Armors (Non-Rare Legend)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Legend Armors

Leopard Armorz
Lich Of The Stone (Armor)
Living Ice (Armor)
Living Mana
Looter's Raiment
Lost Warrior
Luminous Armor
Mad Magic Manawalker
Madness of Chaos
Mage of Cinders
Mage of the Ignited Ones
Magenta's Costume
Magitech Plating
Magma Armor
Makeshift Mage
Marauder Legionary
Marauder Scout
Mascarada de Muertos
Master Falconer
Medieval Shadow
Mighty Undead Infantry Armor
Mighty Warlord Armor
Moglin Self
Molten Dragon Plate
Molten Robe
Moon Lab Scientist
Mr. Strawberry Sparkle Suit
Music Pirate Garb
Nagami Armor
Necro Battlemage
Necro U Cheerleader
Necromancer Emperor
Nekoyasha Robe
Neon Blue Shadow
Night Hunter
Nightshade Bounty Hunter
Noble Garb
Non-GMO BrutalCorn (Armor)
Northpointe Shadowmage
Northpointe ShadowRogue
OakHeart Guardian
Obsidian UndeadSlayer
One-Eyed Doll Band
Onyx Dragon Armor
Orange Karategi
Ornate Air Fènnù de Hóuzi
Ornate Earth Fènnù de Hóuzi
Ornate Water Fènnù de Hóuzi
Oversoul MerMan
Pactagonal Knight (Armor)
Pactagonal Knight's Armor
PaintBender (Legend)
Paladin (Armor)
Paladin Loremaster
Pantherian Priests
Peacock's Costume
Pie-rate Captain
Pink L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Pink Necromancer
Pirate of Vokun
Pirate Renegade
Plate of Golden Prowess
Poisonmaker's Apprentice
Pride of Chaos
Pride of Panthera
Pride of the Kingdom
Priest of the Ashes
Prismatic Doom Attendant
Prismatic Necromancer (1)
Prismatic SkyGuard Warrior
Pristine Blades of Order
ProtoSartorium (Armor)
Purple Dragonpriest Robes
Pyromancer's Apprentice
Queen's ArchSage (Armor)
Rath and Zail Morphs
Razorkiss Mech (Legend)
REALLY Undead Paladin
Reclamation Armor
Red Asian Dress
Red Dragon Plate
Red Dwarf Warrior Armor
Red L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Reign Gate Keeper
Reign Plate
Renegade Armor
Revontheus the Good (Armor)
Rift Warden
Rise of a Dragon Slayer
Robe of the Arcane
Robes of Rayst
Rogue Leather
Ronin Hunter
Royal Alchemist
Royal Battle Herald
Royal Dancer
Royal Fang Armor
Royal Suit
Royal Swordhaven Guard
Ruby Dragonhealer's Robes
Sage Armor
Sandsea General's Armor
Sanguine Vampire (Legend)
Sanguine's Armor
Santy Claws Moglin Suit
Satyrs Away Team
Satyrs Rush Team
Satyrs Team
Savage Warlord Armor
Scarlet's Costume
Scarsgarde Captain
Scientist J6 (Permanent)
Scorching Leonine Archer
Sek-Duat (Armor)
Server Gremlin Suit
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Guard
Shadow Mage (Armor)
Shadow Shinobi
Shadow Weaver
ShadowCore Rocker
Shadowscythe Mecha suit
ShadowScythe Rogue
Shadowslayer Armor
Shinobi X
Silent Sentinel
Silver GunSmith
Silver Valentine Warrior
Silver Wedding Guest
Skulls of the Necromancer
SkyGuard Diplomat
Skyguard Gunner
Skyguard Helmsman
SkyGuard Mech Armor
SkyGuard Medic
SkyGuard MP
Skyguard Private
Skyguard Private (Temp)
SkyGuard Rifleman
Skyguard SWAT
Skyguard Warrior
Sly Fox Suit
Solar Entity (Legend)
Solrac Devoid
Sorcerer Armor
Soul Banisher
Soul of Chaos Armor
Soul of Chaos Human Armor
Space-Mage Armor
Spicelord (Mem)
Spirit of Fire Armor
Spirit of Water Armor
Spirit Wolf
SpiritHunter Armor
Spookeasy Nightmare (Legend)
Sporkion Garb
SteamPunk TreasureHunter
Storm Kimono
Super6 (Permanent)
Swordhaven Diplomat
Swordhaven Master Adept
Synderes Groupie Armor
Tanuki Morph
Tau Ceti Soldier
Techno Mage
Terror Lord
The Beast Below
The Chaos Knight
The Seekers of Chaos (Legend)
The Unholy Armor
Thermal Titan
Tibicenas (Armor)
Tog Slayer
Tower Mystic
Tribal Horc Armor
Trislayer Armor
Troll Guardian Armor
Troll Spellsmith Armor (1)
Troll Warrior
Trophy Hunter Advanced
Typhoon Robe
Ultra Elemental Warrior Armor (Legend)
Umbral Fiend
Undead Infantry Armor
Undead Paladin (Armor)
Undead Terror Armor
Undead Wizard
Underglade Scavenger (Legend)
UnderHammer Armor
Unholy Demon Juggernaut
Vampire Knight (Armor)
Vath's Chaotic Dragonlord Armor
Vermilious Necromancer
Violet Paladin
Vladic Knight
Vodarage Tank
Void DragonSlayer
Void Entity
Wandering Knight
War Mummy Armor
Warlord Armor
Warriors of The Moon
Warriors of The Sun
Water Dragon
Weaver Mage
Wendigo (Armor)
White Royalty
White Samurai Robe
Whiteberry's Costume
Will Armor
Wolf Legend
Wolf of War
Wolfwing Armor
Wood Nymph
Xiang Chaos
Xtreme Fishing Jersey
Yellow L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Yokai Kimono
Zard Self
Zayark's Shadowwalker
Zealith Warrior
Zellare's Safeguard
Zombie Formal Suit
Zombie Guardian
Zombie Light Warrior
Zombie Platinum Knight
Zombie Trophyhunter

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