Daggers (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Daggers

Spirit Stakes
Sporkion Spork
Squish Game Battle Gear
Squish Game Guns
Stained Glass Faerie's Claymores
Stained Glass Faerie's Scythes
Staked Steak
Star Pirate's Cutlass + Rapier
Starfire and Darkfire
Starlight Daggers
Starlight Slicers
Starry Samurai's Swords
Steampunk Double DoubleBarrel
Steel Chopper
Steel Hand of Victory
Steel Skye Blades
Stenciled Fan
Stone Dagger
Stone Minotiger Dagger
Straight Edge
Sublimated ShadowSlayer's Pistols
Sublimated ShadowSlayer's Sabers
Sullied Blade and Katana
Sullied Blame Blade and Shield
Summit Snack Combo
SUPER Dandelion Kiwi Cookies
Swashbuckler's Rapiers
Swordhaven Scout's Daggers
Swords of Abyssal Order
Swords of Hatoth
Tainted Blades of Na'al
Tainted Claw of Nulgath
Tainted Daggers of Na'al
Techtronic Daggers of Triumph
Techtronic Doom Daggers
Tengu Typhoon Cutlasses
Tharr's Axe and Shield
The Blades of Cataclysm
The First Something and Nothing
The Hardy Dagger
The Piercer Accoutrements
Thunderlight Pirate's Dual Charged Wheels
Thyllian Domination Spears
TigerClaw Talons
Tigers Hands of Domination
TimeReaper Axes
Timeseeker's Blades
Titan Drakath's Blades
Titan Paladin's Blades
Titanic Destroyer Blades
Toxic Alchemists Adornments
Toxic Alchemist's Noxious Blades
Toxic Alchemist's Venom Blades
Toxic Energy Daggers
Toxic Rune Fists
Toxic Scavenger Reavers
Toxic Wisteria's Claw
Treasurehunter Z Dagger
TreasureHunter's Dirk
Tsuika no Omocha
Tuning Claws
Turdraken Carvers
Turkey Avenger Swords
Turkey Baster
Turkey Leg + Pie
Turkey Sternum Daggers
Twilly & Obake Battlepuppets
Twilly's Voyager Battle Gear (Non-AC)
Twisted Eldritch Accoutrements
Twisted Eldritch Bow + Arrow
Twisted Jester Daggers
Twisted Rippers
Twisted Shadow Dagger
Two-Pronged Prisma Daggers
Ultimate Twin Blades of Destiny
Ultio Leo Daggers
Umitora's Zanbatos
Undead Parabellum Blades
Undead Parabellum Sword and Shield
Undeadly Kamas
Undeathly SoulReaper of Nulgath
Underworld Ankle Shackles
Underworld Asgardian Battle Gear
Underworld Asgardian Sword + Shield
Underworld Asgardian Swords
Underworld Dagger
Underworld Dagger of Courage
Underworld DeathSpines
Underworld DreadSaws
Underworld Evoker Vortices
Underworld Infiltrator Blades
Underworld Mecha Ghoul's Rifles
Underworld Oni's Blades
Underworld Oni's Burning Blades
Underworld Parabellum Blades
Underworld Scourge's Armblades
Underworld Spirit Kris
Underworld Viking's Spirit Horns
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
Ungourdly Wrath Blades
Unidentified 28 (Spinal Tap)
Unidentified 30 (Platinum Twin Blade)
Unidentified 31 (Platinum Battle Shank)
Unidentified 32 (Cruel Dagger of Nulgath)
Unidentified 33 (Primal Dagger Tooth)
Unidentified 6 (Parasitic Hacker)
Unidentified 7 (Star Dagger)
Unidentified 8 (Bee Sting Dagger)
Unidentified Item of Nulgath (Iron Scythe of Nulgath)
Unstable Betrayal Blades
Urban Duelist Rebel Katana and Sheath
Urban Duelist Rebel Sheathe and Katana
Urban Underworld Rages
Uw3017 Dual Handguns
Uw3017 Gun and Blaster
Uw3017 Guns
Vampiric Ceremonial Dagger
Vanta Daggers
Vanta Dual Katanas
Vanta Dual Ninjato
Vanta Katana And Scabbard
Vengeful Ivory Soul Sickles
Vindicator Titan's Axes
Violet Shades Daggers
Virgo Changeling's Maces
Visionary Betrayal Blades
Void Advocatus Blades
Void Beetle General Armaments
Void Beetle General Machetes
Void Beetle Warlord Armaments
Void Beetle Warlord Armblades
Void Beetle Warlord Blades
Void Paladin Katanas
Void Pirate's Dagger
Void Recruit's Swords
Void Slicer Daggers
Void Snake Daggers
Void Spartan Blade and Shield
Void Spartan Daggers
Void Spartan Spear and Shield
Voidborn Warlock Chakrams (Dagger)
Voidfangs of Nulgath
Voidsplinter Shards
Volleyball Hero's WaterGuns
War Blades of Courage
War Blades of Speed
Warrior of Kyanos Daggers
Warrior of Time's Blades
Water Dagger (1)
Waves of Affliction
Waves of Cobalt
Werepyre Guard's Daggers
Werepyre Guard's Reversed Daggers
Whispers of Autumn
White Calligraphy Pen & Scroll
Wicked Edged Slicers
Wind Dagger (1)
WindWalker's Hidden Blades
WindWalker's Parang + Sheath
WindWalker's Parang Blades
Winter Assassin Katana + Ninjato
Winter Assassin Kunai
Winter Assassin Shuriken
Wisteria's Claw
Wisterrora's Claw
Wolffang Knives
Wolfwood Blade
Wooden Stake
Wraith Reapers
Wreath of Wrath
Xing and Xang Plushies Dagger
Zardian Pilot Miniguns
Zardian Pilot Olfactory Tools
Zealith Busters
Zephyric Blades
Zhongchéng's Dual Katanas
Zombie Cleavers
Zurvana's Pity (Dagger)
Zurvana's Wrath (Dagger)

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