Space Paladin Visor
DeepSea Star Pirate's Morph
DeepSea Star Pirate's Morph + Locks
DeepSea Star Pirate's Morph Hat
DeepSea Star Pirate's Morph Hat + Locks
Defender's Winged Armet
Defesa Brasileira
Devoid Swoop Magitech Visor
Diabolical War Miter and Stola
Diplomat's Ponytail
Diplomat's Tricorn
Dirty Deputy's Hat
Discordia Chaos Mask
Doom Lass Tophat +3
Doom Top Hat +3
Doomed Warrior Helm
DoomKnight Hood
Dragarian Hair
Dragon Admiral Long Hair
Dragon Admiral Mask
Dragon Admiral Short Hat
Dragon's Envy Helm
Dragonslayer Helm
Drakon WarMage Mask
Drakonnan Top Hat
Drakonus Helm
Dreadhaven General Helm +5
Dreadspider Carapace
Drow Mask Morph
Drow Razor Cap
Duckie Mask
Dwarven Golem Head
Dwarven Helm of War
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Helm
Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Locks
Easy-Breezy Goggle Girl
Ebil Operative Edgy Hair + Muffler
Ebil Operative Edgy Hair + Scarf
Ebil Operative Edgy Protective Gear
Ebil Operative Hair + Muffler
Ebil Operative Hair + Scarf
Ebil Operative Helm + Scarf
Ebil Operative Hood + Mask
Ebil Operative Protective Gear
Ebony Dragon Spirit Helm
Edvard's Shiny Face (CC)
Efreet Face
Efreet Hair
Eggceptional Bunny Red Mask
Eggceptional Bunny Red Mask + Locks
Elegaic Morph + Hair
Elegaic Morph + Locks
Elegaic Morph Hair + Chibi Scarf
Elegaic Morph Locks + Chibi Scarf
Elegant Crimson Fascinator
Elegant Drow Morph
Elegant Hat + Mask
Elegant Locks + Mask
Elemental Battlemage Diadem
Elemental Battlemage Locks
Elemental Hot Head
Elemental Walker's Flame
Eli's Female Doom Trucker Hat
Eli's Male Doom Trucker Hat
Elite Exponent Helm
Elite Shadow Guard
Ember Flame Horns + Tail
EmberFlame Horns
EmberFlame Stare
Emerald Darkness Helm
Emerald Darkness Helm With Hair
Emerald Dragonhealer's Locks
Emerald Dragonhealer's Mask
Emerald Sea Hood
Emerald Sea Locks
Enchanted Dreadhaven Hood
Enchanted Necrayaya's Full Face Morph
Enchanted Necrayaya's Hat + Locks
Enchanted Necrayaya's Hat + Morph
Enchanted Necrayaya's Hat + Stache
Enchanter Mask
Engineer's Mullet
Enticing Hood Of The ArchAngel
Escherion's Helm
Eternal BeastMaster Hood + Mask
Eternal Champion's Horns (Legend)
Eternal Manifestation Helm
Ethan's Crown
Ethereal Wanderer's Halo
Ethereal Wanderer's Halo + Locks
Ethereal Wanderer's Hat + Locks
Evil Cleric Morph
Evil Jack Helm (Legend)
Evolved Clawshelm (AC)
Evolved Ogre's Helm
Exile Officer Hood (Legend)
Eyes of Shadow
Face of Nightmares
Face of Rath
Face Of The Beast
Face of the Chaotic Fleet
Face of Zail
Face Only a Doctor Could Love
Famine's Gilded Horns
Fancy Skull Hat
Fancy Skull Locks
Fancy Top Hat + Beard
Fancy Top Hat + Bearded Shag
Fashionable Noble's Cap
Fauxhawk Drow Morph
Feathered Werejaguar Helm
Feathered Werejaguar Morph
Feathered Werejaguar Morph Colored
Feline Feathered Werejaguar
Feline Werejaguar Colored Morph
Feline Werejaguar Morph
Female Chaos Seeker's Helms
Female Darkblood Incarnate
Female Duality Mage Morph
Female Gear Patch
Female Teddy Bear Hat
Female Top Hat with Ears
Feminine Helm of Glory
Femme Blazing Naval Top Hat
Feral Cultist Mask
Feral Druid's Headdress
Ferozakh's Visage
Festa da Feathers
Festive Archer Hat (Legend)
Festive Archer Hat Locks (Legend)
Festive Elf's Horns + Hair
Festive Elf's Horns + Locks
Field Guardian Straw Hat
Fiendish Eyes Helm
Fiendish Female Helm
Fiendish Outlaw Hat + Mask
Fiendish Wanderer's Hat + Mask
Fiendish Wanderer's Mask
Fiendish Wanderer's Mask + Locks
Fiercely Frosted Do
Fiery Jack o' Face
Fiery Phoenix Crest
Firestorm Corporal's Helm
FireWalker Hood
First Mate’s Hat + Beard
First Mate’s Hat + Patch
First Mate’s Locks + Patch
First Mate’s Morph Locks
Fjord Visor
Flaming Jack Helm (Legend)
Flaming Toxic Naval Top Hat + Locks
Flaming Toxic Top Hat
Flaming Toxic Top Hat + Beard
Flaming Toxic Top Hat + Locks + Mask
Flaming Toxic Top Hat + Mask
Floating Skull
Flores de Senora
Formal GrenwogSlayer's Tophat Morph
Formal GrenwogSlayer's Tophat Visage
FrankenFiend Face Morph
FrankenFiend Face Morph + Locks
Frevo Ponytail + Hat
Frevo Tousled Hair + Hat
Frigid Snowcat Locks
Fringe Drow Morph
Frisky Feline Hair
Frost Drake Morph
Frost Guard
Frosted Fighter Hair
Frostlorn Hooded Skull (Legend)
Frostval RuDoge Helm
Frosty Barbarian's Helm (Legend)
Frosty Barbarian's Horns (Legend)
Frozen DeathKnight Helm
FrozenDawn Herald's Beret
FrozenDawn Herald's Beret + Locks
Full Autumniphile Morph
Full Autumniphile Morph + Locks
Furious Captain's Locks
Galactic BattleMage Morph Locks + Scarf (Legend)
Galactwig Helm
Galatea Head (Legend)
General Chud's Helm
General Nevanna Helm
General Velm's Helm
Geomancer's Hood
Ghillyfish Helm
Ghostly Blanket
Ghostly Spirit Hat
Ghostly Top Hat
Ghostly Top Hat + Locks
Gilded Dragon Faceplate
Girly Anime Goggles
Girly Arctic Goggles
Girly Hair
Glacial Veneer
Glacier Helm
Gloomcaster Cap
Gloomcaster Hat
Glow Dreads
Glow Falls
Gnarled Mud Minion Morph
Gobble Helmet
Goggle-less Bearded Chronolord Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLady Top Hat (Legend)
Goggle-less ChronoLord Top Hat (Legend)
Gold Party Hat + Hair
Gold Party Locks + Band
Golden Dragoon Helm

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