Misc. Items (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Misc. Items

0 - The Fool's Humble Beginnings
1st Half of Yulgar's Recipe
1v1 Legion PvP Trophy
1v1 PvP Trophy
4th Dimension Gem
9 - The Hermit's Solitude
A Fish (Misc)
A Fragment of the Beginning
A Kitten?
A Melody
A Rock Inanitas Is Making You Keep
A Void Motivation #1
A Void Motivation #10
A Void Motivation #11
A Void Motivation #12
A Void Motivation #13
A Void Motivation #2
A Void Motivation #3
A Void Motivation #4
A Void Motivation #5
A Void Motivation #6
A Void Motivation #7
A Void Motivation #8
A Void Motivation #9
A Whisper
Abhorrent Remains
Abhorrent Remnant
Abyssal Contract
Abyssal Lore Scrap
Abyssal Medallion
Abyssal Scale
Abyssal Star
Abyssal Summons
Academic Merit
Accuracy Elixir
Acolyte's Braille
Adeptus Relic
Admiral Zheng's Jade
Admit One
Advanced Weapon Kit
Aeacus Empowered
Aegis Armor
Aegis Robe
Aegis Ward
Aelita's Emerald
Aevedar Key
Aged Metal
Aim Elixir
Air Defender Token
Air Freed
Air Pump
Airther Vitae
Akriloth's Flametongue
Akriloth's Scale
Algal Bloom
Algid Token
Alien Annihilated
All Access Pass
Alloy Materials
Almighty Aluminum
Almighty Aluminum of Destiny
Amethyst Gem (2)
Amethyst Inferno Tome
Amethyst Tome
Amia's Cult Secret
Amulet of Despair
Amulet of Glory
Ancient Alloy
Ancient Astrolabe
Ancient Bone
Ancient Evil of the Necropolis
Ancient Hourglass
Ancient Remnant
Ancient Sigil
Andre's Necklace Fragment
Angelic Elixir
Anglerfish Star Shard
Angry Zombie Skull
Anka's Followers Slain
Annointed Cage Key
Anointed Elixir
Anomaly Silenced
Answer Array #4.0.1
Answer Array #4.0.2
Answer Array #4.0.3
Answer Array #4.0.4
Anti-Au Crystals
Anti-Au Gauntlet
Antimatter dye
Anti-Matter Gem
AntiTitan Supplies
April Fools' Day Hunt Note
Aracara's Fang
Arachna Gem
Aranx's Enchanted Note
Aranx's Handwritten Note
Aranx's Scroll
Arashtite Ore
Arcana's Debris
Arcana's Note
Arcane Locus
Arcane Quill
Arcangrove Blueprint
ArchFiend DragonKnight's Scale
Archfiend Essence Fragment
Archfiend's Amber
Archfiend's Favor
ArchMage Ink
ArchToken I
ArchToken II
ArchToken III
ArchToken IV
ArchToken IX
ArchToken V
ArchToken VI
ArchToken VII
ArchToken VIII
ArchToken X
ArchToken XI
Arm Pieces
Armor of Awe Pass
Ashes from the Void Realm
Ashray Water
Assembled Sword
Astero's Insight
Astice's Claw
Astral Ephemerite Essence
Astravian Bun
Astravian Medal
Asuka's Ruby
Augmented Crystal
Aura Core
Auxiliary Clue 3
Auxiliary Clue 4
Avatar Tyndarius Insignia
Azkorath's Wing
Backwards Clue
Bag of Gold (1)
Bag of Gold (2)
Bag of Gold (4)
Balance Elixir
Balemorale Crest
Bandit's Correspondence
Bandit's Map
Baoyu's Flaming Envelope
Baoyu's Rainbow Envelope
Baoyu's Red Envelope
Barium of Doom
Barrier Potion
Basic Angelic Elixir
Basic Anointed Elixir
Basic Barrier Potion
Basic Battle Elixir
Basic Blessed Elixir
Basic Body Tonic
Basic Brave Tonic
Basic Brawn Tonic
Basic Bright Tonic
Basic Brilliance Tonic
Basic Brute Tonic
Basic Chance Tonic
Basic Courage Tonic
Basic Crusader Elixir
Basic Cunning Tonic
Basic Divine Elixir
Basic Fate Tonic
Basic Finesse Tonic
Basic Foresight Tonic
Basic Fortitude Tonic
Basic Fortune Tonic
Basic Guard Potion
Basic Healer Elixir
Basic Insight Tonic
Basic Judgment Tonic
Basic Karma Tonic
Basic Keen Elixir
Basic Malevolence Elixir
Basic Mastery Tonic
Basic Might Tonic
Basic Mind Tonic
Basic Piercing Elixir
Basic Power Tonic
Basic Protection Potion
Basic Sage Tonic
Basic Sharp Elixir
Basic Shield Potion
Basic Skill Tonic
Basic Spiritual Elixir
Basic Stinging Elixir
Basic Swiftness Elixir
Basic Velocity Elixir
Basic Weapon Kit
Basic Wise Tonic
Basketful of Dyed Eggs
Battle Elixir
Bear Skull
Beast Soul
Beetle EXP
Beleen's Gratitude
Belrot the Fiend Essence
Bido's Appreciation
BIG Bag of Gold (1)
Big Bag of Gold (3)
BIGGER Bag of Gold
BIGGEST Bag of Gold
Bile Stone
Bin Jett's Salvaged Armor Part
Bits of Cloth (1)
Bits of Cloth (2)
Bits of Hair
Bixx Bento
Black Blood Vial
Black Dye
Black Knight Essence
Black Knight Orb
Black Metal Cold Brew
Blade Essence
Blade Found!
Blademaster Sword Scroll
Blakk's Clue
Blaze Gem
Blazebinder Badge
Blazing Catalyst
Blessed Barium
Blessed Barium of Destiny
Blessed Coffee of the Lightguard
Blessed Ectoplasm
Blessed Elixir
Blessed Metal
Blight Bone
Blight Essence
Blighted Deer's Hide
Blighted Dragon's Bone
Blighted Lion's Fang
Blighted Wolf's Blood
Blinding Aura
Blinding Light Fragments
Blood Dragon Chain
Blood Gem of the Archfiend
Blood Moon Token
Blood Roseberry
Blood Star of the Archfiend

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