Daggers (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Daggers

Lady Lua's Fans
Lavamorph Dual Banes
Legion Malignant Blades
Leonine Regalia Greatswords
Leprechaun's Curse
Leviathan Domination Spears
Light Dagger
Lightning Pirate's Cutlass + Charged Wheel
Lightning Pirate's Dual Charged Wheels
Lightning Pirate's Dual Cutlasses
Lightning Pirate's Dual Machine Guns
Lightning Pirate's Dual Machine Pistols
Lightning Pirate's Dual Spare Wheels
Lightning Pirate's Dual WheelGuns
Lightwielder's Knuckles
Litch Knight's Dual Swords
Litch Knight's Sword + Whip
Lolosian Corsairs Hands of Domination
Long Lycan Dagger
Longswords of the Dark
Lore's Champion Daggers
Lorosian Hunter Gun Set
Lorosian Hunter Handguns
Lorosian Hunter Sabers
Lost Daggers
Lovely Fan
Loyal Hand of Victory
Loyal Hands of Domination
Lucky Emerald Cutter
Lunar Sand Daggers
Lustrous Bow and Arrow
Mac the Knife
Magical Dryad's Daggers
Magistral's Bow + Arrow
Mallow Longswords
Mammoth Hand Of Domination
Mana Dagger
Mana Fenix Feathered Armblades
Mana Flame Torches
ManaShaper's Sword & Staff
Marauder's Cutlass + Pistol
Marauder's Cutlasses
Marauder's Pistols
Marauder's Rapier + Cutlass
Marauder's Rapiers
Mechanized Armblades
Memeat Formal Cleavers
Mercilessness Mercenary Guns
Metal Dagger
Midnight Assassin Daggers
Midnight Masquerade Polearm
Mighty Horc Claw
Mighty Steel Chopper
Mindbreaker Lance + Shield
Mindflayer's Infested Bow and Arrow
MindSmasher Blades
Miner Hand Of Domination
Mischievous Magic Kit
Mix n' Match Sickles
MOAR CowBell
Moganth's Calamity
Molten Lava Orbs
Moon Bow Dual Katanas
Moon Bow Dual Weapons
Moonlit Steel Rapiers
Mortal Fiend Armblades
Mortal Fiend Claws
Mortal Fiend Katanas
Mortal Fiend Reavers
Muenster Monster Hand
Mystic Sigil Daggers
Mystic Tribal Dagger
Mystical Acolyte's Axes
Mystical Acolyte's Mana Blades
Mystical Chakrams Of Illusion
Mystical Devotee's Scimitars
Mystique Blades
Nameless Ceremonial Daggers
Narakan Fiend's ArmBlades
Nation Ordinance Weapons
Nation Ritualist's Dual Swirling Sigils
Natural Daggers
Nature Dagger
Nebula Trident and Shield
Necro Chakram (Dagger)
Necro Crewmember's Battle Gear
Necro Crewmember's Blades
Neon Spectrum Dagger
NibbleOn Guardian Accoutrements
Nightmare Carnax's Daggers
Noble Amethyst Katana and Sheath
Noble Ceremonial Daggers
Nobles Cinquedea
Northlands Hockey Sticks
Northpointe Rogue Ripper
Oasis Storm Armblades
Oblivion's Shadow Weapon
Obsidian Dagger
Oni Hatamoto Katanas
Onsen Treats
Onslaught Battle Daggers
Orange Gummi Were-bear and Lolly
Ornate Emerald Blades
Ornate Platinum Impalers
Orpheum Bow + Arrow
Oversoul's Rusted Head Axes
Oyster Shuckers
PaintBender Daggers
Pan-Galactic Double Sabers
Pan-Galactic Sabers
Personater's Daggers
Personater's Dual Swords
Pesugihan Ritual Instruments
Pineapple Pens
Pineapple Thorn Blades
Pineapples On Sticks
Pink and Ugly Sticks
Pink Default Dagger
Pirate Mage Flintlock and Cutlass
Pitiless Privateer's Dual Pistols
Plague's Cyclops Fang
Platinum Drum Styx
Poison Dagger
Poison Drinker Betrayal Blades
Poker Hand
Post-Apocalyptic Cowboy's Revolvers
Primaris Paladin's Chainswords
Primaris Paladin's Hammers
Prince of Dragon's Shield and Blade
Prisma Claws
Prisma Daggers
Prisma Sickles
Privateer's Cutlass + Pistol
Privateer's Dual Grenados
Privateer's Dual Pistols
Privateer's Hand Cannon + Grenado
ProjectSoul Shocker Slasher
Proto Blasters
Psionic Daggers
Psychic Domination Spears
Punhais Brasileiros
Purified Claw of Nulgath
Purified Malice
Purified Void Daggers
Purple Crystal Spike
Pyroclastic Blaze Hands
Rabid Spring Rockstar's Blades
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Rawg's Swords
Raxborg's Axes
Raxgore's Skull Crushing Axes
RazzleDazzle Daggers
Reavers of Hatoth
Reavers of the Archfiend
Reavers of the Gilded Sun
Reavers of the Perishing Star
Regal Pirate's Accoutrements
Re's Giant Slicers
Re's Short Stabbers
Reshaper Swords
Resonating Polaris Rapiers
Reversed Daggers of Thorns
Reversed Dragonslayer's Demise
Reversed Revenge
Riftkin's Toxic Daggers
Ripper Blades of the Underworld
Rogue of Time's Daggers
Rogue's Dagger
Royal Glaceran Daggers
Royal Shadowslayer's Battle Gear
Runas de Ataque
Runes of the Legion Beast
Runes Of Time
Rusted Slasher
Sai of Steel
Sandsea Sickles
Sandsea Strider Crys Knives
Sandsea WaveCutter
Santa Claw's Ripper
Santa's Impaler
Satyrs Hands of Domination
Scarbucks Barista Gear
Scarbucks Double Dessert
Scarred Sword and Shield
Scarsgarde Daggers
Scavenged Infernal Spear and Shield
Scepter and Flail of Yasaris
Scorched Daggers
Scorpions Combat Knives
Sea Base Flotation Rings
Seahorcs Fist of Victory
Searing Slicers
Seraphic Fourth Blasters
Serpent Knight Dagger
Serpent Shortswords
Serpentine Void Armaments
Serpentine Void Blades
Serpentine Void Flail and Shield
Serpentine Void Slashers
Serrated Cutlasses
Serrated Gutter
Seven Fang Blades
Shadow Claw
Shadow Dagger (1)
Shadow Dagger (2)
Shadow Star Daggers
Shadowcat Hand of Victory
Shadowed Blades of Doom
ShadowFlame Firebender Daggers
Shadowflame Juggernaut Armblade
ShadowFlame Rapier
ShadowFlame SpellSword's Daggers
Shadowscythe Templar Accoutrements
Shards Of Reflection
Shielded Ivory Defiler of the Ancients
Shortswords of the Dark
Sidhe's Devotee Daggers
SightBlinder Axes of Nulgath
Silver Dagger (1)
Silver Edged Lamenters
Silver Exalted Spears of Light
Silver Skye Armaments
Silver Throwing Knife
Silver Victor's Hammers
Singapore Spirit Sticks
Sinister Pumpkin Sickles
Sinlithic Daggers
Skullbreaker's Blade + Axe
Skullbreaker's Dagger
Skullface Mace
Slayer Recruit's Dagger
Slime Dragon Rogue Lann
Snowflake Sickles
Solar Stingers
Solo Ship Captain's Cutlasses
Somnian Scroll + Quill
Soul Corroding Betrayal Blades
Soul Weaver's Daggers (Non-AC)
Space-timeless Claws
Space-timeless Daggers
Sparkler Overload
Spearmint Candy Canes
Spectrum Daggers
Spellcaster's Dark Accoutrements
SpellSmith Daggers
Spinal Tap of Retribution
Spinal Tap of the Wicked
Spirit Dagger

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