Staffs (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Staffs

1st Hero of Balance Staff
1st Lord of Chaos Staff
Absorbent Mop
Acid Rain Staff
Acolyte of Kolyaban Staff
AdventureQuest Reign Staff
Alchemical Onyx Staff
Alpha Lycan Surfboard
Ankh Staff
AntiShadow Striker
Apocryphal Destroyer's Staff
Appollonir's Beast Claw
Arbiter's Salvation
ArchFiend Healer Staff
Archmage's Staff
Ascendant Staff
Ascended Paladin Staff
Astravian Royal Staff
Astravian Violinist's Bow
Asuka Surfboard
Aurora Caller's Staff
Aurous Staff of Hope
Bandit Drakath Surfboard
Battle Oracle Battlestaff
Beachin' SurfBoard
Beacon Staff
Benben Scepter
Bengala Cor De Rosa
Bengala Inclinada Em Rosa
Binky Lore Scroll
Bird of Coeurs Snowboard
Black Staff
Black Star Caster Staff
Blazing Phoenix Dragon Staff
Blue Dragon Lore Scroll
Blue GlowStick
Blueprints of War
Bo Staff
Bone Claws of Turmoil
Boreas Staff
Brutalcorn Surfboard
Burn it Down
Caipora's Staff
Canadian Flag Staff
Candy Cane (2)
CandyCorn Broom
Cane of Greed
Canidae Lance
Celestial Light Staff
Celestial StarStaff
Celtic Hunter Staff
Chair Lore Scroll
Chaonslaught Caster Scroll
Chaonslaught Warrior Scroll
Chaorrupted Harpoon
Chaorrupted Sorcerer's Staff
Chaos Crystal Scroll
Chaos Gem Staff
Chaos Lycan Scroll
Chaos Mage Staff
Chaos Rose
Chaos Sp-Eye Scroll
Chaos Sprites Scroll
Chaos Staff
Chaos Vampire Knight (Staff)
Chaos Widow Staff
Chaotic Chinchillizard
Chaotic Koalion Scroll
Chaotic Sorcerer's Staff
ChickencowMancer's Staff
Chinese Umbrella
Coal Staff
Colorful Chaos Rose
Combat Cupid's Requiem
Corrupted Druid Staff
Corrupted Mana Staff
Crescent Moon Staff
Crimson Mana Staff
Crystal Scryer
Crystallized Memory Staff
Crystallized Memory Staff +10
Cuca's Apprentice Staff
Dark & Witchy Broom
Dark Aura Staff
Dark CheerCaster Wand
Dark Druid's Staff
Dark Royal Scepter
Dark Tribe Skull Staff
Dark Wizard's Disparage
Darkblood Zealot Staff
Deadly Hydra Staff
Deadtech Lich Staff
Deadtech Necromancer Staff
Deathknight Staff
Deaths August Scythe
Deathstare Staff
DeepSea Star Pirate's Lunch
Default Staff
Derp Skull Cane
Diabolical Bo Staff
Diabolical Ectostaff
Diabolical ManSplitter
Diabolical Scepter
Diabolical Surfboard
Diabolical Telescope
Diabolical Torch Staff
Diabolical Witch's Staff
Diamond Frost Cane
Diamonds Of Time
Dimensional Staff
Dire Rachis Staff
Divine Guardian's Scythe
Doom Worshipper's Staff
Doomed Staff (1)
Doomed Staff (2)
Dragon Dance Fire Stick
Dragon Khan's Corrupt Scepter
Dragonfang Piercer
Dreadnought Skull Staff
Drenched Ringstaff
Duality Mage Evil Staff
Duality Mage Good Staff
Dwakel Caster's Staff
Dwakel Lore Scroll
Earthen Dragonpriest Staff
Ecto Enforcer Staff
Eden Formal Cane
Eggceptional Bunny Cane
Elegant Masquerade Cane
Elegant Witch's Broom
Elemental Lore Scroll
Elk Antler Cane
Emerald Gem Staff
Emerald Intricacy Staff
Emerald Soul Staff
Enchanted Beastmaster Staff
Enchanted Necromancer Cane
Enchanted Paladin + Pup Surfboard
Enchanted Shadow Battle Staff
Enchanted Volleyballer's Rod
Enchanted Volleyballer's Surfboard
Enchanted Weaver Staff
Enchanted Wooden Staff
Ethereal Wanderer's Rose
Eventide Sorcerer's Broom
Evil ArchMage Staff
Excavated Glaive: Staff
Extriki Bone Staff
Extrikiti Scroll
Faerie Botanis Staff
Fiend Minion Staff
Fire Staff
Firey Dragonpriest's Staff
Fish Slappin' Twig Surfboard (Non AC)
Fishin' for Food
Fishin' Rod
Fishman Lore Scroll
Flibbitiestgibbet Surfboard
Force Guardian Light Staff
Frog Drake Lore Scroll
Frostlorn Necro Staff (Non-AC)
Frozen Fire Staff
Frozen FireOrb Staff
Gale Staff
Gemmed Trophy Staff
Giant Thermometer
Gibazil's Staff
Gift of The ArchFiend Staff
Gilded Scroll
Gnarled Mystical Wand
Gold Parade Staff
Gold Rune Staff
Golden Dragon's Staff
Golden Scroll
Golden Shamrock Staff
Golden Staff
Golden Staff Of Healing
Great Pumpkin King Staff
Green Rat Lore Scroll
Green Spider Staff
Grizzly Lore Scroll
Grove Druid's Staff
Harnessed Cat's Eye
Healer's Staff
Heart of the Void
High ShadowScythe Staff
High ShadowScythe Wand
Highborn Necromancer Cane
Hollowborn Cryomancer's Staff
Hollowborn DreamWalker's Attack Cane
Hollowborn DreamWalker's Cane
Hollowborn DreamWalker's Reversed Cane
Hollowborn Surfboard
Hollowborn Virgam Luminum
Horatio's Staff
Horc Warrior Lore Scroll
Hydra Staff
Iara's Acolyte's Staff
Ice Orb (Staff)
Ice Wizard's Cane
Illumination of Ra
Illustrious Jewel of the Sea
Incarnation of Glitches Scythe
Jack O Stave
Jade Mage's Staff
Jova's Wrath
Kezeroth Lore Scroll
Legendary Twilly Surfboard
Legion Fenrir Lore Scroll
Legit HUVr Board
Lich Lord's Staff
Light of the Serpent
Light Staff
Loki's Luck
Lucky Charm
Lucky Day Staff
Lunar Blaze Surfboard
Lurker Lore Scroll
Lycan Legion Staff
Lycan Shaman Staff
Magistral's Weather Staff
Magistral's Wyvern Staff
Magma Spire
Maledictus Chaos Staff
Mana Scepter
Mana Staff
Mana Trident
ManaShaper's Staff
Marauder's Cane
Marsh Staff
Metallic Jewel of the Sea
Mighty Pole of Recycle
Mighty Red Eye Staff
Mighty Yellow Eye Staff
Moglow Wand
Molten Staff
Mortal Fiend Staff
Mosquito Lore Scroll
Necromancer Emperor Staff
Neko Spindle Staff
Neverborn Staff
Nian Lantern
Nightlocke War Staff
NorthPointe Mage Crook
Nuclei Nebula Staff
Oceanic Symphony Cane (Non-AC)

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