Swords (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Swords

Sword of Caledonia
Sword of Creation
Sword Of Hope (Sword)
Sword of Malice
Sword of Purity
Sword of Sanctuary
Sword of Soap
Sword of the Bat
Sword of the Ebon Drake
Sword of the Forsaken
Sword of the Golden Drake
Sword of the Lost
Sword of the Patriots
Sword of the Protector
Sword of Voids
Synderes' Blade of Shadows
Tainted Claymore
Tainted Destruction Blade
Tainted Harbinger Blade
Tannenbaum's Tinder
Temporal Tyrant Blade
The Better Blade
The Blade of Maliciousness
The Flayer
The Gift (Sword)
The Impaler
The Last Redemption (Non-AC)
The Pain
The Passion of Annihilation
The Pointy End
The Unholy
Ticklish Zorbo Sword
Tomix's Pandora
Tongue of a Savage
TOO Big 100K
Toxic Aura Blade
Toxic Bloodriver
Toxic Eye of the Void
Toxic Knight's Blade
Toxic Scavenger Reaver
Toxic Skull Colossus
Toxic Skull Hatchet
Toxic Spirit Sword
Toxic Void Katana
Training Katana
Transcendent Blade of Tercessuinotlim (Quest)
Tribal Chieftains Hand of Domination
Trislayer Blade
Trislayer Blade of Doom +5
Triumphant Legacy
Trollic Gasher
Turdraken Scale Sword
Turdraken Trophy Sword
Turquoise Drake
Twilight Dancer Blade
Twisted Cleaver
Twisted Eldritch Blade
Tyrant Blade
Tyrian Edge
Ukki's Sword
Ultio Leo
UltraWrath of the Legion Blade
Umbral Fiend Blade
Undead Guardian Prime Blade
Undead Horror Blade
Undead Infantry Sword
Undead Ninja Chain
Undead Ninja Katana
Undead Seraph's Blade
Underfriend Blade of Nulgath
Underworld Sword
Underworld Sword of Loyalty
Undine's Resolve
Unholy Shadow Pride
Unidentified 20 (Dragonbone Blade)
Unshakeable Blade
Uw3017 Sword
Valen Sword
Vampire Commander's Black Cutlass
Vampiric Gladius
Vanta Katana
Vanta Reverse Katana
Venom Draconian Sword
Venom Head
Verde StarBlade
Vesper Bat Blade
Violet Shades of Destruction
Viridian Twist Sword
Vladic Knight's Blade
Void Destruction Blade
Void Draconian Blade
Void Executioner
Void Knight's Blade (1)
Void Knight's Blade (2)
Void Paladin Katana
Void Piercer Blade
Void Pirate Destroyer's Blade
Void Pirate's Cutlass
Void Spartan Blade
Void Vampire Guard's Blade
Void Warlock Overfiend Blade
Voidsplinter Crystal
Vok, the Tundra Blade
Vorpal Turbine Blade
Vow of Stalagbite
Wandering Onryo Blade
WardKeeper's Blade
WardKeeper's Double-edged Blade
Warrior Claymore Blade
Warrior's Sword
Water Draconian Sword
Wave Cutter
Weaponized Dark Shard
Werebear Sword
Werejaguar's Defense
Werewolves Bane
Whisper of the Conquerer
Wings of Flame
Winter Assassin Katana
Winter Assassin Ninjato
Winter's Bitter Edge
Wolf Warrior Blade
Wooden Chainsaw
Wraith Of Darkness Blade
WraithSlayer Blade
Wrath of the Legion Blade
Yara's Sword
ZeoKnight Blade
Zhongchéng's Katana
Zhu Ronin Kanabo

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