Helmets & Hoods (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Helmets & Hoods

13th Captain's Locks + Patch
13th Captain's Patch
4-Eyed Hive Morph
Abaddon Curse
Abyssal Hood
Aero Mask
Air Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Helm
Air Fènnù de Hóuzi Ornate Locks
Alea Masquerade Mask
Alpha Lycan Morph
Alpha Omega Helmet (Legend)
Amethyst Dragonhealer's Locks
Amethyst Dragonhealer's Mask
Ancient Explorer Helm
Angry Catrina
Anime Goggle
Anti-Glutton Mask
Antlered Wispy Hair
Antlered Wylde Hair
A-Peel-ing Hair + Sun Glasses (Legend)
A-Peel-ing Locks + Sun Glasses (Legend)
Aquatica Long Locks
Aquatica Mask
Aquatica Short Locks
Archwraith Faces
Arctic Defender Helm
Arctic Defender Locks
Arctic Goggles
Ardent Shadowslayer Hat
Ardent Shadowslayer Hood
Armet of the Den
Armored Astral Morph
Armored Blue Snug Helm
Armored Pink Snug Helm
Asgardian Helm
Ash Priest Hood
Assassin's Skullface Cover
Astral Helm
Augmented Vision Helm
Avenger Hood
Avian Caveira
Aviator Cap
Aviator Scarf and Goggles
Awoken Tiki Head
Bandana of Looting
Barbarian Helm of Dilligaf
Baroness Hair Style
Battle Berserker Horned Faceguard
Battle Berserker Horned Helmet
Battle Clawshelm (AC)
Battle Helm of the Godkings
Battle Herald Crown
Battlescarred Dragon Helm
Bearded Armet of the Afterlife
Bearded Barbarian Helm (Legend)
Bearded Blazing Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Chaos Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Duality Mage Morph
Bearded Galactic Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Giant Dwarf Helm
Bearded Golden Warcaller
Bearded Icy Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Legion Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Platinum Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Red Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Bearded Rotting Skull Top Hat
Bearded Rotting Top Naval Hat (Legend)
Bearded Scallywag Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Beast King Morph
Beast King's Crown
Bedhead Gasmask
Bido Birthday Morph
Big Sombrero
Bioluminous Amanita Hood
Black Cowl
Black Crown
Black Dragonslayer Helm
Black J6 Helmet
Black Knight Overlord
Black L.O.S.E.R. Helmet
Black ShoGunslinger Helmet
Black Silent Sentinel Hood
Black Tiara
BlackBolt Horns
Blackhorn Runes Mask
Blacksea Pirate's Bandana
Blacksea Pirate's Bandana + Locks
Blazebeard's Blazin' Beard
Blazebeard's Blazin' Dreads
Blazing Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Blissus Morph Helm
Blood Ancient Long Hair
Blood Ancient Short Hair
Blood Moon Bear Morph
Blood Moon Beard + Scarf
Blood Moon Hair + Scarf
Blood Moon Locks + Scarf
Blood Oath Mask
Blood Royalty Hood (Legend)
Blood Titan Horns
Bloodsea Captain's Hat + Locks (Legend)
Bloodsea Captain's Hat (Legend)
Blue Hero Mask
Blue L.O.S.E.R. Helmet
Boatman's Hood (Legend)
Bobby's Head
Bone Terror Skull
Brass Wings of the Paladin
Bright BitterHeart Hood
Bright BitterHeart Locks
Bright FlameBlade Locks
Bright FlameBladet Hood
Bright Grove Fairy Crown
Bright Grove Fairy Crown + Locks
Brilliant Naval Tophat +3
Brilliant Naval Tophat Locks +3
Brother's Helm Of Vision
Brutal Warlord Guard
Burnin' Cap and Glasses
Burning Phoenix Crest
Burning Phoenix Guard Helm
Burning Phoenix Helm
Burning Phoenix Tiara
Burning Shadow Horns
Burning Souleater (Helm)
Calavera Head (Legend)
Cali Roll Hat
Carnaval of Paradise Headdress
Carnaval of Paradise Mask
Carnival Worker Hat
Carnival Worker Locks
Carnivorous Caveira
Casque of Consequence
Cat Ear Headband
Cat Morph
Cavern Terror
Celestial Amadis Helm (Legend)
Celestial Warrior Helmet (Legend)
Celtic Caster Hood
Centurion Bone Crusher Helm
Centurion of the Sky Helm
Ceremonial Mask + Locks
Ceremonial Yeti Mask
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Locks
Cerulean Dragonpriest's Mask
Cerulean Flame Helm
Chain of Nulgath
Champion of Stalagbite Helmet
Chaos Chicken Helm
Chaos Hunter Hood
Chaos HydraSlayer Scarf
Chaos Lionfang Helm
Chaos Manticore Trainer Mask
Chaos Slayer Helm
Chaotic Chronomancer's hood
Chaotic Executioner Goggles
Chaotic Executioner Hood
Chaotic Helm of Pride
Chaotic Knightly Helm
Chaotic Madness Mask
Chaotic Vamp Faceplate
Charon's Skull Mask
Chelicera Fangs
Chrono Vanquishers Helmet
ChronoHood of Manipulation
ChronoLady Naval Top Hat (Legend)
ChronoLord Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Classier Rabbit Curls
Claws's Darkness
Clockwork Dandy Hat
Clockwork Doll Ponytail
Conical Hat
Conquest's Hood and Crown
Cool Head
Corax Mystic Hood
Corinthian Helmet
Corrupt Draconic Guard Helm
Corrupt Draconic Spiked Hood
Corrupted Druid Hood
Corrupted Tattooed Druid Hair
Corrupted Tattooed Druid Locks
Corvus Mystic Mask
Covered Leviasean Bedhead
Covered Leviasean Tresses
Cowl of Dissonance
Cowl of Malicious Intent
Cowl of the Shinobi
Creep Guard
Creeper Crown
Creeper Flame Jack Helm (Legend)
Creeper Jack Helm (Legend)
Crimson Northlands Hat
Crimson Northlands Locks
Crusader Helmet
Crystallis Summer Hair + Scarf (Legend)
Crystallis Summer Locks + Scarf (Legend)
Crystallis Voidslayer Mask
Crystallis Voidslayer Masked Locks
Cursed Stalker's Hood
Cursed Stalker's Mask + Hair
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer Ears
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer Ears + Locks
Cutie Chaos Naval Top Hat (Legend)
Cybernetic Acolyte Helm
Cyclops Morph
Cyclops Warlord Helm
Cyro Drakonnan Helm
Dark BitterHeart Hood
Dark BitterHeart Locks
Dark Ferryman's Hood
Dark FlameBlade Hood
Dark FlameBlade Locks
Dark Gi Mask
Dark Hunger
Dark Marrowlocks
Dark Marrowmask
Dark Merchant Helm
Dark Pumpkin Caster Hood
Dark Ripper Helm
Dark ShadowFire Horns
Dark Slayer
Dark Wizard Hat
Darkblood Bite
Darkblood Helm of Awe
Darkened Necromancer Hood
Darkness Hood
Darkon's Debris 180 Eye
Darrgoross Guard
Deadly Jester Mask (Legend)
Deathdoll enchant
DeathHunter Hood
DeathKnight Hood
Deep Space Paladin Visor
Defender's Winged Armet
Defesa Brasileira
Devoid Swoop Magitech Visor
Diplomat's Ponytail
Diplomat's Tricorn
Dirty Deputy's Hat
Discordia Chaos Mask
Doom Lass Tophat +3
Doom Top Hat +3
Doomed Warrior Helm
DoomKnight Hood
Dragarian Hair
Dragon Admiral Long Hair
Dragon Admiral Mask
Dragon Admiral Short Hat

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