Daggers (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Daggers

Academic Acoutrements
Adventus Duel Blade
Amaranth Arm Blades
Angelic Golden Daggers
Aqua Chakra
Artifact Hunter's Crossbow + Daggers (Legend)
Asgardian Hammer & Shield
Astral Stingers
Atomosian Armaments
Aura Chakra
Biofuel Blowtorch
Bioluminous Amanita Blades
BitterHeart Concealed Blade
Blade of Souls
Bladed Blunderbuss of Boom
Bladed Cannon and Shield
Bladed Harpies Pom-Poms
Bladed Horc Pom Poms
Bladed Lich Pom-Poms
Bladed Loyalist Pom-Poms
Bladed Maracas
Bladed Satyr Pom-Poms
Blazerun Accoutrements
Blazin' Blue Battle-Blades
Blightslayer Dagger And Crossbow
Blinding Chaos Armaments
Bloodblade of Nulgath (Dagger)
Bone Knife
Book and Wand
Broken Bottle
Broken Sword and Shield
Bronze Barrels
Brute Cutters
Captain's Cutlass of Boom
Cardinal Knuckle Cutter
Carmine Crystal Shield and Dagger
Carnicero Dual Axes
Cat Claw Kamas
Ceremonial Tribal Blades
Cerulean Crystal Shield and Dagger
Champion of Ice Katar
Chaotic Long Lycan Dagger
Chartreuse Crystal Shield and Dagger
ChickenCow ArmBlade
Claw of the Shrew
Claws of Darkness
Cobalt Knuckle Cutter
Colorful Deadly Fan
Colorful Stenciled Fan
CorDemi Daggers
Corundum Carvers
Creeper Dagger
Crimson Piano Strikers
Cruel Claw of Blizzard
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer's Accoutrements
Cutesy GrenwogSlayer's Daggers
Cyber Slicers of De-Nile
Cybernetic Gunblade
Cysero's Defender Dagger
Dagger and Mystery Flask
Daggers of Destruction
Daggers of Djet
Daggers of Purity
Deathknight Dagger
Destiny Blade and Shield
Destiny Mace and Shield
Digital Terror
Doom Phoenix Pompoms
Doom Scissors
Dos Maracas
Dragonsaw Blade Set
Drakka Defender Dagger
Dual Amethyst Crystal Axes
Dual Battle Chaoaxes
Dual Beastblood Reavers
Dual Blackerris
Dual Blade of Slaying
Dual Blinding Caladbolgs
Dual Bloodsea Cutlasses
Dual Bug Hunting Pistols
Dual Celebration Katanas
Dual Champion Blade of Nulgath
Dual Chaos Energy Polearms
Dual Chickencow Claws
Dual Chickenwing ArmBlades
Dual Corax Daggers
Dual Corrupted Druid Sickle
Dual Cultist Knife
Dual Darkblood Katanas
Dual Diamond Pickaxes
Dual Dragonblades
Dual DragonSlayers
Dual Exile Officer Pistols
Dual Exponent Sabres
Dual Fiery Flame
Dual Frost Breath
Dual Frosted Falchions
Dual Galactic Blades
Dual Half-Chakra
Dual Harvest Hunter's Blade
Dual Herald Swords
Dual Lapis Crystal Axes
Dual Lunaris Axes
Dual Maleo Keris
Dual Maleo Mandau
Dual Manslayer of Taro
Dual Monsterborn Blades
Dual Mountain Breakers
Dual Nightborn Cutlass
Dual Nightborn Sword
Dual Oni Seishin Katanas
Dual Resistors
Dual Riftbreaker Cutlass
Dual Riftbreaker Sword
Dual Ronin Katanas
Dual Sentinel's Katanas (Legend)
Dual Shamrock Fans
Dual Sickles of Gathering
Dual Skull Half-Axes
Dual Verde Crystal Axes
Dual Violet Shades
Dual Warblades
Dual Werebear Axes
Dual Werebear Hammers
Dual Werebear Swords
Dual Wooden Hand Saws
Duat Daggers
Duel Swords of Vindication
Ebon Chaos Revolvers
Eighteen Bladed Daggers
Electrik Stix
Elegant Backstabber
Elite Exponent Sabers
Emerald Grove Edge
Essence of Mana
Estuary Skeans
Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas
Face of Pain Daggers
Fangs of the Deep Dweller
Firedancer's Torches
Fists of Fierceness
Fists of Fire
Flame Guardian's Accoutrements
FlameBlade Concealed Dagger
Flesh Daggers
Fortress Shield and Spear
FrostScythe Dual Blades
FrostScythe Mace and Shield
FrostScythe's Battlegear
Frostval Book and Wand
Frozen Knight's Accoutrements
Frozen Soldier Daggers
FrozenFlame Dagger
Ghastly Cane with Sheath
Gift of the Wild
Golden Assassin's Blades
Golden Slicers
Green Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Gripped Stake
Harvest Sword and Shield
Havok and Malice
Head Splitting Daggers
Hekyll and Jyde
Hollow Soul Dagger
HollowSword and Shield
Holy Bird Daggers
Holy Shield and Hammer
Holy Shield and Sword
Horcish Slicer Daggers
Ignis Chakra
Illustrious Titanium Tusks
Injurious Heat
Iron Rippers
J6's Black Handguns
J6's Handguns
Kappa Kama
Kelly Knuckle Cutter
Key Ring
Kezeroth's Dual Destroyers
Laser Beam
Lava Spear and Shield
Legendary Knight's Sword + Shield
Lightwielder's Armblades
Lost Claws of the Oasis
Macuahuitl of the Dead Daggers
Mariachi Hero Maracas
Mediator Armblades
Metrea's Disciple
Misericorde de Nyx
Murgish Daggers
Necrotic Daggers of Destruction
Noble Armaments
OakHeart ArmBlades
OakHeart Magic ArmBlades
Obsidian Dagger and Dark Book
Obsidian Polearm
Onager's Sword and Shield
Onslaught Daggers
Ornate Daggers of Time
Ornate Hatchets
Ornate SteamCleaver
Pain Fangs
PainBlade Accoutrements
Pearl Puggio
Pink Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Platinum Eternal Champion's Dual Katanas
Pride and Glory
Primal Dread Fang
Prismatic Long Lycan dagger
Pumpkin Seeders
Pumpkin Slicers Mach
Raging Fire Daggers
Ragnarok Cavalier Back Daggers
Reki's Twin Dragons
Roroth's First Revolvers
Royal Quill and Scroll
Royal Saber And Shield
Sai of Shadows
Sandstone Rippers
Scorpion Blades
Scorpion Claw
Seraphic Pistols
Shadow Daggers of Destruction
Shadow Thief's Dagger
Shadowcat Pom Poms (Dagger)
Shadowed Butterfly Blades
Shield and Spear o' Plenty
Shuang Gou of Shinobi
Silent Sentinel Arms
Silver Duel Busters
Simple Celtic Dagger
Skeletal Smashers
Skull and Axe Armaments
SkyGuard Choppers
SkyGuard Pistol
Soben Bowl + Sticks
Soul Stealer Advanced
Spellblade's Tool Set
Spellsword Daggers (Legend)
Spinal Tap of Nulgath
Spirit Assassin Blades
SpiritHunter Blades
Stone Minotiger Spear and Dagger
Sugar & Spice Eviscerators

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