Daggers (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Daggers

Academic Acoutrements
Adventus Duel Blade
Amaranth Arm Blades
Angelic Golden Daggers
Aqua Chakra
Ardent Shadowslayer Knife + Rifle
Ardent Shadowslayer Knives
Artifact Hunter's Crossbow + Daggers (Legend)
Asgardian Hammer & Shield
Astral Stingers
Atomosian Armaments
Aura Chakra
Backblades of Embers
Biofuel Blowtorch
Bioluminous Amanita Blades
BitterHeart Concealed Blade
Blade of Souls
Bladed Blunderbuss of Boom
Bladed Cannon and Shield
Bladed Corsair Pom Poms
Bladed Harpies Pom-Poms
Bladed Horc Pom Poms
Bladed Lich Pom-Poms
Bladed Loyalist Pom-Poms
Bladed Maracas
Bladed Miner Pom Poms (Dagger)
Bladed Satyr Pom-Poms
Bladed Tigers Pom-Poms
Bladed Tribal Chieftains Pom Poms
Blazerun Accoutrements
Blazin' Blue Battle-Blades
Blazing Heart Katanas
Blightslayer Dagger And Crossbow
Blinding Chaos Armaments
Bloodblades of Nulgath
Bone Knife
Book and Wand
Borgrix Blaster + Blade
Broken Bottle
Broken Sword and Shield
Bronze Barrels
Brute Cutters
Burger and Spatula
Burgers of Destiny
CandyCorn Pumpkin + Broom
Captain's Cutlass of Boom
Cardinal Knuckle Cutter
Carmine Crystal Shield and Dagger
Carnicero Dual Axes
Cat Claw Kamas
Ceremonial Tribal Blades
Cerulean Crystal Shield and Dagger
Champion of Ice Katar
Chaos Anchors
Chaos Dagger Revolvers
Chaos Spy Blades (Legend)
Chaotic Long Lycan Dagger
Chaotic Savage Accoutrements
Chartreuse Crystal Shield and Dagger
ChickenCow ArmBlade
Claw of the Shrew
Claws of Darkness
Cobalt Knuckle Cutter
Coldfire Kamas
Coldfire Odachis
Coldfire Tabars
Colorful Deadly Fan
Colorful Giftbox Dagger 2021
Colorful Stenciled Fan
CorDemi Daggers
Corundum Carvers
Creeper Dagger
Crimson Piano Strikers
Cruel Claw of Blizzard
Crystallis Soldier's Gun + Shield
Custom Emblazoned Competitor's Phone and Bag
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer's Accoutrements
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer's Daggers
Cyber Dragonwings of Destiny
Cyber Slicers of De-Nile
Cybernetic Gunblade
Cysero's Defender Dagger
Dagger and Mystery Flask
Daggers of Destruction
Daggers of Djet
Daggers of Malevolence
Daggers of Purity
Daggers of the Underworld
Dark and Ugly Sticks
Dark Sea Corsair's Pistols
Dark Sea Corsair's Rapiers
Deathknight Dagger
Deathwalker Executions (Legend)
Debris Commander's Pistols
DeepSea Star Pirate's Blades
DeepSea Star Pirate's Dark Guns
DeepSea Star Pirate's Light Guns
Destiny Blade and Shield
Destiny Mace and Shield
Diabolical Flintlocks
Diabolical Resolutions
Digital Terror
Doom Phoenix Pompoms
Doom Scissors
Dragonsaw Blade Set
Drakka Defender Dagger
Dual Amethyst Crystal Axes
Dual Arata Gamer Bats (Legend)
Dual Battle Chaoaxes
Dual Battle Party Blades
Dual Beastblood Reavers
Dual Blackerris
Dual BlackSkulls Knuckles
Dual Blade of Slaying
Dual Blinding Caladbolgs
Dual Bloodsea Cutlasses
Dual Borgars
Dual Borgrix Blade
Dual Borgrix Blasters
Dual Bug Hunting Pistols
Dual Celebration Katanas
Dual Celebratory Ang Paos
Dual Chaos Backstabbers
Dual Chaos Dragon Pistols (Legend)
Dual Chaos Energy Polearms
Dual Chaos Revolvers
Dual Chickencow Claws
Dual Chickenwing ArmBlades
Dual Corax Daggers
Dual Corrupted Druid Sickle
Dual Cultist Knife
Dual Dark Energy Katana
Dual Darkblood Katanas
Dual Darkovian Pirate Knives (Legend)
Dual Deathwalker Blades (Legend)
Dual DeepSea Pistols
Dual Diamond Pickaxes
Dual Dragon of Time Pistols (Legend)
Dual Dragonblades
Dual DragonSlayers
Dual EmberFlame Axes
Dual Exile Officer Pistols
Dual Exponent Sabres
Dual Festive Gilded Batons
Dual Festive Punk Elf's Stabbers
Dual Fiendish Outlaw Knives
Dual Fiendish Outlaw Revolvers
Dual Fiery Flame
Dual Frost Breath
Dual Frosted Falchions
Dual Galactic Blades
Dual Golden Sandsea Blades
Dual Half-Chakra
Dual HarpySlayer's Khopesh
Dual Harvest Hunter's Blade
Dual Helsgrove Gilded Batons
Dual Herald Swords
Dual Huntress Blades
Dual Ice Giant Hammers
Dual Kota Volleyballs (Legend)
Dual Lapis Crystal Axes
Dual Lunaris Axes
Dual Magma BlazeBeard Cutlasses
Dual Maleo Keris
Dual Maleo Mandau
Dual Manslayer of Taro
Dual Mirrored Katanas
Dual Monsterborn Blades
Dual Mountain Breakers
Dual Nightborn Cutlass
Dual Nightborn Sword
Dual Punk Coal Elf's Stabbers
Dual Resistors
Dual Reversed Chaos Backstabbers
Dual Riftbreaker Cutlass
Dual Riftbreaker Sword
Dual Ronin Katanas
Dual Runes of Darkness
Dual Screaming Knives
Dual Sentinel's Katanas (Legend)
Dual Shamrock Fans
Dual Shinobi Katanas
Dual Sickles of Gathering
Dual Skull Half-Axes
Dual Tempest Flintlock
Dual Toxic Knight's Blades
Dual Verde Crystal Axes
Dual Violet Shades
Dual Warblades
Dual Warrior Mage Flames
Dual Werebear Axes
Dual Werebear Hammers
Dual Werebear Swords
Dual WinterWild Axes
Dual Wooden Hand Saws
Dual Worshipper Keys of Nulgath
Duat Daggers
Duel Swords of Vindication
Ebil Kuro's Wraths
Ebon Chaos Revolvers
Eden Judgement Blades
Eldritch Malarkeys
Electrik Stix
Elegant Backstabber
Elite Exponent Sabers
Emerald Grove Edge
Enchanted Corsair's Battle Gear
Enchanted Corsair's Pistols
Enchanted Corsair's Rapiers
Enchanted Naval Guard's Cutlasses
Enchanted Naval Guard's Rapiers
Enchanted Reversed Daggers
Essence of Mana
Estuary Skeans
Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas
Eternal Manifestation Swords
Face of Pain Daggers
Fangs of the Deep Dweller
Fiery Wrath + Hottica's Curse
Firedancer's Torches
Fists of Fierceness
Fists of Fire
Flame Guardian's Accoutrements
FlameBlade Concealed Dagger
Flesh Daggers
Fortress Shield and Spear
Frevo Umbrellas
FrostScythe Dual Blades
FrostScythe Mace and Shield
FrostScythe's Battlegear
Frostval Book and Wand
Frosty PomPoms
Frozen Knight's Accoutrements
Frozen Soldier Daggers
FrozenDawn Herald's Rapiers
FrozenFlame Dagger
Ghastly Cane with Sheath
Gift of the Wild
Golden Assassin's Blades
Golden DragonLord's Flintlocks (Legend)
Golden DragonLord's Sabres (Legend)
Golden Slicers
Green Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Grey Tidal Tiger Warrior Wakizashis
Grey Tidal Tiger Warrior's Fans
Grim Soul Devourer Swords
Gripped Stake

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