Capes & Back Items (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Capes & Back Items

Pink Carnaval Feathers
Pink in Paradise Wings
Pinkest Platinum Wings
Pirate Zard Family
Plain Dragon Tail
Platinum Wings
Plucked Plumage (1)
Plucked Plumage (2)
Plume of the Pirate
Prime's Legendary Cape
Prime's Legendary Wings
Prismatic Battleburnt Cloak
Prismatic Cat's Tail (1)
Prismatic Cat's Tail (2)
Prismatic Defender's Cloak
Prismatic Shadow Cuca
Prismatic Striped Scarf
Prismatic Wings of the Fallen
Pumpkin Vine Cape
PumpkinLord Creeper Vines (Legend)
Purple Draconian Wings
Purple Grove Fairy Wings
Quad-Combat Engineer Cape
Queen's ArchSage Cape
Rainbow Parade Wings
Razor Wings
Red Riding Cape
Resting Empire Evil Guitar
Resting Temporal Storm Gunbai
Revolutionary Quiver
Rocket Pack
Royal Herald Cape
Rune of Darkness (Cape)
Runed Shadow Wings
Runes, Interrupted
Sanctified Wings of Life
Sandsea General Wrap + Blade
Sandsea General's Backblade
Sanguine's Wings
Sapphire Beach Parasol (Legend)
Scarsgarde Captain Cape
Scorpion Tail
Shadow Blades
Shadow Cape
Shadow Crescent Cloak
ShadowCore Guitar Back
ShadowRender Wings
Shadowscythe Drones
ShadowScythe Rogue's Cape
Shawl of Shivers
Sheathed FlameBlade Blade
Sheathed Musket
Shimmering Flakes
Shining Light Royalty Cloak
Shinobow and Arrows
Shoulder Barn Owl
Shroud Of Dreams
Silver Bouquet-on-Your-Back
Silver Gunsmith Wings
Sketchy Sheathed Shotgun
SkyBlade Cape
SkyGuard Mech Cannons
SkyGuard Prismatic Cape
SkyGuard Slasher Cape
Slugbutter On Your Back
Sly Fox Tail
Snowball Trebuchet
Solaris Redeemer Cloak and Blades
Soul Seeker's Runed Cloth Cape
SpellBlade BackBlade (Legend)
Spider Legs
Spirit of Giving
Spirit of Taking
SpiritHunter Back Scythe
Stashed Cutlass
Static Glyph Cape
Stones of Ashturi
Summer Rave Cape
Sunbright Wings
Sunrise Heliconius Wings (Legend)
Sword McLuck Cape
Swordhaven Emissary Cape and Quiver
Symbiote Growths
Symphonic Rhythm Wrap
Tainted Wings
Tattered Faerie Wings
Tattered PumpkinLord Shroud (Legend)
Tengu Wings
Tentacles of the Overlord
The Arms of the Sea
The Gift (Sheathed)
The Moon's Bearer (Legend)
The Moon's Cloak
The Shogun's Curse
The Trembling Shield with Swords
The Wings of the Cast Out
Time Travelers' Backpack
Time Void Cape
Titan's Colossal Sheathed Sword
Tom Turkey Feathers
Tower Guardian Blade Cape
Toxic Skull Backhatchets
Toxic Skull Backhook
Toxic Skull Parasite
Toxic X-Terminator Pack
Travelers Chemistry Pack
TreasureHunter Musket Cape
Triple Threat Sheathed Blades
Trophy Cape Advanced
TurkeyChampion Cape
Twig's Voyager Thrusters (Legend)
Twilight Flame Wings
Twilight Monarch Wings (Legend)
Twin-Tank SteamPack
Ultra Hydra Cape
Undead Ninja Cape
Underglade Scavenger Wings (Legend)
Underworld Cloak
Underworld Nemesis Wings
Unholy Demon's Sorrow
Venom Draconian Wings
Vodarage Sigil Cape
Void Draconian Wings
Void DragonSlayer Cape
Volcanic Cape
Warlock of Love Miasma
War's Cape
Weaver Knight Armed Cape
Weaver Mage Cape
White Dance Feathers
Wind Dragon Tail
Wings of Dusk
Wings of Envy
Wings Of Hope (Legend)
Wings Of Infinity (Legend)
Wings of Tephra
Wings of the Cloud
Wings of the Druid
Wings of the East Wind
Wings of the Sky Centurion
Wings of Uriax
Wolf Fur Cloak
Xiang's Dual Wings
Year of the Rabbit Companion
Yokai Oni's Lamp Cape (Legend)
Zealous Rays of Light

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